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  1. Hi I've decided to buy an IQ for my daily commute of between 90 & 120 miles (round trip) from rural Staffs to built up Brum. The travelling is about 30% country lanes, 50% A roads or motorway, rest urban. I've decided I want the kit on the 2 model at least but have had conflicting advice from dealers re the following so was wondering if you experts can help? I like the idea of the 1.3 as it should in theory be quicker but dealers say hardly any difference? I also like autos (M6 stop start is a pain) and I read somewhere the 1.3 auto is a 'proper' auto and much better than on the 1.0 cars? What's your advice - 1.3 over the 1.0... And 1.3 auto over the 1.0 auto? Anything averaging 50+ is fine by me so unless you tell me the 1.3 (manual or auto) doesn't do this I'm not that fusses if I drop a little if there are benefits in power/acceleration/gearbox. Almost Finally leather and sat Nav... I like leather but rare.. Worth holding out for? Built in Sat nav always looks nice but expensive to upgrade? Am I right? Lastly mileage... I know 2010 + have 5 year warranty and most cars are fairly low mileage... As I work 24/7 shifts and the car will be used quite hard would I be OK with an older or higher mileage car? Sorry for all the questions but don't want to buy one model to then find I would be better off with the other lol (been there got the tee shirt ha ha) any help or advice appreciated... Oh and im looking to spend up to 5k... Maybe a little more... But hopefully less :-) Thanks all D