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  1. You've got me there. Never heard of that one, unless it's the black box gizmo that young drivers use to keep their insurance premiums down. That's fitted to the battery, as I recall? https://www.rac.co.uk/insurance/black-box-insurance
  2. I had similar on a VW Passat - it would play up around town when the engine was hot. It turned out to be just a sticky ball joint on one of the lower gear linkages, and my independent garage fixed it with a clean-up and a wipe of grease. Phew! It could also have been that the up/down linkage had gone out of alignment, but in my case it wasn't tat. How is the change from 3rd to 4th? But either way, I'd say it's one for the warranty if there's any problem. Good luck.
  3. No probs with fitting my 2014 1.6 petrol Auris. I just ordered a Varta replacement from Tayna, and it dropped straight in and fired up straight away. No radio codes to remember either. My battery was six years old, and it was still going strong. (I'm keeping it on a trickle charger to run some garden lights.) Four years seems a little bit early, hence the question?
  4. Indeed. When I was shopping for my car (2016), the Toyota dealers were very careful to stress that the hybrid wouldn't be suitable for towing. Not in the UK, anyway! And only light loads in those other countries where it's allowed. I think it's a transmission cooling issue, but I'm no expert. 😐 https://blog.toyota.co.uk/toyota-hybrid-towing-questions : 2) Can I tow with a Toyota Auris Hybrid? No, the Auris Hybrid has not been homologated to tow in the United Kingdom. Some European-specification Auris Hybrid models have been specially configured to tow light loads but these m
  5. I recently used wiperblades.co.uk to replace the rear wipers on both my Auris and my wife's Golf. (Same old hot weather, ragging the blades to bits.) Parts were Bosch, prices were fine,.and delivery was next day.
  6. BlackCircles are owned by Michelin, of course, and that's why they're always doing discounts on them. But their other promotions come and go. It's always worth taking a look. This one's for £40 off 4 Goodyear Vector All-Seasons, or £25 off 4 Kumhos. https://www.blackcircles.com/offers This one's for 10% off two Michelins: https://www.blackcircles.com/offers/flashsalemichelin . There seems to be another one on Michelin CrossClimates, which ends next week. Anyway, get yourself onto their mailing list,and they'll tell you what's coming up. Alternatively, think "what the heck, it's
  7. Well, I used to have P6s on my Focus estate, and they were just fine. That £44 looks cheap compared with the £64 that BlackCircles are asking, but of course you need to allow for the fact that the Amazon tyres don't include fitting or disposal, or any of the other gubbins that they usually hit you for. 😐
  8. I wouldn't call it a grandad car either, Magwitch. Or a Miss Daisy. Most summers, mine gets us down to the south of France in seven hours, which is about as fast as you can go and still keep your licence. It's sharp round the fast bends too - at least, it is with the Michelins - but I also liked the Dunlop SP Sports that I had on my old Passat. What the critics have often said about the Auris is that it hangs on through the corners even when you think it isn't going to. 😂 Okay, I suppose my Mk 2 is a bit more refined that the Mk 1, and it does also have the double-linked rear suspension
  9. My Auris is a 2014 model, so not the same as the OP's car. But all Toyotas (all Japanese cars?) tend to have less responsive steering than European cars like my old VW Passat. That's because the suspension isn't quite as good. One way that it shows is that my 1.6 petrol Auris is rather prone to wheelspin on take-off, even in a 30 limit area. 😂 Or rather, it was, until I switched to Michelin Primacy 4s, which have got my Auris nearly up to the handling standards of my wife's Golf. The downside is that they cost eighty quid fitted, although BlackCircles will often do Michelins for less than
  10. I'd be inclined to drill a couple of tiny holes through the plastic on both sides of each break, and then stitch them together with fine steel wire. You have bags of space, and it shouldn't take more than a few minutes, and it won't ever break. Epoxy would be a good reinforcement, though. Make sure it's all scrupulously clean.
  11. Wot oldcodger said. SGS did me proud for my Focus. Not necessarily the cheapest, but good quick service ,and quality was perfect. https://www.sgs-engineering.com/car-boot-tailgate WRT the tailgate, the broom should be okay as long as it's long enough to lift it high enough. I have my doubts. 🙄 A couple of lengths of two by four, one at each side, would be a better idea because then you've got a backup in case one slips. Can you get a mate to standby in case of need? Even with one strut working, I wouldn't have wanted to cop the weight of that tailgate crashing down on my bonce.
  12. Thanks for the prod. I just went to change the batteries on my 2014 Auris key fobs, which have done 5+ years of good service - but I found that they they weren't the same as the ones in the video, and they needed to be opened in a different way. They also needed 2016 batteries, not 2032. Does yours look like this? (The square corner tag is chromed, in my case) Bit of a struggle, but I eventually found this Youtube video, which covers it as an Aygo key (and for the Peugeot 108 and the Citroen C1, both of which are Aygos under the skin): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-bruifeMo
  13. Two units in a row that don't work won't be a coincidence. 🤔 Somewhere or other, you've got a leccy bit that isn't delivering the juice. Could be a lot of things, but most likely to be a dicky connector somewhere - assuming, of course, that other parts of your mirror assembly work. (Adjuster motor, mirror demister etc. I'm assuming you've checked those?) Of course it might be a failed flasher unit, but that's for the future. I don't know the Auris's wiring diagram - I never needed to tangle with it! - but I'd doubt that there's very much cabling between your mirror indicator and the
  14. Shurely a bit of aluminium sheet, the size of a matchbox, with one big hole for the pivot and two small ones to take a couple of small fixing bolts (or pop rivets)? You've probably got something suitable in your garage. Or a mending plate, perhaps?
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