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  1. Chriss27

    Sum it up in 3 words

    Team lost again
  2. Chriss27

    Three Word Story...

    Leaf by leaf
  3. Chriss27

    Road Sign Assist really hopeless

    I was looking forward to using this when got my Rav 4 as never had this facility before, however have to agree it’s poor at recognising the correct speed limit at times so turned off. Would probably only use in unfamiliar areas where occasionally not sure what speed limit is but then again will it be correct
  4. Chriss27

    Keyfob battery replacement

    Instructions/diagram are in the official online Rav 4 manual, remove manual key first and then use a screwdriver to lift off back cover.
  5. Chriss27


    Yes my daughters Yaris booked in next week, half an hour job apparently
  6. Chriss27

    Sum it up in 3 words

    Winter is here
  7. Chriss27

    Three Word Story...

    For one hour
  8. Chriss27

    Three Word Story...

    Put in oven
  9. Chriss27

    The Word Association Thread

  10. Chriss27

    HIR2 upgrade bulbs

    Yes I have had those optiwhite bulbs for a couple of months now, not expecting to last much longer than a year, I guess the brighter the bulb the shorter the life. By the way if one goes is it legal to have one optiwhite and one normal hir 2 bulb?
  11. Chriss27

    Three Word Story...

    Bread and jam