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  1. Do u believe they check or top it up because from what i have heard there is no way to check the level
  2. my question is has anyone heard of a transmission failing and if they have then at what mileage? I dont mind paying toyota for the oil change but i also dont want to tamper with the transmission since its been running fine
  3. Thanks when i asked the dealer they said they inspect the oil every 40k miles but i doubt it since there isnt a dipstick for it so i think i am going to just tell them to change the oil anyway just to be safe.
  4. Asked toyota so many times but they keep saying it doesnt need changing ever
  5. So i have just dropped my third gen prius off at my local toyota dealer for 120,000 miles service and after reading about transmission fluid change i asked toyota if it needs changing and they said it doesnt so what do u guys suggest?
  6. After spending £279 for a full+ service u would expect the air filter to be included in that price but they still want extra for it
  7. I have a 3rd gen prius 5 years old done 120,000 miles and other than normal services i havent replaced any parts yet and i use it as a taxi so do u recommend i should change cvt fluid?
  8. Hi you mentioned your prius having done more than 120,000 miles so in your opinion how many miles do u think prius 3rd gen can go for if serviced regular from dealer?
  9. Hi i have a 3rd gen and they are actually really good and worth the price and if your car is written off then u might just get enough to buy a second hand 3rd gen prius
  10. Hi i recently booked my prius for a 120,000 mile service which i have been informed is a full+ so the price is £279 but the dealer says that the air filter needs replacing too at additional charge of £25+VAT but shouldnt it be included in the full+ service price anyway?
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