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  1. Hi all, This is a quick review of my Avensis that is now gone to a new (hopefully happy) owner. I had an Toyota Avensis 2005 T-Spirit, 2.0 D4D. The engine is 1CD-FTV (older, belt-driven). Had full service history. The car had maximum spec for its age and was packed with pretty much everything except the bigger 2.2L engine. Comfortable to drive and control - it is not a racing car, but it allowed for some "spirited" driving. I had it for slightly over 5 years and here is the list of "issues" and relatively-major services for the ~46k miles driven (bought with 106k miles):
  2. Hi all, This is a (very) short review of my Auris. I had a Toyota Auris SR180 - it was a lovely car to drive, however a while ago it started to develop head gasket issues. It manifested for the first time while driving on motorway - the engine started overheating. I had to slow down to 60mph and drive at lowest revs possible to nearest services - I noticed that the blown head gasket was allowing the exhaust gases to get in the cooling system and due to pressure buildup it pushed out the coolant causing a leak. I topped it up and continued the journey - as I didn't had any more overhe
  3. I don't know the store - as all parts are acquired by my mechanic - he only mentioned its brand "Valeo". The DMF may have been ok - but I don't want to invest yet another lump sum in its repairs, so I went for SMF conversion. I know the mechanic well - he is always honest and will try to save my money whenever it is possible and safe to do so.
  4. Hi all, This post is just to share the experience I had with a replacement clutch in my Toyota Avensis 2005. TL,DR: If you hear a slight "ding" when releasing the clutch - run quickly to the garage to fix it! Now, the long read. It all started in this post 1.5 ago - the clutch became worn and was replaced. The DMF (Dual Mass Flywheel) was inspected and stated as okay - so it was not replaced. The mechanic was not happy with the overall process as it takes time, but it's his job in the end. A couple of weeks ago I noticed that when I depress the clutch I can he
  5. Ok, so my car was at the garage today - unfortunately the mechanic could not find anything wrong with the car. He said that the sound of the injectors ("tak-tak-tak" - like in the video in the first post) is normal and as long as the car drives fine - no need to worry. Actually the engine does not vibrate so badly as in the video - so it should be fine. One of his "hypothesis" was that the injectors may be a bit dirty - and he suggested to try a injector cleaner additive. On a positive side, I learned today to distinguish sounds of injectors/EGR/aircon pump and how to check for speci
  6. TBH, I think at the second half of the video it is first slowed down (the video and sound) and then accelerated - to provide a different view that may help diagnosing the issue. @mravikt can confirm whether I am correct or not.
  7. Thank you for the info! I will ask my mechanic to have a look at it and will post here the results :)
  8. This is a really old topic, but I have exactly same problem - even the sound is exactly the same as in video. Stock SR180. Does anyone have any ideas what to look for? I have a feeling that something went looks in engine mounting - as initially it was much more silent.
  9. Not sure about Auris 2013, but there is a significant comfort difference between my Avensis 2005 and Auris 2007. Avensis is overall more comfortable - better seats, softer suspension and better sound-proofing. Also it may have a bit more gimmicks - for example Avensis has a button to fold the mirrors :) Please note that the ride comfort may feel different because my Auris is SR - afaik it has different suspension.
  10. I agree, the actual flywheel replacement is easy - above I meant the full clutch replacement job. The mechanic who did it for my car said it took him a day and he would not want to do this again :) In any case my Avensis drives even better since and I am happy with it.
  11. The clutch was replaced on my Avensis 1.5 years ago - the mechanic advised that the DMF does not need replacing (see this post for details). I am not sure about the complexity of the job - but it looks like it takes a lot of time.
  12. I have the same model. My opinion is rather subjective, but this car pulls like train - smooth acceleration up to 4k+ RPM (~67mph in 3rd gear). It has good torque from ~1.2k RPM and increases to its maximum after 1.8k. The fuel consumption looks like mine ~33mpg, but I drive it for the fun and not for the fuel economy ;)
  13. I had a similar situation with my Auris when driving over a square bump with 5 adults in the car, but if no one is on the rear seat - it never happens.
  14. I have a similar issue with my Auris - after a service it became "louder" around 1400-2000 rpm. I never thought the air box may cause it...
  15. To me that doesn't look like the rain sensor - it may be the GPS or Radio antenna. Actually I could not identity the part in the repair manual - so I may be wrong. Have a look at the attached screenshot.
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