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  1. CTEK MXS chargers should be safe to use in situ and leave connected for maintenance. Mine just arrived this morning but I haven't set it up yet. BEVs still generally have a lead acid 12V battery for auxiliary equipment (and to "start" the car), so getting one will not necessarily avoid this problem.
  2. The manual is available here: https://www.ctek.com/storage/ma/3f8cf34932cc46889f1d189ca335379c/cd879e35fdd145898b6b99c549c40292/pdf/7F18A34BA7A2CF91AC9F5404D8EB07FE2E6CAA66/MXS_5.0-manual-low-UK-EN.pdf
  3. I've ordered one of these chargers after finding a lot of recommendations: www.amazon.co.uk/CTEK-MXS-5-0-Reconditions-Motorcycle/dp/B00FC42HAA It seems more intelligent than other chargers and may give better results at reviving a dead battery. It has a mode specific for AGM batteries too.
  4. According to US EPA tests (which reflect reflect real world driving better) and experience of others, the difference in fuel consumption is negligible and that extra 100 kg or so doesn't really make a difference. I've never noticed a difference in fuel consumption between driving on my own vs. with one passenger and luggage either (adult+suitcase would easily be 100 kg). And by 50 MPG I mean measured at the tank, because the trip computer will say slightly better ;)
  5. EV speed limit is 85 km/h, so the engine's already running by the time I'm on the motorway :) I get about 9-10 miles on a full charge, which suits my short commute fine - back when I had a commute! Besides that it works pretty much the same as a Gen 3 Prius, same 45 litre petrol tank.
  6. I only get about 50 MPG in my 2012 Plug-in on motorways too, that's with the cruise control stuck at 120 km/h (130 indicated), just under 75 MPH. It's closer to 60 if I slow down to 100 km/h, but sometimes I just couldn't be bothered :)
  7. My car's indoors when charging so I don't really have a need to use remote aircon when it's plugged in. The ICE will never start the remote aircon.
  8. I use the remote AC button on mine in the summer, but with no heating (without the ICE running) in winter it's not that useful.
  9. I believe it's capable of 3.3 kW max. There may be inaccuracies in smart meters and the likes.
  10. I think a lot of journalists just don't like them because they're different - the car doesn't make the right vroom-vroom noises that they expect and they seem unable to look beyond that. One thing about the Ioniq is that they must be doing something right, because fuel efficiency is still very good and comparable to the Prius. I'd be interested to see how they drive, but they're very rare around here. The large majority of Ioniqs sold in Ireland are the full BEV versions (which are also comparatively very efficient versus competitors). The hybrid/PHEV Kona and Kia Niro are more popular and probably have similar powertrains, but I haven't got to check them out either (I have no interest in crossovers).
  11. Yes, the current PHV has a "charge mode", but it's not really an efficient driving solution.
  12. Changing 2 of my 4 tyres from summer to all-season seemed to make a marked reduction in EV range, but if you need winter tyres for winter then I guess there's not much that can be done there.
  13. Toyota's recommended grease for the the caliper slide pins is their red "Rubber Grease" (sometimes called "Lithium Soap Glycol Base Grease"), you can get this from the dealer parts shop. I had trouble with the slide pins seizing, and the problem returned, until I used this grease - I checked the brakes 2 years later and they were fine. I don't think Ceratec (sold under Mintex brand in the UK/Ireland) helps prevent corrosion, if anything it seemed to cause further corrosion on the rear caliper piston surfaces for me. I use it between the pads and shims and around the bracket, but not on bare steel surfaces.
  14. Normal red paint (with no clearcoat) will fade if neglected. It's not a defect, just oxidation from exposure to the elements. Wax and sealant for car paint exists for a reason - if you expect car bodywork to be maintenance-free, you're in for a bad time :)
  15. You might get more useful figures if you go through the test with Dr. Prius app or similar. If the cat was stolen it'd sound like a lawnmower!