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  1. The engine output is 152 horsepower, so even without battery, acceleration should be resonable. Of course, revs need to be high, but 0 to 62 mph should be less than 10 sec. But lets try to make some timed accelerstions, and compare the results?
  2. 15.000 km. in 3,5 month?? Now that's intensive use. I've done 5.000 km., but I still miss that long motorway journey without, cold, wind and rain. Going at high speed, do you fell a point where mpg's dropping instead of keeping af resonable economy?
  3. With my old manually stick shift Skoada Octavia, a really fast overtake would be something like ...shifting into 3. gear....3500 revs.....wait for it.... and BAM!! - Pedal to the metal. I got the feeling of beeing prepared, engine sound going up - but the Corolla is not like that. Maybe the manually override using paddels can help getting the old feeling back?
  4. I'm very impressed with the accelerationen in the 2.0. Get revs above 4000 rpm, and massive accelerationen kicks in. Below 4000 rpm, it has the feel of any standard petrol powered engine. I think you get a fake feel of powerfull accelerationen in the Hyundai. If 0-20 mph is instant with out delay, that snappy impression remains in the body, even if power fades and ends up beeing average.
  5. One thing is strange with the automatic high beam.... It works really poor, and doesn't detect oncoming traffic. I have to override most of the time, and I stopped using this feature. But high beam is always dipped, if rear taillights are visible at 200-300 m. distance. Tiny red dots in the dark, beam is dipped!! White brigt headlights heading straight towards me, nothing happens. So it actually works, if the lights are red. I wonder if Toyota can create a update, since basic function are in order??
  6. I noticed visible white smoke/steam in the rearview mirror, when I'm accelerating hard (revs going above 4000 rpm.) I guess that's just harmless, whatever, hot air meets colder air = white puffs. Or what?? Engine oil and coolant levels are fine and filled to max. I never noticed anything with my old Auris 1.2, but of course the 2.0 puts out a lot more exhaust gas.
  7. Mine looks just like yours.
  8. Strange, my app doesn't say anything about EV mode. I only have average speed, max speed, hard accelerations and braking, trip distance. Have I done something wrong?
  9. Today I had 2 long trips. 125 miles each, 1/3 motorway with 75 mph, the rest A roads with 55 mph. Only difference going out and driving home was a pretty strong wind. Going out, wind was in the back, average 59 mpg. Going home was much different with head wind, only 46 mpg. I wonder what makes the biggest difference, wind in the back or in the head??
  10. Here in Denmark the E10 gasoline has become new standard in 2020 instead of E5. Only V-power and other performance fuels continues with E5. It's claimed that E10 holds 2% less energy than E5, wich leads to a higher fuel consumption. More fuel is needed to do the job. That the reason why cars gets better mpg's in Germany, becourse non-ethanol is avaliable. What kind of fuel do you have in the UK (and other EU contries)
  11. The only Prius available in Denmark is the PHEV, wich means useless boot in a large car. Further more, the car is only designed for 4 passengers, max. load capacity is limited to 360 kg (4 passengers), heavy luggage will exceed that limit. The Prius is No Go for me, but if it would return in a non-plugin version, I guess it could sell som units.
  12. Some how, I like the acceleration better when the engine is cold. When the car is cold, engine starts right up, and sits with 1300 rpm. Even if I accelerate, revs does'nt go up, but seems fixed to 1300 rpm. So the battery must assist quite a bit, I feel a nice firm acceleration, keeping up with traffic, but revs are the same. When I pass 25 mph, revs starts going up. When the engine is warm, things are a little different. Normally EV mode gets the car moving, but at 10-12-15 mph, engine starts up, and revs to 1500 rpms or higher, to provide the same kind of acceleration. Of course I could be really gentle, keeping thecar in EV mode for as long as possibile, but that's not keeping up with traffic. Some how, I just like the cold engine feeling better than the warm engine feeling.
  13. If some one is having problems finding the sensor that opens the boot, is right under the square marking on the rear bumper. Stick your foot in, and it opens right up.
  14. I've been doing some experiments with Eco and Power mode. It seems like, that Eco mode does'nt assist accelerations every time, even if the battery is 60-70% charged. It takes a long time for the hybrid system (engine and battery) to get active, battery must be charged to at least 80%, before turning on. I think Eco mode is designed to go into EV mode every time possible, but outside the city with higher speeds, that does'nt happen much. Power mode assists every time I accelerate, unless battery power is 30%. Power mode does'nt use pure EV mode much, but keeps the engine running with 1000 rpm's. Power mode is waiting for the throttle to be pushed. It seems like Power mode uses a larger amount of the batterys capacity compared to Eco mode. Power mode cant be made a permanent setting, the car resets to Normal mode when beeing restarted. Eco mode can be made a permanent setting.
  15. As I understand the question, it's the about a normal petrol powered RAV without hybrid. I don't know if the car is new or used.