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  1. Havent really got a lot of choice. Bonnets gone, roof is rippled. it has to be done and i would expect at least a 2k bill if i got it done myself. Thats alot of insurance premiums. Also i have protected no claims.
  2. Hi i said that, but apparently once the roof metal has been stretched its impossible to beat the dents out and it has rippled other areas. You cant fill a roof as it moves too much, hence why they said replace. They need it for 2weeks it will probably never be the same again so may be time to sell
  3. Hi Some kind person walked over my aygo 2013 model. The whole car has been detailed and with it so shiney, i didnt notice until i went to wash it and it was rippled!!! Has anyone any experiance in having a roof replaced? The dealership i have to take it to for repairs, says its just a case of unwelding it, removing the windscreen and putting new one on!!!! (just) They also damaged the bonnet so thats got to be renewed and wings matched and door pillars etc. The only bonus is my £80 excess. j
  4. HI first thing i found was the same as you. The wires are interconnected so if you disconnect it stops the door speakers working. The other thing is the door speakers are not standard so you need the CT25TY05 adapter ring. i have spoken to a couple of stereo shops and they said unless you are going to upgrade the amp to the speakers then really its not worth the bother and just advised putting decent parcel shelf speakers in. Mines still under toyota warranty so i didnt want to play around with it much. j
  5. It has a plug on the end with all four wires in.
  6. Hi no. even the car radio places just say they would chop the wires and then add own plug to a new speaker. two wires feedback to the door so you connect those to complete loop To be honest i just havent bothered with changing any of them the benefit doesnt seem to be that good and most places just say put 2 x 9" on the parcel shelf and that will improve sound totally. regards j
  7. Hi Martin i think there was some major changes when the new model came out. Brakes are fine and fuel is near as 50mpg. Interestingly i looked back at 1st service at 9k and they made note that discs were lipped. I bet they started using inferior brake discs to save money. Online they vary from £20 a set up to 100. i shall just get mintex or delphi. I notice i am not the only one with this issue, when i got car brand new they gave me 20% discount in RRP so i guess that meant i got the lead disks!!!!
  8. Unfortunately it doesnt cover the 2012/13 tweeter version with the 4 cables going into the tweeter. Its the earlier version. but thanks
  9. Thanks Ben i have also posted about replacing the front tweeters. Do you have any experience on this as i cannot find anyone who has actually done it on our year aygos
  10. Hi its just had 3rd service and last year they advised about them wearing. There isn't any corrosion they are lipped and have worn. To be honest i have had many cars and to wear at 20k is just ridiculous. my mazda did 60k before needing and that was with motorway miles. i shall change them myself but just wondered if anyone had any preferences on them. Problem is they fit cheap, j
  11. Anyone got any recommendations of the replacement brake discs for the aygo 2013. I have yet to understand what metal toyota use to only last 20,000 miles!!!! Was looking at delphi but will be guided by those that use or replace regularly. thanks j
  12. Hi i have read the posts on here about replacing the front tweeters in my 2014 ice with normal 10cm speakers and still am at a loss to what to do as no one has answered this yet. so here goes! 1. can you buy a connector that keeps the original plug in the dashboard and has a lead to go to the new 10cm speaker. 2. what depth speaker is the maximum you can fit in the dash. 3. if there is no plug then can you just bridge the connections back to the door speakers and then run a fly lead from the original plug to the new speaker. 4. If anyone has done this does it make much difference to the sound or is it just easier to do the door speakers, If so how easy to get the panel off and are there any guides. any recommendations for the door and tweeter replacements and do you need the adapter rings for the doors. i did phone 3 car stereo places about this issue and even they couldn't answer as they haven't done any aygo's. thanks j
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