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  1. My old alloys are quite like sandpaper. Brake dust has burned into to clear coat finish. Now I get new ones, so what product can I use to prevent it from happening again? Some professionel garages claims they can do a fully protection, so brake dust wont bite, and can be washed of using only water.
  2. Strange that 1.8 has a new lithium battery, but the 2.0 has nickel metal. The two different types must be quite different in weight/performance ratio.
  3. Thats not possible. Maybe I can go for a good long drive the days before, so car has done 500 km or so, before setting of to Copenhagen.
  4. Right after I get the car, I'm of to Cooenhagen. A 350 km motorway trip both ways. The only thing I have to be avare of is not driving at constant speeds? Changing the up or down 20 kmh must be enough??
  5. I'm just wondering.. How to break in a new engine combined with a hybrid drive?? I don't have very much control, the car takes care of it self. Google finds loads of information in generel, but can it be trusted and can I use it when the car more or less takes control?
  6. Now thats Interesting that the hybrid battery has so much extra power. It's the kind of knowledge thats allmost impossible to find. I'm so happy that I have choosen to buy the 2.0 180 hp.
  7. I know engine bigger and stronger, electric motor also stronger, but still? 125 kilo extra is a lot of just weight for upgrading 2 components.. What about the battery, doess it have the same capacity, 1.8 vs 2.0? It's hard to find specs regarding the hybrid drive.
  8. Deal closed. I got a 2.0, H3 level + upgrade package. I think the deal was OK, I traded in my 2016 Auris 1.2T CVT. Old car milage 66.000.
  9. The 0% campaign is quite new in Denmark. Normal intetest is 1,5% flexible.
  10. But if the the MY20 is the car to be sold in the future, wouldn't it be crazy to buy a previous specs model? That explains why they have a 0% intetest campaign. If the multimedia center can be upgraded, every one is happy. If not... It's a long life with a car not quite as up to date, as one could wish.
  11. Right now there a campaign with 0% (fixed) interest, but the car must be registred and delivered to the costumer before 31/12-19. The deal must be closed and signed before 10 november. In that case, only cars in stock is avaliable to meet the conditions in this campaign.
  12. The car is in stock in Denmark, so build date is unknown, but a least 2-3 months old.
  13. But... In Denmark android auto is'nt installed in any Toyota. I don't like the idea of buying such a expensive car, and still pay extra for satnav or use a external device in my windscreen. But... One danish dealers website claims that a upgrade kit to Android Auto will be avaliable, and can be fitted into cars thats already on the road. All it takes is Toyota to finally approve the use of smartphones and Android Auto. If that is the case, it's easier for me to make a deal, knowing that everything eventually wil be fine. Can any one here confirm that??
  14. Service has been completed. Rear brakes can last until 75.000 mile, front brakes until 85.000 miles. Very impressive, and a superb dealer that only changes parts when it's needed.
  15. The Corolla has a specified combined output of 112 bhp. Petrol engine alone is 99 bhp. Lets say the car is driven flat out for hours, what will the real combined output be? Does the electric motor make any difference at very high speed, or can the petrol engine still charge the batterys, even if needs to deliver maximum power ?