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  1. Hi max, new alternator fitted but still not charging the batteries is it likely they need replacing as well. One or both? Cheers

    1. Max34


      I doubt it Scouser61, they can be easily checked by a specialist, even a parts factors will probably have the equipment.  It sounds like you have a major problem I would seek the advice of a good auto electrician in your area.  (Expensive to guess what might be the cause and change parts at random).  Ask at a good "non franchise" workshop if they know anyone.  Sorry not any further help.

    2. Scouser61


      I found the problem I had not tightened the connection on the alternator. Works like a dream now. Thanks for the help and advice.

  2. Hi Hilux owner please look at my topic post. Thanks
  3. However even with new alternator the batteries do not seem to be charging with all the dash lights coming on progressively as the battery discharges. Any idea what else I should try and in what order?
  4. Did it today, took just over an hour. Much easier by taking front o/s wheel off and inner plastic splash guard. Gives easy access to lower mounting bolt. When tensioner released also found it much better to take off the pulley wheel above the alternator to access the other mounting bolt.
  5. How difficult is it to replace knackered alternator on my 2.5 Hilux 2008? Cheers