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  1. Since the service. I drive the same route to work every day, samt speed, same traffic. It's very clear, that something has changed.
  2. My car has just had it 60K miles service done. Since day 1, my fuel consumption has gone up by 10%, so I'm pretty sure that something has happened. Could it be software updates that makes such big differences? My car has CVT, so it could be updates to both engine and gearbox. Has any one tried something like this?
  3. My biggest issue is the sound level. Sound quality improves greatly, streaming music in best possible quality really sounds great. FM radio is not very different, I think the basic broadcast is pretty low quality, so new speakers doesnt make much difference. The front speakers has decent volume, but the rear speakers volume are very low. Balance can be adjusted from front to rear, but that doesnt seem like the right solution. I think replacing the headunit is the only solution to make things better, but I have no experiense.
  4. I replaced 4 speakers in my Auris. You will be surpriced to see the quality of the factory speakers. Or the missing quality that is. The factory speaker is 250 gram per unit. The aftermarket speaker is 800 gram. I bought pretty cheap ones for replacement (1500 DKK /4 speakers) , doesnt matter really, everything is way better than the factory speakers. Install is easy, Thansen has tools to pull door panels off. Install time for 4 speakers is 4 hours or less.
  5. See the attach file in the description to this video. All Corollas with CVT need a software update or a CVT replacement. Since the Corolla is similar to the Auris, could'nt this recall apply to European models too? Does any one within Toyota Europe know about this?
  6. The torque converter is 2 propellers with oil beeing between. They don't touch each other. I'm almost certain, that the sound is a bad bearing. Try to change the oil in the tranny, IF the sound goes away, that was a cheap fix. If not... Well, you tried, but would probably need a replacement tranny.
  7. What's your average spped on a full tank of fuel. My average is something between 33-36 mph with my daily driving. Normal distance is something like 435 miles before refilling. It seems very low, by city driving sucks, and kills both average spped and fuel economy
  8. nielshm

    Stop start

    It's strange that you have so many difficulties with this system. Could it be, that pressing the clutch, put gearbox in neutral, release clutch, is a badly programmed routine, where many small things and parameters can go wrong, wich results in no function from start/stop? The autobax works like a charm, enginetemp. higher than ~50°C, and the system kicks in, unless the battery needs charging, or the A/C is trying to get inside tempratures right.
  9. nielshm

    Stop start

    Well, my Auris 1.2T with CVT works well with start/stop. Once the engine has heated up, not fully heated, the system works very well. I normally gets something like 12 minuttes per tank of fuel. If I do a lot of city driving, start/stop period is more than 20 minuttes. With the CVT, it"s easy to activate only by pressing the brakes.
  10. Now thats funny.... Driven with a average of more than "1 mile pr. minute" engines normally only lasts until 20.000 miles. So a little convoy sets off to the autobahn in Germany, and drives ud and down until they reach 20.000 miles. 10 min. teatime is required every time they stop for fuel, so the hightech masterpiece in front of the brilliant BMC car is'nt stessed out.
  11. I would be furius. I've never replaced any clutch in any car, even high milage cars. Today a clutch is like exhaust pipes and shock absorbers, they never need replacing and often last the life time of the car.
  12. I found this link that provides some information. I'm just not sure what to do with the wires... must the two positives be joined in one new plug and the two negatives also in one new plug, wich are connected to the new tweeter?
  13. This is what the OEM tweeter look like. Is there anything that can replace it? Both right and left tweeter has a plug with 4 wires.
  14. The 2015/2016 Auris uses 6.5" speakers in front and rear. The install is easy, wiring to the front is 2.5 mm2, and 1.5 mm2 to the back. I got 3 meters speaker cable and loose fittings, and made cables my self. 2x40 cm cable per speakers is more than enough. I got a rather cheap set of MDS FR6, but anything is better than factory speakers. There is plenty of room inside the door to fit sound proff material, don't forget to do so. Access is easy once the old speaker is removed. One thing I noticed... The inside of the door is wet, the rubber strib along the window allows rain to drop inside the door, and it will hit your speakers. I dont know if the speakers can take it, I thought about fitting a piece of plastic inside the door, as a "roof", so water drops wont hit the speakers directly.
  15. Do you get your wheels aligned on a regular basis, or only if something feels wrong, or the car pulls to one side? My car has done 50.000 miles and I dont feel anything, but I wonder if the car/wheel would benefit from a alignment after so many miles?