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  1. If it's been run on lpg for quite a while it'll be less likely to be an oil user cos it's a cleaner burn so that's a positive
  2. I had your similar dilemma, the pre facelift dynamic splitter looks better and is much more common than the upgraded post facelift equivalent. The pre facelift dynamic splitters can be modified to fit a facelift bumper, I've seen it done on celicaclub and it looks good but I don't know how much work is involved, because the fitting bits are nt as wide either side of the grille. Alternatively you could buy the whole bumper from the above pre facelift ad, it's not much harder to fit. Or as has been previously mentioned you can buy the delta replica in the link above as I did although the price may have gone up recently it was about £100 when I got mine not long ago, as usable 2nd hand post facelift upgraded splitters are pretty rare. There are other aftermarket splitters available for the facelift available too tho which do also come up 2nd hand too. As a cost effective compromise which I have also done is to fit one of the universal rubber splitters for about a tenner which I've seen quite a few people fit which look remarkably good actually, tho they do tend to come unstuck and sag overtime. Hth
  3. Prolly totally irrelevant cos a different car but on my 06 Celica 1.8vvti the common creaking clutch problem was fixed eventually after spraying everything inside the car by spraying the same lithium grease via a tube into the rubber boot covering the clutch slave cylinder on top of the gearbox in the engine bay, anyway hope it mite help but prolly totally irrelevant
  4. Lol have a look/feel underneath at the back at the subframe between the wheels to see how brown/rusty it is that's the only real test the rest should just be sundries!!
  5. Has it not been bled sufficiently is there still an airlock? I found upon following the under bonnet bleeding instructions to the letter with the reservoir elevated on parked on an inclined hump back bridge at the same time finally did it for me.
  6. gezhenry

    Celica valance

    Hiya I'm looking for a rear valance/lip for my gen 7 Celica if anyone still happens to have one and if anyone's got any other spare Celica parts/bits/spares that are surplus too please send me a reply as well cheers gez
  7. Hiya Jemma you 're experiencing one of the few common problems that will arise eventually on the gen 7 s that is in fact a relatively simple and inexpensive fix ie. Radiators slightly leaking and air blocks entering the system you can pick up radiators from about £30 and can be done in a couple of hours trickiest part is the bleeding with toyota red spec antifreeze afterwards once done this will then sort it for years if you plan on keeping it. The hg s and cylinder heads can crack as on any car but as you've said are very robust on the gen 7 s and it sounds very unlikely from what you've said that this has occurred in your case if you've just started experiencing these symptoms, to properly diagnosis you would have to do various tests. I would say if you plan on keeping the car just get the rad changed and bled properly as per the instructions/parked uphill and try not to let it overheat too much in the meanwhile k seals etc aren't really going to solve the problem for v long with our radiators, but having put some in it mite also be worth flushing the system simply before adding the new coolant hope this helps
  8. Hiya Tony thanks v much I'll take those if you've still got them they might come in handy thank-you g
  9. Hiya Tony thanks v much I'll take those if you've still got them they might come in handy thank-you g
  10. Hiyah Stan yeah I'm interested in your wheels just sent u a pm. Cheers g
  11. Our celicas are getting quite old and rare now and I just wondered if we can salvage parts from any other more common models eg corolla avensis (or maybe even gen6 or 5 celicas) that we can use to keep our cars running? BTW mines an 06vvti (140) I suppose that helps cheers
  12. Do Toyota use any common parts between different models from the same era does anyone know this? For example mine is a 2006 celica vvti and I assume any other 1.8 vvti has the same engine parts but I just wondered if I can get any other type of secondhand parts from the more common avensis or corolla from similar years? Thanks
  13. Hiya I'm new to Toyota ownership and I wonder whether they're are any parts common to different models? Specifically I wonder whether I can source any parts 2nd hand (or new even) from other more common models eg. Corolla/auris avensis or Mr2 as my 2006 vvti celica is now getting quite old Thanks
  14. Hey brilliant cheers for that mark info i'll crack on with that one then dyou know if they're are any other areas that the gen 7 celicas are prone to rusting in the long term to pay attention to in advance ? ( my cars from the coast and I've heard they may rust a bit towards the rear) cheers for your help and info btw
  15. Oh hiya mark hey cheers for that yeah I have noticed the plastic skirts was there no entry points without actually taking them off and what were yours like were they rusty are those plastic covers for rust protection and had they done there job cheers for that gez