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  1. A few insureance companies give a bit of a discount, its not much. Last year, my cheapest quote was from a company that doesn't give a discount (Aviva). Swiftcover and Sure Thing specify the Dash cam has to be a Nextbase. AXA say it has to be "insureance approved", whatever that means. Cheers, Mark
  2. I don't have to put the password in every time with mine, just touch the "Connect your Dash Cam" icon on the App's home screen (connects instantly, i've got an iPhone SE). You could try asking Nextbase for advice, via their website, they are very helpful (380GW Dash Cam Support (nextbase.com)
  3. I can recommed the Nextbase 380GWX front and rear cameras, as fitted by Toyota Dealers (£350, or £250 for just the front). Very neat and discreet, very well made and reliable. In my Auris, you can't see it from the driving position at all. You can download the footage to iPhone or Android (quick and esay to do), ready for Police / Insureance if needed. You can also upload footage to Nextbase's server, to save it there. The footage resolution / quality is not as good as some other cameras, such as Viofo, but is perfectly adequate for recording whats occured in a RTC. Cheers, Mark
  4. Good! Need it to keep going down to waht it was a couple of years ago.
  5. Well said indded Sir! E10 is enviro-mental humbug.
  6. Cheers Stuart, 54 mpg is great for 17" wheels. Superb car, might be treating myself to one when Auris is a few years older.
  7. 54mpg is certainly decent for a 2.0. What size wheels do you have 16" or 17"? (I'm thinking about 4 years into the future, when it comes time to trade my Auris in, I quite fancy a 2.0 Corolla Touring), cheers, Mark
  8. Fuel consumption with E10 will be bit worse. E10 has less energy in it than E5, so you will have to burn more of it to take your car a given distance. The fuel companies and Government say it will be a bit worse, but only by a slightly barely noticeable in real world driving. Anecdotal evidence from places it's been around for while (USA, mainland Europe), suggests the difference ranges from the official slightly worse up to 5% or 10% worse. Whilst any drop in MPG, imposed for eco -mentalist humbug reasons, is very annoying, I'm also wondering about E10 (ethanol) affecting peoples' EGRs. The EGR valve/circuit getting caked up with carbon can be a problem for my 2014 Auris Hybrid (also for Gen 3 Prius and Prius Plus). I'm not really worried about mine; I've had my Auris under two months, was only 30k miles and I do plenty of mileage above 40 mph, which is recommended by Toyota to keep the EGR clean. However, EGRs getting clogged with carbon seems to be a particularly prevalent problem in the USA (lot of info about it on the Prius Chat forum), where they have been running on ethanol petrol for quite some time. As such, I am going to stick to premium grade petrol (the new E5, Jet Ultra and BP Ultimate, from the stations I pass on my way to/from work), for as long as I've got my Auris.
  9. Thanks very much. I should be pleased at getting a perfect condition, low milage Auris icon tech, but in all honesty, I'm just gutted that my Prius is going ( she is burning a lot of oil now, a full litre last 600 miles), I absolutely love that car, will be devastated when I trade her in on monday morning (main dealers in Doncaster). Cheers, Mark
  10. Thanks very much Tony, cheers, Mark
  11. Hello all, I'm moving here, to Auris Club, from Prius Club. I trade my much beloved 2008 Prius in for a 2014 Auris Hybrid on Monday morning (i'm acyually devastaed that Prius is going, but she is now burning a huge amount of oil...). I would like to ask please, what is the lowest mileage, that anyone has known of an EGR getting blocked on a Auris Hybrid? My new one is low mileage, only 30k, which is a good thing of course, but now I'm thinking (probably overthinking, but I'm utterly paranoid about car reliability) that new Auris might have been used for short distance start-stop trips (indicated by the low mileage) which can contribute to EGR blockage. Thanks in advance for any answers (please feel free to tell me I have nothing to worry about and should belt up 😉🙂). Thanks, Mark
  12. Hello Mate, I can recommend Halfords for fitting Dash Cams. Very quick, cheap, do a perfect job. I would say much better than the hassel of DIY (they put two in my Prius, rear and front), cheers, Mark
  13. Nice bit of engineering mate, well done and good luck for the future (scumbags nicked cat from my Gen 2 Prius in 2019, it was in car park at Rotherham Hospital, I was visiting my Mum who was very ill. My mate, who owns his own repair garage put me an aftermarket cat and new exhaust on for £400, the cheapo aftermarket cat works perfectly and has no appeal to theives)
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