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  1. Plob

    Installing DRL’s

    Update as promised. My Aygo failed MOT due to a ceased N/S/R brake cylinder, (got an advisory on condition of a brake pipe), no mention of lighting whatsoever!!! Again, not all testing stations are equal, but worst case scenario pull the fuse and pass the free retest! ;-) and at a later date reinstate them using Eygo's relay idea, cheap, effective and easy.
  2. Plob

    Magnetic Air vent phone holder

    If you don't mind waiting; UK seller for faster delivery; ;-)
  3. Plob

    Magnetic Air vent phone holder

    Went with one of these for my mk1 as the vents not really an option...
  4. Plob

    Will Toyota offer an Aygo crossover

    Have you seen the new Alfa advert... "SUV's are rubbish, here's the new Alfa SUV, it's ace!"
  5. Plob

    Will Toyota offer an Aygo crossover

    'Cos every city car needs an "urbanized" version!?!
  6. Plob

    Goodbye Aygo......

    GT86! Nice! Bet you'll still miss the Aygo though... 😁
  7. Plob

    Fuel Consumption

    I generally get 330-350ish from a full tank on mine, but I often go way beyond the low fuel warning! My average consumption works out to 45mpg-ish. I do however generally only go 10 Miles to work then home again in urban 30-40's, and I tend to drive quite hard... It's been said I could do with an on/off switch instead of an accelerator!!!! 😁 *edit* 40k, all standard, can't remember when I last checked oil or tyres!!! Boot and back seat full of crap!
  8. Plob

    Installing DRL’s

    On with the ignition ie constantly! Not been for an MOT since done but it's only a couple of months off so I'll let you know how it goes!!! Not been pulled or even looked at twice by the police!!! (Have very occasionally been flashed at by people with after market DRLs)
  9. Plob

    Installing DRL’s

    I think the relay to switch your seperate DRL feed will probably draw more current than the DRLs!!! Making the whole "avoiding over load" redundant! "IF" you get pulled, disconnect them, worst case scenario, they'll instruct you to sort it and turn up at your local police station to prove they're disconnected within a week! (Likelihood of getting pulled is very, very low, way too much paperwork!) re your MOT, if it fails, disconnect them and free retest! If you want to errr on the side of caution you can get a DRL controller off eBay for about a fiver. Mine are just wired into the front wiper feed, so they come on with the ignition!
  10. Plob

    Remote Key Question

    Was that main dealer? Was that the '16 Aygo? Was that at purchase?
  11. Plob

    Remote Key Question

    I look forward to hearing how you get on, all my enquiries have come to the same result, £hundreds, and you know nice as it would be, it's just not worth that much!!! If however it can be done cheaply, I'm very very interested!!! (Plus the wife has a Berlingo, it has the same remote key, and also only comes with one. Two remote keys for both our cars would be awesome, but not worth the multi hundreds my previous investigations have established)
  12. Plob

    Aygo Roof Rubber Trim

    Excellent pix tomos thanks. It would seem that mine is clipped in properly as it's just poping up right at the very tip, way after the clip...
  13. Plob

    '08 Aygo improvements?

    They are, give them anything they can use to get out of paying and they really will!!! Even though an air filter will only make your at to sound the nuts! Though psychologically it will make your aygo a whole lot more fun to drive!!! You could always ask them in advance, how much will doing this cost me on my policy?
  14. Plob

    '08 Aygo improvements?

    On any car, one of the cheapest, easiest, personalisations you can make that is also functional and will not affect insurance!?!?! Wind and rain deflectors!!! As for performance, per previous, use the aygo to save your money so you can get something more powerful... Or? Get a bike!!! 😁
  15. Plob

    Aygo Roof Rubber Trim

    Do you have pictures? Be interested to know how this trim is attached as one of mine has started to come loose at the rear, above the boot! (Don't want to pull at it in case I can't get it back on!)