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  1. I've been using fuel additives for 5 full tanks in a row. The car has always had some smoke from the exhaust when I pushed hard above 4000 rpm. I've never used cheap fuel, but always Shell, Q8 etc., but the smoke has always been visible. The smoke's now gone. No mater how hard I try, I can't see any smoke anymore. I believe the fuel additives has made a huge difference.
  2. I have the 2.0, and for me it's the best choice. I agree with the fact, that the engine goes up to 4000 rpm, but only above if you push hard. Acceleration is very power full, and still very economical. For my ears, the sound of the 2.0 has a deeper tone than the 1.8. It can give the feeling, that it's more quiet.
  3. I'll be going to Austria in 3 weeks. 1300 km from Denmark. That will be my first long drive with nothing but motorway. I'm very excited to see how 2.0 behaves at higher speeds between 70 and 90 mph. My old Auris 1.2T with CVT was a struggle driving in mountains or long motorway hills, and was very thirsty. Going down hill allmost didn't use a drop, so average consumption was actually better than driving on a flat road with cruise control. Weird...
  4. My 2.0 hybrid is doing 62,3 mpg at the moment. Actually 3 tanks of fuel in a row....Average since new in october is 55 mpg. Milage is 11.000.
  5. I'll do a little test very soon. Adaptive cruise control works down to zero, and when traffic starts moving, the car accelerate by it self. I'm allmost sure, if the cruise control is re-enabled, it can make the car accelerate at very low speeds.
  6. Your wife could have turned on the cruise control by accident? If the car remembers it's previous setting, it would start to accelerste by it self. The cars auto-acceleration is actually pretty strong.
  7. Mine looks just fine. The brightest photo is front, the darker one is the back. I've done 15.000 km. The car is always parked outside.
  8. My driving style is pretty much the same. I use cruise control as much as possible, and always set it at the same speed. My trip to work and back are 95% identical in terms of speed and accelerations. I always use Shell Fuel Save E10.
  9. I've done 3 tanks with Kent Fuel Guard. Things has started to improve. If I measure my daily drive to work, every day is the same, same speed, same traffic,same accelerations... now I'm getting 57 mpg starting with a cold engine and 12°C temp. Before that, 51-53 mpg was normal, so something is much different. My overall full tank average is brilliant, 62 mpg is even better than claimed by Toyota. My old personal records was around 57-58 mpg.
  10. If it's 35°C outside and the roof is open, the air circulating around the battery will also be 35°C. It's does'nt feels as hot since the car's moving, but it does'nt change the actual air tempature. With windows closed, aircon turned on, air temp. in the cabin is 21-23°C, and in the Touring Sport with air vents at the backseat, cold air is even closer to the battery pack.
  11. And what temperaturs are "critical" in terms of providing full performance? The very hot days with +30 C can't be be best. If the car can keep 21C in the cabin, but the air and tarmac is much warmer, I wunder what temperaturs are inside the battery, hidden under the back seat.
  12. You must use the sat nav to get the feature started. According to Honest John real mpg, the Ioniq performs better than the Corolla. So it seems to work well.
  13. In terms of hybrid usage, Hyundai ioniq has a pretty smart feature. The cars GPS calculates where hills are located, so the car is ready for giving a proper push. Going down hill is when the battery is recharged. Toyotas battery management seems a bit strange.
  14. To be honest, I fear the update never comes. The longer the time, chance of update gets smaller every day. It's not rocket science. Suddently the first Corollas pass 1,5 years, all new cars has it by default, so why bother? In that case if bought my last Toyota. Buy your car, just wait 4-5 months until april... No wait, June... No wait, July... No wait, october...!! Come on!!! During the Corona crises, the last 2019 models have been sold at reduced prices. To keep business going. Poor owners, if they risks getting stuck with a car that's outdated from day 1.
  15. My 8000 miles average milage so far is 54,0 mpg. My experiense so far, is that wind resistance gives the difference in mpg. Even very small changes in wind direction gives pretty big changes. Next parameter is outside temprature. Cold air is more dense, giving more resistance. When the temprature is above 15 degree C, the car can start and drive without starting the engine. Colder tempratures, and the engine always starts up right away. Last major parameter to get proper milage is wheel size and overall quality. Wide sporty tyres usually have higher grip, but also higher rolling resistance. Whats the size on the GR Sport?