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  1. Hi paul thanks again for the PDF file. I’m sorry to say Paul, it’s been no fun! Rather have been in the caravan sunning myself in sunny Norfolk. Still, it’s all an experience. Getting to old for this sort of investigation and repair. regards peter
  2. Hi Paul, Thanks for your reply. Your quite right it can be a messy job. However on my particular vehicle there is not a gasket between sump and engine. Just sealant/glue. I am having one bit of trouble. There is 1 x10mm nut I cannot get too! Have ordered a crow's foot 10mm spanner to hopefully remove it. All other bolts and one nut are accessible when to gearbox mounting support is removed. Cars been out of action for a week now! Should have listened to the wife and had the garage do it! I've learnt my lesson! Regards Peter.
  3. Hi Jim, Thanks for the video. Appreciate this. I will try to photograph this particular seal. The helpful guys at Toyota were rather flummoxed by it? As soon as I feel up to it I'll remove the sump and hopefully find the broken piece. Sadly, we were due to be on holiday with the caravan this week but that's how it goes. Thanks again. Peter
  4. Hi Jim, Thanks for replying. I'm worried about the bit that's broken off. Could it cause damage to the oil pick-up or block it? Because it will float, that makes me feel more concerned. If it were a weighty it wouldn't be perhaps so bad. Although I am not looking forward to removing the sump and what that entails, it's peace of mind I guess. The rubber sealing ring on the sensor is rather strange! Its has lugs attached to it that holds it in place. It also covers over the sensor wire so it will have to be cut off. Appreciate your help and advice Jim. Regards Peter
  5. Hi again, it may be necessary to remove the sump on my 2005 2.2d. are there any tips please or recommendations I can follow. I have the car on ramps with oil removed. 2/3 of the bolts are visible but the remainder are obscured by some shaped foam. any help would be much appreciated please. peter
  6. Hi again, I wish please to ask you knowledgeable people concerning a oil level sensor on my 2005 2.2d. The housing that the sensor is attached too at the front on the sump has been leaking oil. I ordered a new oil ring part number 89493-60010 to replace the old one. I know the sensor can be fiddly to remove, so I carefully did so. The sensor wouldn't completely come out of the the housing. To my surprise the black swivel at the end of the sensor arm was preventing it being removed. After carefully turning the black swivel at the end of the arm it came clear of the sump. A shaped piece at one end had been broken off allowing it to move almost 360 degrees. The way that the end of the sensor has been designed, it must fit around or on something inside the sump. The original rubber sealing ring is still in situ. The new one looks different? Perhaps there was meant to be an additional one in the sump? I tried the new sealing ring in the housing but the sensor now protrudes our from the housing. 2 questions arise? Is this sensor unserviceable? Where's the the piece that has broken off. The latter question is almost certainly obvious? What are my options? Please see attached photographs. Any help please!. Peter
  7. Hi Lee, Thank you for your help. Appreciate your interest in this matter. I thought I would have to change the sump as suggested. Thanks again Lee. Peter
  8. Hi, Can anyone help please with a 2005 2.2d T25 There is an oil level sensor on the front of the sump that is leaking engine oil. The sensor is held in by 4x10mm bolts. Would appreciate any help with this. Regards Peter
  9. Hi mike169 What an excellent idea. Never thought of that! Hopefully, I'll get the opportunity to look this weekend. Thank you Mike. Regards Peter
  10. Hi guys Sadly my diesel purge will have to wait a little longer. Recent service found a cracked weld on the sump which is leaking oil and a lower suspension arm that needs replacing due to rust. I need to get these things repaired first. Regards Peter
  11. Thanks saxo265. I will have to wait till next week now to do this. Busy weekend. Appreciate you following my endeavour. regards peter
  12. Hello everyone, Have managed at last to identify the diesel the fuel lines on top of the fuel filter of my 2.2 D4D. As per the photograph of the fuel lines converging on top of the fuel filter. Line 1: high pressure feed to engine. Line ll: low pressure return from engine. Line lll: from fuel tank. Line llll: return to tank. I am NOT a car technician so please do not accept this as completely correct. After I have performed the diesel purge I will be in a much better position to clarify. Will let you know how I get on. Peter
  13. Hi Mike169 I've looked into this and certainly appreciate your thread. I think it's a similar method used but the liqui moly diesel purge has a very good reputation and I would like to perform the clean. I don't want it aggressively cleaned. I want to do it myself as I can max the RPM upto 3,000. Thanks again Peter
  14. Hi everyone, This is what I intend to use for the diesel purge. Peter
  15. Hi mike169 thank you for replying to my topic. I appreciate your advice and will use it. I have some diesel purge fluid which I want to run through the engine. It apparently cleans injectors and removed a any build up of carbon on pistons/piston rings which I understand can lead to head gasket issues if left to build up on my engine. I’ve seen it performed on YouTube. 2 fuel pipes used from the top of the fuel filter and both submerged into the liquid cleaner creating a fuel/purge circuit. The engine is run for about 20 minutes or so at different RPM. That’s all I want to do. Thanks again mike169. peter