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  1. The corner of Aygo bumper has lost it’s shape slightly on the corner but no obviously damage to paintwork. I’m either thinking theres been a slow nudge into something ?Is this an easy fix do you think ? Looking at pictures you can see a strip of metal is bent inside the wheel arch.
  2. Apologies found a thread from Sunday. Would still be interested as to who bears the cost.
  3. Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere. Just reading about EU directive that all new hybrid/electric cars must be fitted with a fake engine noise at speeds under 12mph or when reversing. Also noted that this fake noise must be retrofitted to existing cars by 2021 which will affect me. Does anyone know whether the cost of this will be passed to the registered owner?
  4. Having owned an Auris Hybrid previously and my current Rav 4, why can you only set the cruise control at a minimum of 28mph? I use cruise control a lot to ensure I don’t exceed the speed limit which is easily done sometimes despite the speedometer, yet I am not able to do this in the increasing number of 20mph zones , unless I am missing a setting adjustment some where?
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    Thanks Frosty
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    I know this is discussed before but can’t find the material so apologies. I know the warranty period is either each year or 10k Miles whichever comes first. How far over the 10k can you go to keep the warranty. Thanks
  7. Update - replaced under warranty