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  1. Chriss27

    Yaris windscreen washer nozzle

    Just noticed on daughters Yaris (2015)that there is only one windscreen washer nozzle and this is attached to the wiper blade mechanism ????In addition I went to wash the windows and thought they were empty but then noticed the nozzle was pointing horizontally in the same direction as wiper blade. Anyway managed to adjust with a pin so it’s now pointing towards centre of window, is that right or was it meant to be pointing the way of blade so when you clean the window it wipes the water across the windscreen?
  2. Chriss27

    The Word Association Thread

  3. Chriss27

    Windshield washer hose valve

    Ah ok, out of curiosity why is the uk warranty 5 year and rest of Europe 3 year/100000 mile
  4. Chriss27

    Windshield washer hose valve

    Is it not under warranty?
  5. Chriss27

    The Word Association Thread

  6. Chriss27

    Yaris hybrid occasionally fails to move

    I have the same issue with my Rav 4. It seems to happen if you take it out of park mode too quickly after pressing the start button. I can’t remember the exact message but it suggests to put back in park mode. I do this and then reselect drive or reverse it still won’t move. The only way to sort it is to turn off the power completely and try again. A bit frustrating I know. I use to have the auris hybrid with the joystick gear selector and never an issue.