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  1. I've heard more about head gasket failure from blocked EGR valves than water pump failures.
  2. Are these "slight jerks" when the engine is starting and stopping when cold? I'd say this is fairly normal, along with it running somewhat roughly when cold (I think due to aggressive ignition timing).
  3. Yes, I've only heard of inverter failures with early 2009-2010 examples, and they don't appear to be that common. Head gasket failure seems to be linked to EGR valve and cooler blockages, which is more likely to happen with high mileage. As already mentioned, it's recommended to disassemble and clean/replace the EGR valve, pipe and cooler assemblies around 100k miles (160k km). This issue appears to be less common in Europe than North America so not sure if fuel quality or driving conditions has something to do with it.
  4. My tyres were rotated the last time I got mine serviced in a Toyota dealer in Ireland. But they also used 5W30 oil...
  5. Are you sure the mirrors aren't heated? There is no separate control for them, they are activated with the rear window demister switch.
  6. Yes, I saw that too, but it's the exact same Denso spark plugs used in the US as here so I'm not sure I understand why. Could it be down to using higher octane fuel in Europe? Regular "gasoline" is only about 90-91 RON in the US, I don't know if higher octane has an effect on durability of plugs.
  7. I thought the Iridium tipped spark plugs are good for about 120k miles?
  8. This is a problem with the shaft seal on traditionally belt-driven aircon compressors in cars. As the Prius uses an electric compressor, this is not an issue. I only needed to re-gas mine because the condenser had cracked (which needed replacement :( )
  9. Please see the recommended devices here: http://hybridassistant.blogspot.com/p/obd.html It's showing a lot of data in real time (and also logging it) so you need a good quality fast adaptor.
  10. It's an Android app, on the Google Play Store. You'll need a suitable Bluetooth OBD-II scanner for it.
  11. The current Mirage (Space Star in the rest of Europe, another bad name!) is essentially a car made in Thailand, for Thailand. Besides the Outlander PHEV, they've pretty much failed to make anything that suits the needs and desires of European motorists in recent years.
  12. With my 2012 Plug-in on 15" wheels it's more like 8%. When I drove in the US, I assumed the speedos over-read the same as here so always went about 5 MPH over the limit. I didn't get any tickets though :)
  13. It's the EU legislation (as mentioned by Frostyballs) rather than specifically the UK that allows this. I've seen this discussion elsewhere that it varies with manufacturers, e.g. BMW speedos are closer to being accurate. My previous Peugeot seemed to overread by about 5% or so. I get the impression most manufacturers err on the side of caution than aim for accuracy. I don't know about the Prius but I know some can be adjusted with the dealer diagnostic equipment (usually to adjust for different wheel size). It's fun to pass speed cameras at an indicated 108 km/h in a 100 zone, much to th
  14. It was supposed to be based on "Pampas cat", which is "gato pajero" in Spanish.
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