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  1. Hi Paul, Very good suggestions Paul, particularly seeing if the motors have the same part number. I'll do this. Thanks Paul. Peter.
  2. Thanks Kingo. I have found a front motor washer for sale. Are the motors interchangeable please? Front for rear and visa versa? Appreciate your reply. Peter
  3. Hi, Does anyone please happen to have a diagrammatic of where the rear washer motor is situated and how you can get to it. Peter
  4. Hi Paul, Just been out to the car. Cannot hear motor running when rear washer switched on. I guess it's the motor? The 20 amp fuse is ok. Appreciate your helpful advice. Peter
  5. Hi all, 2005 2.2D. My rear washer has stopped working. The front washers are fine. Are there 2 motors? One for front and one for rear. Can anyone help please? Regards Peter
  6. Hi Tony, Like you, this has happened several times to me too. I have a 2005 hatchback. If it's the same the handle sit inside a long piece of plastic trim. The only thing I can suggest is to try and repair the trim. I used a hot glue gun to glue the threaded fasteners back into there slots and reinforce with more glue. I did mine about 6 months ago and it is still holding. Don't over tighten the nuts holding the trim on. The only other caution is, don't let anyone else open the tailgate. Its an inconvenience, but at least you can be careful with it. Hope this helps. Peter.
  7. Hi all, After several months of trying to find out why my car has difficulty starting, I have found the cause. I would like to thank you all for the suggestions which I followed on to determining the cause of the symptoms I had with the car. The car now runs like new. It's remarkable how much the car drives so much better and responsive. The cause: 2 bad injectors. The other 2 were borderline performance, so all 4 were changed with reconditioned Denso injectors. I didn't consult Mr T, as I knew the cost would be astronomical! For what they would have charged, it wouldn't have been worth it exceeding the value of a 2005 car. One injector was not holding pressure and the other was atomising diesel too late, at a higher pressure. The other two could have been replaced, but not recommended. I am so pleased it was done. It has certainly greatly increased my confidence in the old girl. As much as I try to do what I can with regard to maintenance, there comes a time when you have to let the chosen professionals do their thing. The outcome of this venture is that I have found a garage and diesel specialist who didn't charge an arm and a leg and has years of experience with diesel injectors. Again, thanks to all who have contributed to my requests for help in the past. Peter
  8. Hi, Have a 2005 Avensis T Spirit 2.2 D4D. 79,800 miles. Have noticed over several months that oil has pooled in the large aluminium pipe attached to the turbo, the other end attached to the air filter box. The EGR valve has been cleaned, very little sooty deposit in it. In the cold weather it can be troublesome to start but after 2-3 attempted starts, it fires up. This only happens on the first start, the rest of the day it starts fine with no difficulty. Could it be the Pressure Control Valve fitted to the end of the engine? The car has always been regularly serviced. I would appreciate any opinions please. Peter
  9. Hi Anthony, Did you you discover what the different valves where please? I have some oil blowby too. Peter
  10. Thanks guys, As soon as I can, I will check the glow plugs. Appreciate your helpful advice. Peter
  11. Hi Martin, Yes, my wife's induced laughter was because it started. It's a 2005 2.2 D4D with 79,000 on the clock. I've had it for over 12 years. Annual mileage 3,000. Regular Toyota dealership services. The next step, I'll check the glow plugs resistance and take it from there. Thanks Martin. Peter
  12. Hi Martin. Will do as use suggest. I'm going to video the car trying to start. It's funny, outside temperature here was 9°. I was attempting to video it trying to start this morning. My wife was going to turn the key to start it. I went through the sequence 4 times with her, so the glow plugs went through 4 heating cycles. This is what happened. VID_20191117_105953.mp4
  13. Hi Paul, The starter on the Avensis when turning over is slower compare to our Aygo. A couple of years ago I bought a new Bosch battery and set of NGK Glow plugs when it first started to play up. The old battery was defective. Things did improve but as I say, it's struggling to start now. It's a smashing car that I've had for years. Appreciate your interest in my problem. Peter
  14. Hello everyone, I'd like to please add to the recent "cold starting problems" with our cars. 4 times this morning it failed to start. It reluctantly started on the 5th attempt and initially lumpy running. I have cleaned and inspected the SCV as suggested in recent posts. I decided to check if there were any error codes present? It said none. However I did find P0616 in another column. This refers to the "starter relay circuit". Now I am NO auto electrician, but decided to look up on the web to see what the signs and symptoms could be. One symptom was difficulty starting or not starting. On one particular site I found this: I read this several times before checking the voltage to try and establish that my "starting issues" could be a poor starter or solenoid. The battery was reading 12.3 volts. With the meter still attached to the battery and With the ignition switch to start, but without starting the engine, the volt meter read 11.9 volts. Could this constitute a duff started solenoid or have I got this all wrong. I do not have sufficient funds to get this checked out at my local Toyota dealership, otherwise it would be there like a shot. So guys and gals, can you help with this so confusing "cold starting" issue. Peter
  15. Hi Duggerz, Thanks so much for the thread regarding " bad starting when cold." I can empathize with the thoughts made by many contributor's comments and observations. They have given me some valuable information and food for thought. Hopefully, I too, can get my starting issues solved too. Very much appreciated Ian. Peter