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  1. I hope they have a really "nice" 😉 time in the showers....
  2. What is the Gen 4 Prius like for Cat thefts? Are they as susceptible as the Gen 2? Thanks, Mark
  3. Some degenerate parasitic scum nicked the Cat from my 2008 Prius in 2019. Was in Rotherham Hospital car park (visiting my Mum, who was very unwell), in broad daylight, very busy area. I know the Cops don't have enough resources to do much about stuff like this (My Son is a Cop). I reported it to them anyway, they phoned me back a few days later and told me they were doing an operation to investigate the actual scrap dealers who buy the stolen Cats. I also spoke to the Security at the Hospital, they told me there had been lots of thefts, usually Toyotas and Hondas. I'm lucky as one of my best
  4. Thanks very much for the info Gents. £250 is slightly steep, but not the end of the world, although I would see if I could get one from Blue Print (I've always used Blue Print on my Japenese cars, both Toyota and Honda employees have told me they are up to origanal standard), Cheers, Mark
  5. Hello Greenleaf, thanks very much for the reply. The water pump on the 1.8 Gen 3 is, of course, an electric one (no drive belt). Do you know if it is more expensive to replace than a conventional one? Is it a main dealer only job? Or can a good general mechanic do it? Thanks in advance for any replies, cheers, Mark
  6. Hello again Tony, thanks again. I've done a check on the 12 volt, it is 11.8 going down to 11.2, so I definitely want a new one. Found this checking method on Youtube, this is how I checked it:
  7. Thanks very much for the quick reply Tony. I've actually been driving the car (working) all through lockdown, but she has done a few short trips the last two weeks, whilst I've been on leave). I'm now booked in at Burrows Toyota Doncaster, 08:30 in the morning, they are putting a new 12 volt in whilst I wait. Sorted!
  8. 12 volt battery is not actually very old, had Toyota fit a new one when I got the car in March '16 --- (I've seen online that Prius 12 volt batteries can sometimes give up the ghost quite early)
  9. The Sun had actually been on it for a while, all the frost had already melted off, which makes me think 12 volt
  10. My Gen 2 Prius had a glitch today. When I went to open it this morning, it took 4 or 5 clicks on the remote button to open the doors. Thought it might be battery in the remote, so tried the spare remote, but it was the same, so not the remote's battery. Once inside, Prius started fine, (the "READY" indicator flashed once). After a long run on motorway, the doors opened on first click of remote button, as usual. I'm now thinking that my 12 volt battery is on the way out? Could this be it? Or something else? Thanks for any advice / replies, Mark.
  11. Hello all, at some point I will replace my Gen 2 Prius. Possibly with a Gen 3. I've seen stuff on online about the 1.8 Gen 3 engine having cylinder head gasket problems, ( possibly caused by dirty EGR valve). Has anyone on here owned a Gen 3 that has had this problem? Or any mechanics who have seen it? ( I would guess the 1.8 Auris would have the same problem, is that the case?) Thanks, Mark
  12. Hello everyone, I'm going to change the water pump and auxillary v-belt on my Gen 2. Should I change the water pump pulley? And/or the tensioner idler pulley as well? I'm thinking it would be a good idea, but is it necessary? Thanks, Mark.
  13. Hello all, I am going to replace the water pump and serpentine v belt on my 08 120,000 mile Prius. Would one from Blue Print Parts be of sufficient quality? Or should I go for a Toyota one? I'm not rich and the Blue Print one will save me a few quid, but I will pay for a Toyota one if it is wise. [ when I replaced the cam belt and water pump on my Honda Accord a few years ago, a mechanic at the Honda dealer told me Blue Print are good quality] thank you, Mark
  14. I like the Honest John website, intelligent content, without any Clarkson type nonsense. Completely unsurprised Prius is number one.
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