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  1. I've had a gen 1 Plug-in for six years now, and the car will be 10 years old in September. Battery still works fine, and I still get about 10-11 miles range on a full charge which is more or less what I always got. Battery warranty can be extended up to 15 years with an annual hybrid health check at a Toyota dealer (I believe Toyota GB do the same). Traction batteries are not failing on these in any significant quantities. Even the 12V battery is still the original in mine. I'm averaging about 82 MPG. In EV mode it does around 16 kWh/100 km. It makes sense for me as my commute is short and the EV range covers most of my urban/suburban driving. If you can't charge at home I wouldn't bother. It's not enough weight to make a substantial difference. Performance and fuel consumption figures are nearly identical to the standard gen 3. Do you notice a difference in fuel consumption if you have one versus three adult passengers in your car?
  2. This is an aftermarket headunit, not really an MFD and not a Toyota product. I'd imagine it was installed by the importer.
  3. This is what I also do when in traffic, I've never been stuck long enough that the battery charge gets too low - although I do have a Plug-in with the larger battery. If you put in N, you don't need to hold the (service) brake in order to select D again, whereas if you put it in P with the parking brake also engaged then the process is more complicated and more prone to frustration if you make a mistake while in traffic.
  4. A whole 11 Prius were sold in Ireland in 2021, out of 34k new cars sold in the country. The Corolla (mostly saloon), RAV4, C-HR, Yaris and Yaris Cross are top 10 sellers here, so I wouldn't be too surprised if they ditch the Prius (PHV already gone as noted). People are much more interested in full BEVs - Hyundai Ioniq 5 is 14th in the 2022 sales so far.
  5. https://carvx.jp Plenty of others available these days. "No history" on Japanese imports is a thing of the past.
  6. Mine looks a bit crusty around that area but certainly not that bad! 😳 Anyone have any recommendations regarding Waxoyl or other treatments?
  7. Going by some Googling, it seems it needs an SD card. Something to consider is that even if you get it working in English, it may not support the full FM band used in Europe (different frequencies are used in Japan), it probably won't support RDS on FM (text data, auto frequency, etc.), and certainly won't support DAB. So if radio functionality is important to you, you'd be better off replacing the head unit with something intended for the UK market.
  8. Nobody is questioning the space saver tyre pressure here...
  9. The weight part doesn't add up - an extra adult passenger, or like a full load of shopping would make a much bigger weight difference than full-size vs. spacesaver wheel. I imagine they're using the presence of a full-size spare to identify a substantially different car configuration, possibly one for harsher conditions like Australia where a 1,000 km car journey is considered "short" (i.e. you probably want a full-size spare!) and higher ambient temperatures would justify lower tyre pressure. I'd say the 36/35 is the right one for this car, it's the same as my UK-spec 2012 Plug-in on 15"s.
  10. You gotta try one out for yourself, any Toyota/Lexus hybrid. I could never go back to owning a manual diesel. Though as others have said, a Camry or Lexus ES would be more comparable to an E-Class
  11. Two of the key issues with the Gen 3 Prius were oil consumption with high mileage, and head gasket failure probably caused by EGR valve blockages. I believe both the head gasket and pistons/piston rings were redesigned to rectify these issues during production of the Gen 3, and the Gen 4 uses the same engine. The EGR system and intake manifold were also re-designed but I don't know if this is still prone to getting clogged up.
  12. Has anyone tried a piston soak or any other techniques on this engine? Soaking the pistons (through spark holes) with some engine cleaning treatment seems to often yield good results with Prius owners in the US who have similar oil consumption problems, using Sea Foam Motor Treatment or similar products - though I haven't heard of this procedure being done much this side of the pond. Although it's not going to magically fix the piston rings, it should clear up any carbon deposits that are contributing to the issue. I've heard varying reports of it stopping oil consumption completely, to reducing it drastically, to doing nothing at all. I know someone with an '09 Auris 1.33 that's started throwing a P0420 error (catalyst system efficiency below threshold) which I'm suspecting is the cat getting clogged or damaged due to oil consumption (blue smoke when revved hard), and I'm wondering whether trying the piston soak or similar would be worth it, as replacing the cat would probably be a waste of money with the engine in its current state.
  13. Yeah, my suspicion would be parasitic drain caused by something like this, or maybe improper removal of wiring for other aftermarket devices e.g. ETC card reader (toll card system common in Japan), dashcam, etc.
  14. They didn't really seem any better than the Goodyears in terms of grip, but cost more. Though saying that we didn't have any substantial snow the past couple of winters and a handful of days with ice, so maybe it's just this climate where it doesn't make much sense (we have a bad winter about once a decade!). They may have been slightly noisier than the summer tyres, but not enough to be a problem. The Bridgestone Turanzas seem very good in this respect so far.
  15. Yes, mine are that size. In situations like making right turns on country roads with no visibility where I want to get off the wrong side of the road as quickly as possible, the chances of the tyres losing grip is high (even when dry) - though it's brief and never in an uncontrollable way. In the wet, going over worn/smooth manhole covers or freshly painted lines (lots of narrow streets around here) would regularly set off the traction control. I haven't driven enough with the Bridgestones yet to see how they compare in that respect. I also used Bridgestone Weather Control A005 (all-season) for a while and they didn't seem much different to the Goodyears in terms of grip in any conditions, and rolling resistance was probably a bit higher (not certain on that). I've gone back to summer tyres as they didn't really seem to offer any advantage.
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