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  1. You all have Samsung phones, maybe there is an issue between the infotainment and Samsung phones ??
  2. Chriss27

    Dash cam

    Halfords hard wired a dash cam for me in a 2015 Aygo so not sure there is much (if any) difference but I maybe wrong
  3. It’s not my first hybrid but from an economy side it’s the best one I have had and well happy with that and not even Summer yet.
  4. Well picked up the car and had a 50 mile trip home and mpg showed 71.8mpg, I know that’s probably a few mile out but even so very impressive
  5. Currently 3 month wait I have been told for new orders
  6. Thanks. I have taken the plunge today and I am getting a 69 reg demo and it showed 54.6 mpg which I thought was slightly low but I am sure I can improve this.
  7. Hi I am considering getting the 1.8 Corolla hybrid design model. What is a realistic mpg with 17inch wheels. Thanks
  8. Chriss27

    Mpg hybrid

    Hi what mpg are people realistically getting on 1.8 hybrid ? Thanks
  9. Thanks for that. I know some cars outdoor temperatures sensors are on door mirrors is the Aygo the same or is it somewhere else?
  10. Can someone tell me if the 2016 Aygo xplay advises of outdoor temperature and if so where is the sensor? Need a new left mirror. Don’t have the car to check myself. Thanks
  11. Thanks Frosty for that I think I can source that now. Thinking the indicator stalk might be more problematic in sourcing without going to main dealer. Am I right the unit I need includes the wiper blade stalk on opposite side, so it’s one unit with left and right stalks?
  12. I have a 16 reg Aygo Play and need a new left side mirror unit as been snapped off (the painted cover is ok) and Indicator stalk as totally snapped. Are there any variations in left wing mirror depending on your Aygo spec ie do some have heated mirrors as not sure if mine are heated or not as some online parts sites suggest there could be a difference so any help on which part I need would be appreciated. The same is also around the indicator stalk are they all the same no matter what spec you have.?? Any idea where to get these parts with out paying main dealer prices? Thanks in advance.
  13. I don’t think you would save much fuel cost by going diesel in a Rav if you look at the official and real mpg and the extra diesel cost at the pump but as you say you would save on the cost of vehicle. Personally I have the hybrid and like a lot of people moved away from diesel and feel good I am doing something for the environment. Average around 42mpg mixed driving
  14. I have given up with these as two sets have gone in just over a year.
  15. Hi, can anyone recommend a security steering lock that fits a 2016 Aygo? The couple of ones I have looked at online apparently don’t fit. Thanks in advance