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  1. Hello. Some claims that even new cars can benefit from a wheel alignment, and get reduced road noise, less wear etc. Have anyone tried it? And was the car faulty adjusted from the factory?
  2. It's a known fact, that the Corolla puts out a lot of white smoke if accelerated hard. In my 2.0 I can't see the cars in rear mirror if I really put my foot down. Some mechanics claims if the rear silencer is removed, some 500 ml of water can be drained from it. I have never had a car that puts out smoke like the Corolla. It must be the water hitting hot parts inside the silencer, engine at high revs = heavy smoke. But can we risk corrosion or rust within our exhaust system? The water must be low PH value with gasses passing through. I've not changed a exhaust pipe due to corr
  3. Well, there's a huge difference in acceleration power under normal driving conditions, if the car's using the battery or not. If my battery is down to 3 bars, the car will charge it, even if I accelerate. The ICE alone feels under powered compared to the feeling of "plenty" power when electric motor and IE are working together.
  4. 0-62 or 0-100 km/h in 8 seconds is not possible with 152 horsepower only from a petrol engine. That's the 2.0 liters version. Same thing for the 1.8 liters. It's not possible to accelerate 1500 kg. heavy car from 0-62 or 0-100 km/h in 11 seconds with only 99 horsepower. The Ford Kuga PHEV however, has been tested with battery + ICE, Battery only, and ICE only. There was no difference in acceleration if the car was running as plugin hybrid or "only" petrol powered car.
  5. Still strange if the battery is so affected by outside temprature. Battery is stored beneath the rear seat, and air with cabin temprature circulates it. Should'nt it be all right, and perform more evenly through a whole year?
  6. I'm doing very low EV time with my 2.0 Corolla. Often below 20%, it seems to charge the battery for ages, but does'nt really like to return the power. Summer has been very nice, at hybrid system has been very efficient. Now with colder weather and more wind, things are very different. I know the engine takes longer to heat, but I cant figure out why the car won't use the hybrid battery some more, since it very often has 70-80% charge. When accelerating the battery kicks in, but with cruise control enabled, allmost nothing happens.
  7. E-cvt gearbox. No ugly noises, every thing seems to work just fine, apart from the shaky startup?
  8. My Corolla 2.0 2019 has a little issue. When I start up in the morning, the gearbox jerks or makes one strong "shake" when I move into reverse. It does'nt make any difference if I take a long time to start up, fasten seatbelt, slowly move gearstick - or if I start up and go into reverse right away. It happens every 3. morning or so. Any one else experiences this?
  9. I've been wondering how EV time is calculated. It's not just the engine off and EV drive. And it's not just then electricity is flowing from battery to the electric motor. Yesterday I made a very short drive to fill up with gas. Engine was cold. 0,5 mile drive and 0% EV time. Of course all is about heating up. On the drive back home, also 0,5 mile, a bit of battery power starts to flow, but the engine never shuts off. EV time is calculated to 10%.
  10. I've had 2 services done so far at my Toyota dealer. Car is 2019 Corolla 2.0. Both times they have used 0w20, even if the best viscosity is 0w16. It's not 'illegal' to use 0w20, but the thinner viscosity should be used when ever possible. Fuel economy is claimed to improve 2%, only by changing from 0w20 to 0w16. Quite impressive. My car has improved quite a lot since brand new with a proper breaking in. But I guess I don't see the full potential if the oil is not the 100% correct viscosity. If Toyota dealers don't use the preferred oil, who does? If any.... Have you guys had y
  11. Now thats good news in terms of long time ownership. I read some where, that only a small amount of the hybrid batterys capacity is used for daily drivng. The reason should be to compensate degration, so the owner experiences the same amount of power, even if the battery really is loosing capacity.
  12. Hello Guys. Does any one have a Toyota hybrid vehicle with high milage, and still running on the original hybrid battery? Does it seems to hold the same power, as when the car was new, or do you feel battery power dropping? Please note model, age and milage.
  13. I had my car done 2 days ago. Works perfectly. The dealer said they had a full day of training, and now they had 2 mechanics that was qualified by Toyota to do the job. The price in Denmark is 300£...ouchh.... Is there any possible way to connect wireless? I've tried with Bluetooth teetering turned on, Android Auto is set to wireless projection, but nothing happens. The cars setup options shows some sort of wireless network option, what does it do, and when to use it?
  14. If you do a lot of city driving, 3-4 bars in the battery is the best you can get. The car needs the little extra boost from the electric motor all the time, and chances of doing a proper charge is very limited. Out on the flat open roads, the engine often charges up to 8 bars, never above that, unless you drive down long hills. The car usually changes into hybrid drivemode, using both engine and battery. That lasts 5 miles or so, until the battery is down to 4 bars, and the cycle repeats it self. I've been doing some experiments using Eco vs. Normal vs. Sport in terms of battery usag
  15. 50£?? The upgrade in Denmark is 375£ equal 3000 DKK.
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