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    New Aygo Coming!

    Hi Clayton, We has a manual Yaris for many years and it was a truly reliable car. We decided to buy a Aygo specifically a MMT. We both feel it is a much safer car to drive as you keep both hands on the wheel all the time. As it is not a conventional automatic there are differences. I'm sure you'll get used to it as we did. Would I swap it for a manual? No! It's worth reading the comments of other subscribers regarding driving the MMT and it's foibles. Happy driving. Peter

    MMT concerns

    I am sorry to say that manually changing gear with the paddle shifts does not help the clutch slip. Rather frightened to ask Mr T how much it's going to cost! Thanks everyone for their comments and help. Peter

    Rusty bottom

    Hi guys Having had rusty cars in the past I've always waxyoil. It seems to work and you can buy a hand held plastic sprayer to do the job easier. It's better to underseal on a warm day as the underseal is more thinner. You can also squirt it behind panels that have drain or access holes with the tube provided in the application kit. I personally wouldn't you old engine oil as it may contain acid from use. Regards peter

    MMT concerns

    Thanks Kostas, Probably will get Toyota to fix it. My son came up I think with a good idea? What about if you select the gears manually on the paddle shift? Would the clutch slip then? I'm going to try it today. I'll let you know how it goes. Appreciate all your replies. Peter

    MMT concerns

    Hi Mike, Joe and Nicolas. Thank you for your replies. I guess I have to go to Mr Toyota? I must say though, the Toyota guys here in Boston are all very helpful. It's too big a job for me to contemplate. Appreciate all your replies. Regards Peter

    MMT concerns

    Thank you Nicolas. I know the MMT requires a particular driving technique. Is there a way of positively identifying a warn out clutch? Appreciate your comments Nicolas. Regards Peter. We did notice that driving with passengers the problem is more pronounced. You may be right.

    MMT concerns

    Hi everyone, My wife drives a 2013 Aygo which we bought about 18 months ago. I occasionally drive it too. It has done 32,000 miles with Toyota service history. What we have recently noticed is that the gearbox doesn't seem to know the right year to be in? The car if driven extremely carefully, selects the right years, but it's painfully slow getting up to speed. A spirited take off from stationary works fine until you take your foot off the accelerator. Then it seems not to know if it should go into third of forth gear. It changes up or down depending on how you gently press the accelerator. Now, it may just me, but my wife have noticed it too. The little car works fine in all other respects, it's just this niggle. Any advice will be gratefully received. Peter Ling

    avensis estate d4d 2.0

    Hi Leonard, Please see may 5th topic "rear brake pipes". Hope this helps Regards Peter

    Rear Brake pipe renewal.

    Hi again. Last post was regarding this topic was on 5th may, I am finally getting round to repair, replacing the "U" shaped piece of rear brake pipe behind the inner wheel arch protective cover. Have ordered 3/16 pipe as recommended (steel nickel plated) and going to buy a flaring tool. What I would like to know is what flare is it please? Single, double or DIN. I don't know what a DIN tool as an option is, if not single or double flare. Would appreciate any comments please. Regards Peter ling.

    Gushing Water on Startup

    Hello Peter. My car is a 2005. Getting on a bit! It has done about 72,000 miles when I heard the rushing noise of circulating water behind the facia. The car has done another couple of thousand miles since it was remedied. I keep a close eye on the water level and staining on the engine cover. But whatever the cause, it seems to be ok at the moment. Regards Peter

    Gushing Water on Startup

    Hello Peter. I had the exactly the same issues you have. I too feared the worst. Some one on the forum suggestion I turn up the heater temperature to full and run the engine. I did this on a journey. I didn't realise it went up so high? 30+ The noise disappeared and the water level stabilised. I think it was an air lock in the system. Try this please. I do hope it helps. Let me know if it does. Regards Peter.

    Replacing A/C pipe

    New A/C pipe now fitted. A small pin hole was the problem with the old pipe. I did have too cut the old pipe to remove it. Fitting the new pipe was fiddley to fit but manageable. The only problem was the large bore wiring loom from the bulkhead. The new pipe is supposed to go under the loom, I fitted the pipe in front of the loom which does put a little resistance on the pipe. There is insulation on the pipe which will minimise any friction. Has increased my confidence to tackle more issues on the car. Brake pipe corrosion next.

    Replacing A/C pipe

    Well, I finally managed to separate the A/C pipe as shown in the photograph. A very kind young man at Toyota assured me that no specialized tools were needed. The key is to break the seal. I did by using 2 small pairs of adjustable grips which my son suggested I use. They need to be small as the space is very restricted. Care must be taken not to fracture the pipes so I used some insulation foam tubing the sort to insulate domestic water pipe. I put this around the A/C pipe and then used the grips over the foam tubing. Supporting either side of the joint, just move the grips to move the seal. After this the joint began to seperate. Care must be taken as there is a smaller A/C pipe in very close proximity. No other tools are needed. Will try to remove the A/C pipe in its entirety as this will hopefully guide me to replace the new A/C pipe tomorrow.

    Oil type for 2ad engine - 2005

    Hi drew. I have a 2005 2.2 D4d. No dpf fitted. Toyota put in Mobil super 3000 formula "P" 5-30. It's not easy to get as Mobil 3000 has a number of different formula, however I can send you a link if you wish. Hope this helps? Regards Peter

    Replacing A/C pipe

    Hi again. Last post was concerning changing a A/C pipe that was leaking. Am attempting to undo an alluninium A/C joint but have no idea how it comes apart. Enclosing a photograph. Would appreciate any comments please. Regards Peter ling.