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  1. Hi David, My 2.2 D4D is almost 15 years old. I've owned it for 12 of those years. As soon I bought the car, I experienced the same problem as you have. It was a Toyota dealership bought car. What I've always done when first driving when the gearbox cold, is when changing from first to second gear is the move the gear nob to neutral and move the gear nob From right to left just like you do when making sure your in neutral and then go into second gear. Essentially, your just allowing time for the RPM to drop sufficiently to engage second gear without that "metal crunch" to occur. Like you I treat my gearbox gently. Using this method to change from first to second gear has always worked for me. Have never changed the gearbox oil, just treat the gearbox gently. Hope this helps. Peter
  2. Hi Damian, If your considering buying a dash-cam, consider buying one that gives you rear vision as well as forward vision. Drivers are just as likely to hit you from being. The dash-cam I have is a nextbase Duo. The very minimum card to use is 32mb but buy the largest capacity storage the device takes. I've had mine now several years. It's hard wired into the fuse box via a hard wire kit that is available on the internet for about £10.00. It's worth shopping around. I saw brand new one on the internet £20.00 cheaper than Halfords price. I took the details to Halfords and they matched the price. So I bought it from them. They will wire it for you too if you buy the product from them. At least you can say it's been professionally installed. There is an issue with the mount. The swivel fixing is a bit flimsey, the small cross headed screw needs tightening to take up the wear. I've only done this once. Halfords also sells a thin black circular plastic mount that fixes to the windscreen first, then you mount the camera to this. Better adhesion. £3-4. I have mine positioned high near the mirror. It has the features you require. It's expensive but I think worth it, especially if it records an RTA and you can use it as evidence. Of course, it works both ways if you are to blame! Your car insurance may give you a slight reduction in your annual price but every little helps. Hope this helps. Peter
  3. Hi mike169, Thanks for the information. Peter
  4. Hi FROSTYBALLS, Mike169, What an excellent site. Really appreciate the comments regarding the oil. Can I ask please, what is the difference between the "Formula P" on the oil I've bought, and "FE" on the same Mobil 3000 oil from Opie oils? I know it seems petty, but there must be a difference? Or am I being pedantic? Again guys appreciate your time and effort responding. Apologies to "Catlover". I realise now your comments were not meant to me personally. Sorry Joe. Regards Peter
  5. Hi Mike169, What please is Opie oil? Peter
  6. Hi catlover, I haven’t slurred or made personally any comments regarding any oil manufacturer. My comments and remarks I’ve published on this site are positive and only what has been recommended by Toyota. peter
  7. Hi all, Have done 50 miles since the oil change. The oil is just beginning to discolour. Its a golden colour now, therefore the oil is beginning to do its job. Could this indicate the condition of the engine? Interesting? Regards Peter
  8. Yes I agree with you mtfixer, in fact I hope it does go black as the oil then will be doing its job. regards peter
  9. Hi mrfixer, I think that perhaps another reason why the oil has stayed clean is that there was no oil in the car for about a week. All the oilways had probably drained and any oil left in the engine was minimal. When the new oil was added there was insufficient old oil to discolour it. The sump too had been thoroughly cleaned inside and the oil filter was changed. Have been using the car daily this week. I will check the oil and see if it has changed. Regards Peter
  10. Firstly, thank you all for your replies. This is the oil Toyota put in my car. Ever since I’ve had the car it’s always has had this oil. As you can see it’s quite specific in its application. its not the easiest oil to buy, generally not of the shelf but can buy it on the net. Previous threads on this particular topic have suggested excellent reasons why my oil has remained clear. I appreciate all your comments regarding grades of oil but in my opinion, this is the best oil for the engine. I have always been very fussy as to what oil I use. I think it’s because the oil is the life blood of the engine. I view my car as an investment and want to keep it going as long as possible. Of course, rather sentimental I know as other factors are involved but I try to look after the old girl. thanks for contributing. regards peter
  11. Hi Kenny, Thanks for the tip. I'll do this. Regards Peter
  12. Hi guys, Appreciate your reply's and knowledge. Paul, your so right, it's really difficult to read the dip stick. Jim, good point about the oil is doing its job if it's black. Thanks to you all. Peter
  13. Hi all, Those of you who have read my struggle recently to remove the sump, know that is was finally removed and put back by my local Toyota dealership. The strange thing is, is that I have just checked the oil level and the oil is pristinely clear. I am so surprised! As you know, diesel oil gets discoloured very quickly even after a few miles. Since having the car it has new oil and filter every year. The mileage for the year is usually 3,000.Yet after just a few miles the oil is usually black. So my question is, how come the the oil is totally clear and I have driven it to town and back several times? Listers Toyota said that they cleaned the inside of the sump, I saw it, and it was spotless. Could this be the reason why the oil is so clean? Puzzled! Regards Peter
  14. Hi Nick, Paul. Appreciate your replies very much. Thanks guys. Regards Peter
  15. Finally I can drive my avensis again. I do NOT advise a DIYer like myself, to tackle the removal of the sump. The Toyota technician used a special tool a bit like a small steel axe head with shoulders to hit sideways with something to split the seal. You have to split at least half the sump sealant before it will detach. The idiom " the right tools for the job" come to mind including the hydraulic lift, rather than lying on your back on the floor using car ramps out side in the rain. I must say thanks again to my local Listers Toyota garage as I feel I have mucked them about a bit trying to save money using second hand parts. Well, "you live and learn", and I've learned a lot. Regards Peter ling