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  1. What kind of fuel can do such a thing? It's not diesel for sure, that would have been detected. Since the filter gets corroded, it must be some extremly aggressive stuff. My guess is that the truck it self has been contaminated, some thing has been left in the trailer from a previous transport, blended with fuel things may even get worse. If your fuel can't be identified as a product from the gas station, it can't be your fault. It can be diesel, E5, e10, e85, ron 92, 95, 98, V-power etc. But if it's just some strange mixture, highly aggressive, it can never be your fault m
  2. How fast do you drive on the motorway? I don't know much about speed limits in the UK. What's traffic like in general - is it possible to set the cruise control, or is the cruise interrupted all the time? In general with hybrids - every tiny little thing makes a difference. The sum of many small things multiplies to a big differences. So you will see days with awful mpg's - without knowing why. And you will see days with fabulous mpg's - without knowing why. Air temperature, hot/cold - wheel size - tyre pressure - rain/shower/snow/sunshine - wind - uphill/downhill ----- every one of these factors translates into your mpg's in both good or bad ways. Diesels are more uniform, they don't care much about little things, and mpg's are often within 10% all year. I got the 2.0. I choose power over super-high mpg. But my wheel are 16", so I try the get the best out of it. My overall average with 6500 miles on the clock since new in november is 53,1 mp or 18,8 km/l. I don't thing that's to bad. And with higher temperatures on the way, things can only be better.
  3. Try changing the reinforced rubber hose going from your brakeline to the calibers. Rubber breaks down over time, and very small pieces can get stuck so brake pressure wont be fully released.
  4. it's the rubber sealings around the handle. Often seen on white plastic windows, the rubber washes of and makes gray shadows on the plastic. I think it's the age of the rubber. At some point wear and tear must break it down a bit, and makes it less durable. The question is, if small rubber parts can be treated/sealed without getting discolored? Normal car wax won't work well, maybe some nanotech can do the trick?
  5. My S8 also has this this issue. Every 10 minutes or so the phone drops out. If I'm making a call, the phone seems to keep connected, even if it takes 30 minutes or so. Have any one tried to stream music from the phone? Does it keep playing?
  6. Please note, that tyre pressure increases 1,6-2,0 psi every 10 °C. So until summer temperatures arives, correct tyre pressure can be a bit tricky.
  7. For me medium-slow speeds are the worst. 40-45-50 mph, and the car allmost runs without hydrid drive enabled. 55-60 mph is usually more economical.
  8. That's sound really bad. And it makes me wonder, what makes the Camry (and RAV4) different from any other hybrid? Engine size 2,5 liter vs. 2.0 vs 1.8, but deep inside, it's the same.
  9. It's a different set of wheels, but the same size. Quality tyres, Conti EcoContact 6 and not Falken as many others. I've done 6000 miles so far, and I have been trying every day to to get good mpg's. The very first drive with summer tyres is much better than any personal record so far. Thats quite amazing, and now I can't wait for temps to go up.
  10. FINALLY - I got my summer tyres fitted. I've got 50 miles to the dealer, and the car returned 59 mpg on my winter tyres. Pretty got actually. Driving back home... 65 mpg!!! - and I expect it to get even better as the tyres breaks in. Mu own conclusion is, that difference between winter and summer tyres is at least 5%. And in my case today 10%
  11. In Denmark E5 is only available as RON 98 or VPower 100. Extra price is 10% for Ron 98 and 13% for VPower.
  12. Something like this, highlighted as a new feature in Gen 4. Fuel efficiency in cold weather conditions has also been improved thanks to a new system which uses a coolant water selector valve to accelerate engine warm-up, while maintaining cabin heater performance.
  13. If I do short drives, my mpg sucks. The car will do a full engine heat up, battery will start to charge etc., and with only a few miles to go, mpg's very low. I expect my heating cycle to be very short, as outside temp goes up, and it will affect my mpg. And that's just the way it is, I can't do anything to change that. If I remember correctly, the Prius may have some fancy heating device. It makes sense, as the Prius was the flagship of Toyotas hybrids, and would beat a similar powered Auris by 20%
  14. Have any of you done a change from winter tyres to summer tyres? How did that feel? Lower noise, higher mpg's? Or just the same? I get my summer tyres next friday, and I just can't wait. I can't wait to see, what the car really can do. Higher temps, less wind and rain. In dry conditions and temps around 9-10C, I get close to 60 mpg on longer drives - but with winter tyres. On 60 mile long drives my EV time is 24% according to MyT.
  15. It's amazing how much weather improves or destroyes mpg's. It finally getting better, low wind, no rain, even sunshine. Difference between bad weather and a nice sunny day, at least 15%. I still got my winter tyres on, can't wait to switch to summer tyres.