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  1. QuantumFireball

    Prius an oil burner????

    That is the 2ZR-FXE I speak of, and it does, at least up until some point in 2014-2015 - and it would be the same engine in Auris Hybrids of that era.
  2. QuantumFireball

    Prius an oil burner????

    I hear about piston rings leading to oil consumption all the time with Gen 2's and early Gen 3's from owners in the US, though usually only after they are well over 100k miles if not double. There was a redesign of the piston rings and pistons in the 2ZR-FXE (Gen 3) at some stage, but I'm not sure when this was introduced. Certain other Toyota engines are known for similar issues - some early ZZ engines had serious oil consumption problems (some were replaced by Toyota), and the 4E-FE (1.3 common in the Starlet and Corolla for most of the '90s) are not unknown for burning oil with high mileage.
  3. QuantumFireball

    Prius gen 3 (2012-16) PHEV charge/load ampere?

    It sounds to me like it's designed for max 550W, and 2kW will just blow the fuse immediately. Inspecting the fuse/breaker would confirm this if you have access to it, I imagine it's only rated for 2.5-3A. You won't be able to charge any PHEV off of that.
  4. QuantumFireball

    Prius gen 3 (2012-16) PHEV charge/load ampere?

    The 550W is more in line with about 2.5A (and would be more typical for a block heater), but what is it saying about 2000W?
  5. QuantumFireball

    Prius gen 3 (2012-16) PHEV charge/load ampere?

    I'm not sure I understand - you say your current supply is 2A but for a 2kW heater - but at 230V AC (although I'm not sure where you are), you'd need about 9A to provide that kind of power. 2A would only provide about 450W. The Gen 1 Plug-in uses 2.2 kW or 10A @ 230V AC.
  6. QuantumFireball

    2014 Prius Plug In, Specs

    Mine has the power mirrors, half synthetic leather seats, heated seats, LED headlights (dipped beams, manual), DRLs, smaller touchscreen headunit but with JBL amp/speakers (audio very good IMO but satnav is crap), auto wipers, keyless entry, remote aircon, and probably a few other things I'm forgetting. I don't believe mine has any optional extras (I bought it used). It does have 15" wheels, which would be a downgrade from the T-Spirit's 17"s, but I believe that was done for efficiency. No spare wheel either 🙂
  7. QuantumFireball

    Gen 3 Steering Fault

    I get this "clunk" at low speeds, usually noticeable when parking, but it hasn't got any worse in the (nearly) 3 years I've had the car and I've noticed nothing else of concern with the steering so never did anything about it. Various parts of the interior rattle on bad roads, but I don't think any of that is the steering column.
  8. QuantumFireball

    New Prius coming in March?

    This is the facelift that was introduced in December in Japan. Seems a bit bland, though the original 4th gen's looks were probably too divisive.
  9. QuantumFireball

    Sat Nav installed by Toyota or use a TomTom (orphone!)

    I wouldn't waste money on a built-in satnav solution - they go out of date and the map updates are ridiculously expensive. Even worse for me as we get no live traffic in Ireland, whereas Google Maps or Waze do (and are free). Toyota need to get their árse in gear and provide Android Auto/Apple CarPlay support in their headunits. I just use my phone with a windscreen mount, and the battery life is so good on my OnePlus 5 that I've never needed to plug it in while driving so there are no cables.
  10. QuantumFireball

    2017 PHEV battery degradation

    The PHV is available in Japan with an optional Chademo charger, though I forget how fast it is, maybe 25 kW? That's what the blank space next to the Type 2 socket is for. Don't know about the current gen, but on mine a "full charge" is really about 83% SOC, and EV mode disengages somewhere around 25-30%, and hybrid mode maintains an SOC of around 20-30%.
  11. QuantumFireball

    Batteries... Batteries... Batteries

    I think age is more of a problem than mileage. At least in the US, the traction batteries often tend to start failing around 12 years old or so, but I can't say how many. Environmental conditions are a big factor - they're much more likely to fail in hotter climates, like in California and the southern states. They're much more likely to last in our temperate climate.
  12. QuantumFireball

    MPG issue after service and tyre change.

    I stopped taking mine to the dealer once the warranty was up, FSH be damned! I still bring it in for the Hybrid Health Check, but I do the oil and filters myself. I try and keep the receipts for the service items, hopefully that'll be worth something to the next owner.
  13. QuantumFireball

    MPG issue after service and tyre change.

    Brand new tyres may affect fuel economy until they're bedded in a bit. Also, I think it has got significantly colder in the past few weeks, so I'm sure that's not helping either. Personally I'd stick to tyres that claim to be low rolling resistance - I use Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance and they've been fine, though aren't the longest lasting tyres in the world. 5W30 appears to be the norm for Toyota dealers in Ireland, they will claim it's the "recommended". But to be honest I've used both in mine and noticed no appreciable difference. I have heard that overfilling the oil can lead to fouling of the inlet manifold - I do not know how much of a concern this is though, or how much overfilling is required to cause this.
  14. QuantumFireball

    PHV Battery Range

    Mine's over 6 years old now, and still doing OK. I have not seen any appreciable reduction in EV range in the two years I've had it, in fact the range went up after fixing the sticky rear calipers!
  15. QuantumFireball

    Tow bar for Plug in Prius

    For the current Prius PHV, I believe the only bike carrying solution offered is a roof rack.