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  1. That's great news if the extended hybrid system warranty covers the inverter. Regarding missing the annual Hybrid Health Check: I missed it earlier this year by a month or two, but they still let me continue the warranty extension after getting the check done. All I lost was warranty cover over the period between the expiry of the previous one and this year's check. Toyota GB might be different in this respect (I'm in Ireland).
  2. He said he owned it since 2012. His profile claims he has a 2010.
  3. The "1F7" is the colour code, the other codes aren't relevant to the bodywork paint.
  4. The standard metric measurement for EV energy consumption is kWh/100km. Based on previous calculations I'm getting somewhere around 15-16 kWh/100km.
  5. On the "Plug-in Effect" screen, press and hold the "DISP" button. It's all in the manual ;)
  6. I use an OBDLink LX with my Android phone.
  7. I believe there were some NVH improvements made with the 2012 facelift, so this could be one of them.
  8. The "EV Driving Ratio" display will show the total amount of energy used (kWh) since the last time it was reset.
  9. I asked Toyota Ireland by email about Catlocs or similar products, and they don't seem to have any plans on providing them despite being aware of the thefts. I believe ID is supposed to be required here for selling scrap metal, but it's likely they're being smuggled out of the country or is going into a black market of some sort. The last theft spotted near my workplace was caught on CCTV, and they saw cars with registrations from Northern Ireland - a good 220 miles from Cork!
  10. I assume they're more interested in changing the language on the main instrument cluster - there are specialists who do this but it involves re-flashing the firmware so is not an easy job. I wouldn't know where to find them in the UK but I know they exist. The headunit can always be changed if it doesn't suit.
  11. A lot of cheap ELM327 clones aren't fast enough. Some recommendations here: http://hybridassistant.blogspot.com/p/obd.html
  12. The doors are usually the first port of call for adding sound insulation, as it's pretty much non-existent on the Gen 3 Prius doors. If you remove the door cards on these other cars you'll probably find a lot of foam and stuff.
  13. Something to note is the EU tyre label noise measurements are for external noise, from the perspective of noise pollution. Lower noise ratings aren't necessarily better for those inside the car. Might be worth trying different tyres.
  14. Toyota have claimed it is due to the comparatively "high quality" of the cats in the Gen 2 Prius, but it is also down to the ease of access - as we've seen they can be removed in minutes. In a recent news report in Ireland, the Yaris and Mercedes Sprinter were also mentioned as common targets.