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  1. Ok thanks so moral of the story seems to be generally, avoid the dpf models if poss to remove that potentially problematic part outta the equation then?
  2. Thanks v much for that Steve, so just to clarify you've generally used your Toyota 1.4 diesels around town bar the odd motorway blast and haven't suffered any of the typical diesels big repair bills and low mpg on that basis? Has anyone else got any experience of this engine too? Thankyou
  3. I mite be wrong here cos im not an expert at all and I hope I stand to be corrected myself personally cos I've got one and stand in the same boat but I don't think there's much more you can do to improve performance or mpg of the 140hp 1zzfe you ccertainly haven't done already without going down the expensive route of forced induction or upgrading to the 190model!! I don't think it can be remapped and in fact some induction kits can actually take away performance or bog the low down torque, although you've got a more freer flowing exhaust that may well help with it. Things you defo can do that'll help and they def o suffer from with induction kits is clean the maf and throttle body/iacv periodically which can also result in them bogging down at low revs too.also And perhaps maybe general services checking the coi l packs are ok and tight. You could perhaps try and improve the handling and brakes and lighten it poss the wheels which may have a similar effect tho perhaps. hope someone else comes up with some more better suggestions myself, it is a pretty efficient engine as is HTH
  4. I know it's topical that diesels are no longer popular but I'm just after another cheap 2nd hand Toyota as a cheap around town runner and I particularly wondered if the older 1.4 diesel Toyota yarises and corollas would be suitable for this purpose and still be economical or would they also fall into the category s of not being frugal mpg wise around town and would also accrue expensive diesel type repairs with this usage? Or should I just still stick to the smaller petrol variants? Does anybody have any idea?
  5. Hiya I have a toyota Celica vvti with the 1zz-fe 1.8cc engine in it and I'm now looking for another but more practical + useful toyota (can be older as well as newer) that is similar mechanically so I can utilise some of the spares I've built up and also experience of doing work on this car. What are the closest but more practical other Toyota s mechanically to the Celica gen 7 vvti has anyone got any ideas?
  6. My toyota (Celica gen 7) s starting to get quite old nowadays and I wonder generally what sort of rubber bushes are likely to start needing replacing with age as it gets older and are any of these easily replaceable at home cheers
  7. My Celicas starting to get a bit old now it's a gen 7 does anyone know what rubber etc components are likely to need replacing as it starts to get older and which are the most difficult jobs to do and are any easily diyable? Thanks for any pointers
  8. Btw. Mine failed on only the offside light.
  9. Inter esting post to me my 06 plate Celica failed on Tues on this very item, like you it has nt failed before on this issue, it was commented by the manager, not tester , that maybe a bulb was loose (or maybe installed incorrecti?), but upon inspection it isn't and nothing seems to have changed since the last test, it's still a mystery to me too. I assume this issue could only be about the 'dipped' beams could it?
  10. gezhenry

    Celica valance

    Hiya has anyone still got a trd type rear bumper lip/valance for a Celica gen 7 thanks it'd be appreciated cheers
  11. Has anyone got an exhaust Back box and an aftermarket type panel filter for a Gen 7 Celica vvti 140? Many thanks gez
  12. Hiya has anyone got a Back box and an aftermarket type panel air filter for a 7th generation Celica 140vvti thanks
  13. Doesn't sound like it's obviously slipping I'd wait until you can definitely detect it. a clutch can be high up on the biting point for some time. if you squirt grease under the rubber bellows of the clutch slave cylinder and any joints near there and maybe the pedal linkages too it should take away the creaking.
  14. Yeah a gearbox oil change sounds like it'll be a good idea/improvement wouldn't they have to do that anyway I don't know? Yeah could be some other useful jobs to do too but again I don't know. I do know that fitting a full kit with the thrust bearings obviously better and that the oe brand of clutch aisin comes with the full kit and is superior quality for a keeper longevity wise if you can get one of those. i know when I shopped around the quotes varied hugely so that sounds a good idea.
  15. The toyota dealer near me in Altrincham do a free health and safety check they're pretty ruthless in trying to find fault and run up business but it gives you a tough estimate of the worst case scenario. I've heard of Celica s with the 1.8vvti being done for 2-250 but shop around my mate with his avensis eventually got his done locally in sale for his 07 avensis for 400 a couple of months back but they're were cheaper quotes in Bolton