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  1. Btw. Mine failed on only the offside light.
  2. Inter esting post to me my 06 plate Celica failed on Tues on this very item, like you it has nt failed before on this issue, it was commented by the manager, not tester , that maybe a bulb was loose (or maybe installed incorrecti?), but upon inspection it isn't and nothing seems to have changed since the last test, it's still a mystery to me too. I assume this issue could only be about the 'dipped' beams could it?
  3. gezhenry

    Celica valance

    Hiya has anyone still got a trd type rear bumper lip/valance for a Celica gen 7 thanks it'd be appreciated cheers
  4. Has anyone got an exhaust Back box and an aftermarket type panel filter for a Gen 7 Celica vvti 140? Many thanks gez
  5. Hiya has anyone got a Back box and an aftermarket type panel air filter for a 7th generation Celica 140vvti thanks
  6. Doesn't sound like it's obviously slipping I'd wait until you can definitely detect it. a clutch can be high up on the biting point for some time. if you squirt grease under the rubber bellows of the clutch slave cylinder and any joints near there and maybe the pedal linkages too it should take away the creaking.
  7. Yeah a gearbox oil change sounds like it'll be a good idea/improvement wouldn't they have to do that anyway I don't know? Yeah could be some other useful jobs to do too but again I don't know. I do know that fitting a full kit with the thrust bearings obviously better and that the oe brand of clutch aisin comes with the full kit and is superior quality for a keeper longevity wise if you can get one of those. i know when I shopped around the quotes varied hugely so that sounds a good idea.
  8. The toyota dealer near me in Altrincham do a free health and safety check they're pretty ruthless in trying to find fault and run up business but it gives you a tough estimate of the worst case scenario. I've heard of Celica s with the 1.8vvti being done for 2-250 but shop around my mate with his avensis eventually got his done locally in sale for his 07 avensis for 400 a couple of months back but they're were cheaper quotes in Bolton
  9. Think it's a bit of a toss up that one all things being equal you could put both on the market for a high price given their mileage ownership and provenance give customers a choice and see what sells for that price
  10. Lol yeah sorry didn't read the ful l title yeah everything from generally a 52 plate s facelift obviously u know how to tell the diff, yours sounds ok fairly avensisy with the same engine reliability. The big expensive no no s to look out for first on these after the mot history is rust on the osr subframe and maybe the sills tho it's hard to tell without removing the covers, and yeah maybe still the oil as post facelift s aren't stil l immune. the rests general car stuff apart fro m those previous items I've mentioned which are fairly cheap to rectify anyway there s not that much that goes wrong with em , as previously been mentioned ahem there's more specific info on that website. I'd recommend em as a good all rounder I'd recommend the 140 with a decent body as the panels and paint can be fragile, high mileage s not really an issue if looked after, as I've stated later ones are better id look for clutch life and overheating due to not being bled properly I've seen a few for sale with those issues too Hth
  11. Not many prob areas, generally rust at back and subframes and sills, leaking rads/ps cooler pipes, condition of brakes/corroded alloys. Oh and condition of oil and evidence of changes pre 2003 had a well known tendency to burn oil on the 140s. So facelift 03 onwards are prolly the only ones to really go for checkout more on there
  12. Fantastic bodge my hat goes off to you there keep us updated on the longevity of that fine piece of diy fabrication well done!!! Have you left the post cat 02 sensor off for now then I don't think it's actually needed is it? Btw you can pick up 2nd hand stainless etc middle exhaust sections cheap quite regularly on somebody called ams had one on there v recently take a peek over there!!
  13. Toyota dealers or at least mine does do a really reasonably priced think it was £69 schutz or other product undersealing service it was the cheapest place I could find anyway,to save some messy hassle, you can pay thousands for rustproofing!!, but as has been mentioned surface prep is v important so it isn't counterproductive but in a hot spell mite b worth it, depending on how much your car is worth/to you, a localised diy method of just the area s that actually need doing would prolly be more effective, at least first, that's what I did. i think I did find another place mite have been in n out auto centres that also did quite a cheap additional compromise of a rust proofing service HTH
  14. Yeah I do actually agree with the OP up until a couple of years ago I was getting the manufacturer s of 37 mpg or higher on longer runs of over 400 miles per tank on a high mileage and not particularly well serviced 06 1.8 vvti. However upon fitting an sri intake it got decimated to your levels and Id also like it back!! I don't know whether I could setup my intake better, but I assume when I take it back to stock it will re-improve. Unfortunately I don't have any good answers for u that id also like too. i believe a dirty maf causes common inefficienc ies and is easily tackled so that may help along with thinner spec oil and premium fuel as mentioned which has other benefits for our engines too. Mines now pretty highly maintained but still remains low id be interested if you manage to improve yours ba ck again.
  15. If it's been run on lpg for quite a while it'll be less likely to be an oil user cos it's a cleaner burn so that's a positive