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  1. There are no forward facing airbags at the rear seats, so there is nothing to disable. Installing car seats in the front passenger seat is generally not recommended.
  2. But is there any need? It doesn't look particularly easily accessible, and I haven't heard of any Gen 3 cat thefts.
  3. Find a better tyre shop :) I asked my local one about this, if it's a puncture that can be plugged then it's no big deal washing out the tyre/wheel and fixing it.
  4. I'd much rather live with the benefits of a PHEV than having a spare tyre. I think it's an acceptable risk, and the boot space is bad enough as it is. I have a spare at home, and I also have breakdown cover with my car insurance - no idea how good it would be out on the road, I've only used it from home with previous cars so far. I'll probably get a puncture now...
  5. So I got the track road freed up, took it back to the tyre shop and the tracking was completed successfully (and this place gave me a proper print-out). Toe on the front left tyre was in too much by quite a bit. Hopefully that was my problem!
  6. The aircon is a bit unusual as it doesn't use a mechanical belt-driven compressor like most cars, so requires a different lubricant in with the refrigerant. I wouldn't trust somewhere like Kwik Fit or Halfords to use the correct stuff anyway. Might be best off going to a Toyota dealer for that at least. Also, if you get an OBD-2 scanner that can be connected to your phone (Bluetooth or whatever), then there are apps like Dr. Prius and Hybrid Assistant that can be used to test your traction batteries. Hybrid Assistant is also good for monitoring various temperatures (ICE, inverter, battery), seeing the battery fan status, and other things.
  7. Not personally, but I've seen posts elsewhere about water pump failures on Gen 3's so it's not completely unheard of. Given the mileage it doesn't seem too unexpected.
  8. How old is the 12V battery? They can cause weird symptoms when they're on the way out, including the ICE running longer than normal, increased fuel consumption, etc. Maybe check the 12V voltage after the car's been parked up after a while and see if it's particularly low.
  9. The Gen 2 Prius also has a fan for cooling the battery. The bigger problem with the batteries is age more than mileage. With a 2008 in your climate, I would be preparing for battery failure in the next couple of years as the failure rate does seem to go up around 12 years. I don't have any real statistics about this though. There may be cheaper third party alternatives for battery replacement or reconditioning near you.
  10. For all I know the tracking has been out and never fixed since I bought it 4 years ago. I suspect the problem is from corrosion, as things are a bit crusty down there - probably from where it originally was in Norn Iron, we don't salt the roads much down here.
  11. My standard OEM paper filter was a dark grey after one year of use (with free dead wasp). With the amount of diesels on the roads these days, I'm not surprised. I change them every year.
  12. l/100 km is a measurement of consumption, which is directly proportional to cost - you know how much a litre of petrol costs. So if you're getting say 5 l/100km, you know it'll cost you 5*(whatever the current price of petrol is) to go 100 km (62 miles), or double that to go 200 km, etc. Or you can use it to work out how far you can go on how much fuel you have in the tank, e.g. I know there's about 9 litres left when the fuel gauge starts flashing/beeping, so using a pessimistic 5.6 l/100km I know I can do another 160 km (100 miles) before really running out (whereas the DTE will go to zero long before that). Rounding it down to 60 miles makes it easier to calculate. We only went fully metric in Ireland in 2005, and all my previous cars pre-dated that so I'm used to having to convert between miles and kilometres, whereas I've never used gallons for anything else but working out MPG.
  13. So I got a new tyre and attempted to get the tracking done, but they said the track rod end was seized and couldn't be adjusted. I'll be bringing it to a mechanic later to see if they can tackle it with a torch. That previous place I went to (last two times with this car) never gave me any printouts, so I'm suspicious...
  14. I try to check the tyre pressure regularly enough so they weren't under-inflated. I usually go 1-2 psi over the recommended. I'll go and get the tracking done later today.
  15. I always assuming when you ask to get the "tracking" done in a tyre shop, setting the castor and camber would be part of this? I've got printouts in the past which included this.