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  1. They came on to a certain temperature went off and then came back on so worked much better and felt it was working as intended
  2. The seats would come on for a short while and then turn off and not come back on as per below
  3. I think they ordered the wrong part from memory. Hope you get it sorted
  4. No that was just topping it up to full
  5. I have the 1.8 hybrid also but my range when full is around 500 miles ?
  6. Plate refers to the registration date of car in the U.K.
  7. Once you get to around 45 mph plus you will lose electric mode and be Petrol only. How long in electric depends on speed, weather and gradient so hard to give an exact answer. I would say 2-3 miles max, better in summer
  8. Had a 66 plate, no issues with it the batteries have an excellent reputation for reliability. Real mpg on a 2.5 litre hybrid around 40-45 mpg
  9. Averaging 67.5 mpg with 10k on clock
  10. Not sure if my Auris had adaptive cruise control it was a 2014 model pre face lift
  11. Cruise control definitely works at 20 on Corolla not sure if it works any lower. I had an Auris and was frustrating you couldn’t set it at 20mph in 20moh zones. I think I had could get it to 28mph but no lower
  12. Love your Corolla gr
  13. I am not sure frosty on that maybe another member can elaborate
  14. Yes I was thinking why the safety sense didn’t kick in but guess it’s an additional help but no guarantee of no collision.