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  1. Hi, There's an informative video on YouTube explaining a diesel purge and found benifits on a Toyota land cruiser. Perhaps worth a look if you haven't performed the purge yet. ExploringOz. hope this helps? peter
  2. Hi, Have a 2005 Avensis T Spirit 2.2 D4D. 81,000 miles Have noticed over several months that a small amount of oil has pooled in the large aluminium pipe which feeds into to the turbo. The other ends (rubber hoses) are from the airfilter and the right hand side of the aluminium cam cover. The EGR valve is clean. Is this indicative of any abnormality or normal? WIould appreciate your opinions please. Peter
  3. Hi Sameer, I had the same problem with both rear tyres, I too thought it sounded like worn wheel bearings. I very carefully inspected the tread of the tyres. Athough these tyres were old over 5 years, there was still plenty of tread. I saw that some of the tread blocks were uneven some having high points and low points. Eventually, I changed the tyres and the noise immediately stopped. mrfixer called it "cupping". Hope this helps. Peter.
  4. Hi Priestly, Was the cigarette lighter working before this happened? If so, it may be this. I've had a similar problem. The socket was contaminated with corrosion. Remove the fuse before you clean inside the connection. I used a small piece of wooden dowel with some very fine abrasive paper glued to one end. Be gentle. Make sure the sides are clean too. Hope this helps. Peter ling.
  5. Hi Jason, This may help with your dilemma? I was in a similar situation, needed 4 replacement denso injectors for my 2005 2.2 D4D Avensis. I live near Boston in Lincolnshire. I was put in contact with: Jon Pick, who is a Diesel fuel specialist who is also in Boston. Within a few days he sourced me 4 reconditioned denso injectors plus seals. I have contacted him to ask his permission to pass on his contact details. Mobile number 07974 681667. With the new injectors fitted my car runs like new. The price was about £800.00 I hope this helps if you haven't alrea
  6. Hi again guys, My 2005 2.2 D4D to my knowledge has never had a coolant change. Its mileage in just over 80,000. The coolant is pink in colour both in the expansion tank and radiator. The temperature gauge has never crept over normal position. It maintains its correct level even after having driving 500 miles recently. The questions is this. Do you suggest a coolant change and if so, with what please? Is there anything else you suggest doing, if a coolant change is advised? As always, your replies are gratefully received. Peter
  7. Hi guys, An update on this topic. Car brakes are back to normal. The Mechanic said the brake fluid was "contaminated" presumably with air or moisture. No leaks were found. I think I'm getting too old to be fixing things under the car! (See previous post) Appreciate your comments chaps. Peter
  8. Thanks guys for your reply, Appreciate your care and concern. I've had this car so long now that I have grown attached to it. I know that's rather emotional and sentimental, but last year, I had 4 reconditioned Denso injectors fitted and it's running beautifully. The bodywork is in good condition for its age and it pulls our caravan, when we can use it, without any fuss. Also gives in my opinion excellent MPH. So you can see I am reluctant to replace it. I've received no information from the garage yet, but will let you know the verdict. Appreciate your replies. Regar
  9. Thanks Keith for your reply, I started doing as you suggest with inspecting the rear brakes and hydraulic pipes. I intended to move to the front but unfortunately I came over all dizzy. Not really the weather for outside repairs. I've left the car with a trusted garage and am waiting to hear from them. I'll post the results. Appreciate your reply. Peter.
  10. Good morning all, I have a 2005 2.2d Avensis. Since lockdown the car has had very little use although once a week I drive it round the block without any concerns. Recently the car was driven 500 miles and during the drive home, I had to brake suddenly and the brakes didn't operate that we'll. The pedal rather than being rock solid, depressed significantly with poor braking action. I have checked the brake fluid reservoir and it is just slightly below the full line. I depressed the pedal this morning and the brake pedal depressed about half way before pumping up. D
  11. Thanks everyone for your comments and research. Clearly, we have some very knowledgeable entethusiasts on this forum. In my opinion, the jury is still out on this one. Automotive ignition technology over the years has certainly changed radically. I suppose with regard to the fuel additive one way is to try it and see. And yet, my avensis is running beautifully and am satisfied with its performance. Thanks again to all who have replied. Regards Peter.
  12. Hi Bob, Appreciate your time to research this topic. I can remember over 40 years ago fitting a "sparkright" module to my car which had points and condenser. It supposed to increase the strength of the spark of the spark plugs and improve engine performance. I never ever noticed any difference in performance or starting. I did like the flashing lights though. One could convince oneself that's the driving experience is better even though perhaps its not. I could be the same with this additive? Thanks again for your reply. Peter
  13. Hi everyone, Have read with some curiousity, that a full page of a well known weekly classic car paper is advertising a fuel additive (FTC) that claims to: Removes carbon deposits. Restores engine efficiency. Maintains engine efficiency. And is a permanent one-time treatment. According to the article, it was used in hurricane fighters on the Russian front and would stop carbon deposits from forming in engines. It's relatively inexpensive when you consider what other fuel additives you can buy that claim to do a similar thing. Would appreciate your opinio
  14. Sorry, I seems that I cut and pasted an entire reply to a previous enquiry. Apologies. Peter ling.
  15. Avensis Club Follow 0 Used Fuel Injectors D4D? By mladenpet, August 17, 2012 in Avensis Club Reply to this topic Start new topic
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