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  1. Not sure on that. I have a Corolla without keyless entry but have adjusted setting on infotainment so the fob needs to be close to start/stop button before it will start. Maybe an option
  2. Update it’s ok I have seen a similar post from 16 Aug 2020 seems my Sat Nav needs updating
  3. Has anyone had this issue where Sat Nav screen gets stuck on loading? It seems to sort itself next time I drive the car but noticed this issue a few times
  4. Yes you should get mid 60s in warmer weather
  5. The Hold Button is not something I have ever used, can you explain the setting you use and benefits. Probably missing a trick here
  6. https://media.toyota.co.uk/2020/11/toyota-corolla-gains-new-features-and-specifications-for-2021/
  7. Has anyone driven the new refreshed 2021 Corolla compared to previous model? Is the handling the same, any difference other than cosmetic appearance. Just a question to see what people’s thoughts are. Is it even available yet ? Thanks
  8. Hi I might be way off the mark here but do any of you keep the fob key in close proximity of car as that can drain the battery (minimal ?). Not sure what the distance is but I keep mine in a metal box for this reason and for security reasons
  9. Yes they have a dealership in Sunderland and been there a couple of times but never bought from them, but were pleasant enough
  10. Yes the adaptive cruise control is amazing, makes motorway driving so much easier and relaxing. I live not too far from Sunderland not too much snow so far
  11. Hi I have the 1.8 and still getting around 60 mpg average in winter and 64-66 in summer
  12. Definitely goes off on speed cameras
  13. Must be an extra AWD button in AWD versions then. Can’t think of anything else other than physically looking
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