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  1. I've got 57 auris with a similar issue, very subtle pull to the left. I'll take it apart to have a look at the steering rack when i get a chance
  2. This is definitely normal, I test drove a few Auris' before buying mine and all had a heavy clutch. Takes getting used but you'll have a strong leg in no time!
  3. Have you contacted the dealer? you need to flag all of these issues within 14-28 days (or whatever warranty was provided to you) Your eco off button is the one that stops the engine from turning off when you stop. Its a good idea to use this during traffic so you're not going to flatten the battery with your starter motor pulling current every few seconds.
  4. Hey speed chaser, i know it was a long time ago but is there any chance you know where to find these pictures again? seem to have been removed from the servers
  5. The cruise control installation guide found here: At the bottom of his post it says that the cruise control will not work if your car has the 4ZZ_FE Engine which I think is the 1.4 version of the Auris. Recently fitted it to my 2.0 using this guide and had no issues.
  6. Ben.


    Similar issue with my 2.0 auris tr. The bottom of the dipstick has oil all over it but there is always a slight solid line on one side, you may just need to look closely. It will be obvious if you overfill it however because the whole bottom of the dipstick will be above the crosshatch. Edit: It is definitely easier when the oil has darkened so you will have to check quickly
  7. I've done this to my car and used a £11.99 cc stick from amazon. Took a gamble as the amazon page didn't state it was for the Auris but it was identical to it so figured it should work (The circuit board in the cc stick is after all very very simple!) Anyway haven't had a single problem. I did have to drill a hole and shape it with my file set in order to get the stick in which may seem a bit daunting to some people but just take your time and work it away bit by bit. Make sure to masking tape off all areas around it where you don't want plastic filings going in.
  8. do you have a picture? i need to do this to mine
  9. If you don't have the cap as shown in picture 4 on the steering wheel surround, are you supposed to cut a hole out?
  10. I'm getting a lot of noise from the road through my drivers side door, I've checked the door seal and there's no damage/tears etc and its not falling off. Any advice to reduce the noise?
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