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  1. Hi all, This is a quick review of my Avensis that is now gone to a new (hopefully happy) owner. I had an Toyota Avensis 2005 T-Spirit, 2.0 D4D. The engine is 1CD-FTV (older, belt-driven). Had full service history. The car had maximum spec for its age and was packed with pretty much everything except the bigger 2.2L engine. Comfortable to drive and control - it is not a racing car, but it allowed for some "spirited" driving. I had it for slightly over 5 years and here is the list of "issues" and relatively-major services for the ~46k miles driven (bought with 106k miles): 1. Replaced the cambelt once, including the water pump. 2. Replaced the clutch. The new one broke after 1.5 years - the metal center ripped off the rivets from the friction disk. Had it replaced again with a huge discount and this time I went for SMF, as we were suspecting damage for the DMF as well. During clutch replacement the mechanic replaced the oil in the manual gearbox as well - maybe it is just placebo, but I think it made a huge difference as the gear change became much softer. 3. Replaced one wheel bearing - as the old one developed a slight grinding noise on speeds around 40mph. Apart from that, was servicing it strictly once a year, replacing all consumables as required. The car was sold in excelled mechanical state as I decided to go for a big 4x4 - but that's another story...
  2. Hi all, This is a (very) short review of my Auris. I had a Toyota Auris SR180 - it was a lovely car to drive, however a while ago it started to develop head gasket issues. It manifested for the first time while driving on motorway - the engine started overheating. I had to slow down to 60mph and drive at lowest revs possible to nearest services - I noticed that the blown head gasket was allowing the exhaust gases to get in the cooling system and due to pressure buildup it pushed out the coolant causing a leak. I topped it up and continued the journey - as I didn't had any more overheating issues. A diagnostics at a mechanic confirmed the issue. While the car could still drive as long as you bleed the pressure (or just don't push the engine hard) - I decided to get rid of it and to get another car. The replacement car is much newer and with comparable "oomph", but from a different manufacturer, so we won't discuss it here 🙂 I would have kept this car indefinitely, as it was a pleasure to drive, it was fully packed with all bells and whistles an SR180 could possibly have and didn't had any other issues. Well, that's pretty much it.
  3. I don't know the store - as all parts are acquired by my mechanic - he only mentioned its brand "Valeo". The DMF may have been ok - but I don't want to invest yet another lump sum in its repairs, so I went for SMF conversion. I know the mechanic well - he is always honest and will try to save my money whenever it is possible and safe to do so.
  4. Hi all, This post is just to share the experience I had with a replacement clutch in my Toyota Avensis 2005. TL,DR: If you hear a slight "ding" when releasing the clutch - run quickly to the garage to fix it! Now, the long read. It all started in this post 1.5 ago - the clutch became worn and was replaced. The DMF (Dual Mass Flywheel) was inspected and stated as okay - so it was not replaced. The mechanic was not happy with the overall process as it takes time, but it's his job in the end. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that when I depress the clutch I can head a slight "ding" somewhere under the bonnet where the gearbox is. My first thought was that it may be the flywheel giving up and I would need to change it soon.At first it was barely noticeable and a few days later it became stronger - so in the evening when driving on M32 out from Bristol, it happened - the engine lost the coupling with the gearbox, would not drive and would not react to gear changes. We stopped it as close as possible to road margin. The car had to be towed to the garage. A couple of days later, my mechanic disassembled it and found out that the new clutch he replaced was broken - see attached pictures below - basically every second rivet holding the friction disc was ripped off and the remaining just broke the mounting holes - it is them wiggling back and forth caused the noise I was hearing. Now, the broken rivets got in the DMF and the mechanic advised to replace it as well - as any loose metal parts can break the new clutch, so in order to save money I decided to replace it with a SMF (Single Mass Flywheel). Also the broken clutch was still on the warranty (2 years) - so the supplier agreed to compensate its price and a part of the labour costs. The whole adventure costed me 320 gbp for the repairs + 70 for the rescue service - which, I must say, was way less expensive that I expected. As for SMF conversion, the car drives fine - the only thing that changed is the bite point of the clutch is a bit higher and I can feel the engine vibrations on the clutch pedal. Anyway, I've got lifetime warranty of the new clutch and SMF. The old clutch brand was Valeo and the mechanic said it must have been a manufacturing defect. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of the new clutch, but it has a different structure - much more metal in the central disk and overall feels sturdier.
  5. Ok, so my car was at the garage today - unfortunately the mechanic could not find anything wrong with the car. He said that the sound of the injectors ("tak-tak-tak" - like in the video in the first post) is normal and as long as the car drives fine - no need to worry. Actually the engine does not vibrate so badly as in the video - so it should be fine. One of his "hypothesis" was that the injectors may be a bit dirty - and he suggested to try a injector cleaner additive. On a positive side, I learned today to distinguish sounds of injectors/EGR/aircon pump and how to check for specific sound sources using a crowbar as a stethoscope :)
  6. TBH, I think at the second half of the video it is first slowed down (the video and sound) and then accelerated - to provide a different view that may help diagnosing the issue. @mravikt can confirm whether I am correct or not.
  7. Thank you for the info! I will ask my mechanic to have a look at it and will post here the results :)
  8. This is a really old topic, but I have exactly same problem - even the sound is exactly the same as in video. Stock SR180. Does anyone have any ideas what to look for? I have a feeling that something went looks in engine mounting - as initially it was much more silent.
  9. Not sure about Auris 2013, but there is a significant comfort difference between my Avensis 2005 and Auris 2007. Avensis is overall more comfortable - better seats, softer suspension and better sound-proofing. Also it may have a bit more gimmicks - for example Avensis has a button to fold the mirrors :) Please note that the ride comfort may feel different because my Auris is SR - afaik it has different suspension.
  10. I agree, the actual flywheel replacement is easy - above I meant the full clutch replacement job. The mechanic who did it for my car said it took him a day and he would not want to do this again :) In any case my Avensis drives even better since and I am happy with it.
  11. The clutch was replaced on my Avensis 1.5 years ago - the mechanic advised that the DMF does not need replacing (see this post for details). I am not sure about the complexity of the job - but it looks like it takes a lot of time.
  12. I have the same model. My opinion is rather subjective, but this car pulls like train - smooth acceleration up to 4k+ RPM (~67mph in 3rd gear). It has good torque from ~1.2k RPM and increases to its maximum after 1.8k. The fuel consumption looks like mine ~33mpg, but I drive it for the fun and not for the fuel economy ;)
  13. I had a similar situation with my Auris when driving over a square bump with 5 adults in the car, but if no one is on the rear seat - it never happens.
  14. I have a similar issue with my Auris - after a service it became "louder" around 1400-2000 rpm. I never thought the air box may cause it...
  15. To me that doesn't look like the rain sensor - it may be the GPS or Radio antenna. Actually I could not identity the part in the repair manual - so I may be wrong. Have a look at the attached screenshot.
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