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  1. Hi all, and thanks for the welcome! I've posted a couple of questions in the Corolla section and if anyone has any knowledge on D4D cambelts I'd appreciate some advice. Thanks, Gareth
  2. Hi all, My wife bought a late 2006 uk reg. 2.0 diesel Corolla last week from Evans Halshaw. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any service record of a cambelt change when I understand that it should have been due (6 years / 60k miles). I'm currently waiting for Evans Halshaw to confirm if the cambelt has been changed when it was due (they're contacting Toyota) and will then take it from there, but I'm assuming, given all the paper work I have, that it has not been done when required. I have two questions - what is the actual life of a cambelt for this vehicle (1CD-ftv 2.0) as I have seen disputing mileage (60k or 90k) mentioned online? Also, how big a job would it be to change the belt - assuming I can't get Evans Halshaw to pick up the cost if it is required? Are special tools required or is it a simple case of stripping and replacing bits. I've done timing belts in the past for an NA MX5 and a mk3 Astra so it's only special tool requirements that would really put me off. Any help or advice here would be appreciated. Kicking myself for not checking the belt status beforehand but I kind of assumed it was a chain like most engines seem to be these days (our old Micra was a chain and I'd forgotten about any cambelt paranoia with this car) Thanks, Gareth
  3. Hello all, It's my wife's car actually, but I'll have the joy of driving it over any moderate length journeys :-). It's a late 2006 Corolla 2.0 Diesel. I was looking for another Japanese car to replace my wife's rather decrepit, but still reliable 1.4 Micra, which I now have possession of. My last 2 cars were Japanese (Mazda and Nissan) and as I was sold on their reliability, I wanted another one to replace the Nissan. Hopefully the Toyota will live up to the reputation. I've heard some bad things about the AD 2.0 Diesel engine but ours seems to have the CD engine, which I think is much more reliable. I'll post a quick query about this elsewhere here. Thanks for having such a forum. It's always a big relief to know that there's somewhere you can post about things that you might need to find out from the more experienced around. Gareth
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