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  1. Looking at changing my Deign Yaris to a new a new Icon Tec, the Icon Tec has 15 inch wheels my Design has 16 inch , which size tyre gives the best ride and handling if any, comments please.
  2. Will this conversion affect any warranty with air bags etc
  3. Hi have noticed rust and corrosion on a couple of hose clips in the engine bay, are these items under warranty parts, also some rust on edge of disc brakes but this is treated as normal.
  4. I have the yaris design and do not have any bother with the lens other than it mists up sometimes depending on the weather
  5. Thanks all for replies, will visit my local tyre service garage for an all round check and reset for peace of mind, again many thanks
  6. Tyre warning light on dash on, cant see anything wrong with tyre pressures, how do you cancel ?
  7. Now had this model Yaris for one year and would like to state that not one negative issue has arisen in that time, it has been a joy to drive and being my first auto even more so as it is so easy to drive, very comfortable , well equipped with controls very accessible, for the money a nice car all round, thanks Toyota
  8. Hi JohnD2 The whole assembly is secured in place by gripping to the vent blade with the thumb screw, just unscrew to remove, simple.
  9. I have a Garmin air vent mount and have had no trouble with the fitting to the vent blades on my 17 reg Yaris, available at Currys /J Lewis appx £15.00.
  10. Thanks for all your replies, have now experimented and and learned from your comments. Michael
  11. Can someone on this site explain to me in simple terms how to use the paddle shiffter , for example when in D MODE and going downhill and you want to slow the car down do you use the + or - paddle or for going up a hill is it the + or - paddle, also how do you return to just D mode, Michael
  12. Hi Faubertr, I found that the Sat nav on my previous Yaris was so user unfreindly and difficult to configure, I opted for the Design model this time .where the sat nav is an option, did not take up the option and decided to get a stand alone Garmin which is so simple to use and includes lifetime mapping, nicely mounted using the centre air vent slots above the sceen, we are not all whiz kids and I also find the 3 operating dials for the air conditiong easier to operate than the auto climate control arragement, sometimes simple is best as keeping your eyes on the road is more importent
  13. Just received my renewal notice for the Yaris 1.5 and find a large increase has been added as against my previous 1.3, anyone one else noticed this, insurers say the new Yaris 1.5 comes into a higher catagory bracket hence the increase.
  14. Thanks for your replies guys, after reading the on line manual I checked that the main switch was activated, this is located below the the light leveler control on the r/h side together with the crash warning and lane departure switches, pressed the switch and the automatic light sign turned green on the info panel and all is now well, Thanks all
  15. Driving home last night down an unlit country road and I needed to put on my high beam light, on trying to push the lever forward to activate the high beam the lever would not go forward so had to pull the lever back to the flash mode and hold it there, tried varrious times to push the lever forward but had to revert back to the flash mode, tried again this morning and still the same, this car has the automatic dip function, anyone else had this problem or is it a visit to Mr T. 2017 DESIGN CVT
  16. If as many of you say there is no difference between the grades of fuel why is the higher grade of fuel dearer, or do you just throw money away to fill up with super unleaded.
  17. Hi , looking to add a Garmin stand alone Sat Nav to my 2017 Yaris Design, thinking to use the centre right hand air vent above the existing display panel as a mount, wiring does not have to run far from this point, anyone on this forum used this mount or can suggest a more suitable position . Thanks
  18. Picked up the new car yesterday and was more than pleased with the CVT performance,very smooth and easy to drive, even has a sports mode but found the acceleration in P drive was more than acceptable on its own when at roundabouts and side turnings, I always thought that the manual gear box was faster but no fumbling around with gear stick and clutch makes the CVT easier to concentrate on the Roads, Love it
  19. Thanks Dean58, your comments have given me a good indication of how good the CVT is, I will be taking delivery this Wed so will soon be posting a report.
  20. Thanks for the reply Frosty, never thought that no one else has got one yet, hope to post back to myself in 2 weeks time.
  21. Looks like it will be me answering my own question if i dont get an answer soon.
  22. Hi anyone have this model, thinking of changing mine for the Auto, opinions and comments appreciated . Thanks
  23. Thats a good delivery date, looks like mine will be 5 weeks now, just depends on your luck as to whether its in stock or available at time of order.
  24. Hi, anyone experiencing long delivery dates on the new Yaris, mine is 4 weeks for the design auto model or is this the norm.
  25. Hi to all, Thinking of switching from my Manual Yaris to a CVT Petrol Variant, never having driven this type of transmission before I am looking for opinions from other users, note that there a few posts on all the Toyota Vehicles regarding faults and problems or is it just a few of the many who are not satisfied , looking to make my driving experience a little more simple and not worry about gears. Thanks.
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