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  1. That is the solution I am actually researching. Tilt or vibration alarm and a very loud siren. May be independent and even Chinese. How much is the Aygo one?
  2. The way you park Auris and Prius seems not to be an issue for thugs...
  4. How much did you pay? I am going for a recall soon and considering doing this. Thanks.
  5. Toyota catalytic converters are being stolen at a staggering rate in London REPORTED LOCATIONS cars parked on the street, car parks, hospitals, on the driveways, both nighttime and during the day Reading (IKEA car park)* Backton (ASDA car park) Guildford Brentwood Essex Oxford Parkway train station Nottingham Alton Towers* Leicester University car park* North London (Middlesex hospital)* South East London South London East London* Rotherham hospital car park Royal Derby Hospital Car Park Cambridge park and ride carpark * - means more than one report YEAR / MODEL Affected 2004-2009 PRIUS (second-generation) 2009-2016 PRIUS (third-generation) 2016-2019 PRIUS (fourth-generation) 2010 AURIS (first-generation) 2012-2018 AURIS (second-generation) 2019 PRIUS+ The Black BMW and a Green Passat are the reported vehicles used by thieves. Toyota knows that but they are doing nothing. The new models are having the same design (easy to steal). There is a backlog of orders. Owners are waiting for ages to get CC replaced. Toyota blog say that replacement is cheaper now (£1200) but dealerships quotes are reaching £1700-2200 anyway. I am looking for solid protection and that design looks promising US UK
  6. I am not impressed really, just as average as rest of them. Quite far from me as well, I am from SE London I am digging through Toyota dealerships today. I will update when I find something worth sharing.
  7. Fostel


    That is what Prius guys (Mod edit - link to home page rather than specific topic) from the US were saying: 20 minutes!
  8. Fostel


    Another proof of dealerships incompetence! I wouldn't go for this update as previous terrible experiences with dealerships but as a Private Hire Vehicle, I think I have to. I hate to leave my car for up to 4 hours with this morons. Because they lack professionalism I purchased tools and I am doing repairs and maintenance myself.
  9. I just received the letter from Toyota that my hybrid Auris TS was recalled. As I don't trust Toyota dealerships at all (I had bad experiences before so I started to service the car myself) I decided to ask you for a recommendation. Which garage in London should I go to? I may even go outside London if the garage is good. Thanks.
  10. Hello everyone, Didn't find much info about my model jet but I need to do full brake job. - brake rotors - brake pads (and hardware) - brake fluid within another 5-10k miles I've got TOYOTA AURIS TOURING SPORTS (_E18_) 07/13 - -> 1.8 Hybrid (ZWE186_) (73 kW) 07/13 - -> EXCEL 225/45/17 inch wheels and few questions to you, Toyota fans: Where to get REPAIR MANUAL? (tightening Torques) How they call Auris Touring Sports in the US? What car has similar built to Auris TS? (not much about Auris but plenty about Prius for example) Where to get parts from? Which pads (with hardware) brand should you recommend? Where to get rubber, teflon coated hardware? I got tools and discs already (Brembo Discs 08.A912.11 I had pads too (Brembo Pads P 83 080 ) but Amazon sold them without hardware, so I returned them and still looking for pads. I started to research web and found only one unknown to me brand that adds hardware within the kit: not sure if they are any good. Their Thickness is 15,2mm while Brembo and Bosch are 16mm. Still would invest in covered, noise free hardware tho. Original pads installed by Toyota UK are BOSCH and I may replace them for same model if I will find part number and shop selling them. Today I've seen Scotty Kilmer video about rubberised/ Teflon covered anti squeak hardware. He's speaking about it in 00:54 sec ( but I couldn't hear clearly the brand name. Found this webpage ( but no much details about them and where to get them. Anyone invited to discussion. Thanks for your time guys.
  11. I am going to buy a used car for Private Hire very soon. Following the great response I received online as well as feedback from my friends I decided to go with 'Japanese car' and Toyota hybrid technology seems to fit the bill well. Roughly searched Toyota Auris Touring Sports Hybrid at Toyota used approved: , CarGiant: and Autotrader: , just to find out that they keep the value well and not many of them are available. Any other trusted websites that I missed? As a father of two under 5's, I am looking for comfortable, safe and reliable estate/MPV cars with some luggage space. I will be doing long (1k miles) motorways trips few times per year. That's why I am not discarding diesel's completely. I know many would suggest hybrids-only for the private hire city driving but how they are noise/mpg wise when on motorways? I am aware that many diesel issues are not existent in hybrids. What are the main mechanical advantages? I've been also considering: Hyundai i40 estate 1.7 Diesel Ford Galaxy (XL) Toyota Auris Touring Sports 1.8 Hybrid Toyota Verso (7 seater) (Petrol vs Diesel) Toyota Avensis 2.0 Diesel (Manual vs Auto) Toyota Prius+ (7 seater) Hybrid Skoda Octavia 1.6 TDi Skoda Superb 2.0 Diesel The budget is up to £16k, won't spend more at the moment. What car to choose? Positives/ Negatives? Suggestions? Hybrid or diesel? Petrol maybe? Manual or automatic? How many miles max on the car's clock to be worthy as a second-hand? Options: More interested in leather seats, lumbar support or panoramic roof rather than Sat Nav and fancy low profile alloys. Thanks.
  12. I am considering Toyota Auris Touring Sports Hybrid too. I am looking at 2012-2013 so my question to you guys is what shape to choose? Which one is better the older one 2012 or newer from 2013? What they changed in them? Thank You!