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  1. How do you check ? Case of calling the dealer ?
  2. Had a play around with MY22 yesterday and connected to my Wi-Fi. Out of interest clicked on Map Updates and just says to contact dealer ? Does that mean they have not activated something ? TIA
  3. Can’t complain in my Corolla tbh
  4. No annoying reversing beep beep sound when selecting reverse like there was in the Auris. Only beeps when sensor detects close proximity to an object
  5. I had an issue with auto connecting my IPhone on MY22 so turned off Bluetooth on phone for 5 seconds as per Apple website and now fixed
  6. Yes thanks Deano I need to look into it a bit more. If that’s the case on MY19 the system auto connected
  7. I have an issue where my wife connects her phone to MY22 but wont allow her to make calls but mine is fine
  8. Tbh it sounds louder outside the car when it’s approaching you than it does inside the car if that makes sense. I can hear it quite well at a distance and always know the wife is nearly home lol
  9. Just took my car to dealer to swap my dash cam from part ex to new car which has done 400 miles. They did a health check which was fine but the tyre tread was on 6.3mm, I would have expected new car tread to be 8-9mm ? They are Falkken 17 inch tyres. I have checked myself and they are around 6mm, is this another cost cutting exercise. On my last Corolla these falkken tyres did not last as long as expected so maybe this was why
  10. Yes they do give up they lose interest straight away but then try and say it’s hard for Carwow to get stock to try and put you off
  11. Took 10 weeks for mine from mid Jan to end of March
  12. It was about 2 weeks since start of build notification to getting my car
  13. Fairly accurate for me, nothing happens for ages, then all happens so quick from start of build, in transit and arriving at dealership
  14. I thought It was just an app update but maybe means you have a build spot as my car got built not too long after this change
  15. Yes I am paying less per month on my new one than my previous one
  16. The internal door handle is better quality than my previous design model with piano black and silver edging
  17. The image quality of reverse camera in my opinion is the same as my previous Corolla
  18. Picked up my 1.8 design today in pearlescent platinum white. Part leather with pan roof. infotainment system display quicker and much sharper picture The tyres are Falken, these seemed to wear out quick on previous car
  19. In transit yesterday shouldn’t be long now
  20. Ordered my 1.8 Design with pan roof on 11 Jan and today notified build in progress. At Point of sale told March and last week dealer said 31 March
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