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  1. Most motorways in France costs a pretty high tax to use. Around 1 Euro per 8 km. The motorways are in extremly good condition, low noise, very smooth driving, no bumps or bad repairs. It's easy to set the cruise control and keep it unchanged for 100 km. or more.
  2. I'm heading to Le Mans tomorrow morning. I just can't wait to get going, the 2.0 is simply the perfect choice for such a trip. In total I expect 3000 km., 90% on motorways, so average will be around 50 mpg with 80 mph. when possible.
  3. It just makes me think, why car reviews and journalists seems to hate CVT? They don't care if it's belt/cone powered CVT, or e-CVT. In the worst case, they wont recommend buying the car. Most of the times, a very long drive is needed to figure out if a CVT can be accepted. A VW with DSG is always the best choice - if you're a journalist. No matter if failing and breakdown is pretty common.
  4. This week I've had a chance to drive 2 different cars with automatic gearboxes. First car was a Volvo XC90. It seems like a old school gearbox with torque converter and a bit slow changing between gear. Second car was a Peugeot 3008 with a kind of dual clutch like VW. Faster shifts, but still a bit odd. To be honest, I would prefer my Corolla any time. The Volvo seems really slow at lower speeds. The diesel engine can be heard at any speed, and revs pretty much without the car accelerating very much. The Peugeot is more quiet, the gearbox seems more direct, but still makes some funny little jerks when shifting.
  5. The Corolla is very well build for sure. If a car is designed only to meet crash test procedures, it could have been much more destroyed. I don't think any official test will try to break in the windscreen and roof.
  6. It's not my car. The Corolla driver did'nt get a scratch, but the tractor driver got a little injury
  7. A Corolla hits a tractor head on. The tractor seems to have driven over the bonnet and windscreen before it flips over. The car seems very strong and with only linited deformation.
  8. Extremly impressive video. It could be interesting to see the other cars wear and tear.
  9. VERY rare Hiace2,4 diesel. 302 original miles, and in factory new condition. Price is 230.000 DKK / 25.000£ Enjoy 🙂 https://www.cc-cars.dk/bil.aspx?nummer=573044596
  10. It's not that bad. The ICE alone has 152 hp and 180 nm, but with high revs, so you won't feel it as a strong engine. It's the electric motor that gives low end torque.
  11. I came across the US pricelist. BZ4x is much cheaper in the US than in UK or here in Denmark. The most expensive model in the US with all wheel drive is 46.500$ = 36.200£. In Denmark it's even worse, the cheapest all whell drive version cost a whopping 52.000£ These huge differences, is that due to different taxes from one country to another, or are factory retail prices lost lower in some markets? Most countrys do have limited or no taxes then buying EV's, so differences should'nt be so huge.
  12. You're right about it's all a snapshot. But searching nearly a 1000 used cars, and only very few, 2-3 cars, with milage higher than 50.000 miles just surprises me. I know that the high milers can out on the road.
  13. I never thought about getting a diesel. Petrol is a more expensive fuel, but different climate politics can suddently make a diesel powered car a thing to be avoided. Some cities demands at least euro 6 if entering with a diesel engine. Maybe one day a total ban will remove the last diesels? Since I want to keep my car in 7 or 8 years a hybrid was to safest choice for me. 21.000 miles a year costs a bit more with petrol, but right now I can go any where without limitations.
  14. Working conditions changed 7 months ago with much more motorway, but untill that, only 20% of my driving was on motorway. The funny thing is, every time I get a new car, my milage increases. If the car is pleasant and nice to drive, long journeys and holidays across Europe are no problem.
  15. My Corolla 2.0 has done 82.000 km since 11/2019. I have a profile on spritmonitor.de, and have made registrations of all my fill ups. 500 corollas 2.0 are members on spritmonitor.de, but I'm the one with most miles on the clock. If I search used car silimar to mine, I can't find any one with more than 75.000 km. Not even in Germany using mobile.de. I don't see my self as a high miler, but that must be the case. Or what? People with the need for 30-40000 km a year don't but Corollas?
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