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  1. I agree with Philip I had a T180 2006 Dcat 2.2 bought it with 89000 on the clock, it did have a new engine at 32,000 apparently Toyota had a lot of trouble with the earlier ones as they were burning a lot of oil and head gasket issues, and Toyota were replacing engines if it was using a litre of oil or more per 1000 miles. I did not have mine long as I did not need it anymore and yes it was rusty on the inner sills especially by the seat belt anchorages needed welding. I did not have any problems with it though in the 8 months that I had it, check the header tank for bubbles when eng
  2. Hold lock button press unlock twice led on fob will flash 4 times
  3. I’ve always used super unleaded or shell v power in both the auris which I had for 5 years and the new corolla as it contains extra detergents not to worried about the extra costs as I only do 4000 miles a year or less.
  4. Check the oil level I assume it’s an auto how long have you had the recon box fitted if recently should be under some sort of warranty.
  5. Not sure why this is happening as I have got the corolla but if you haven’t had the vehicle long and if the dealer can’t find the fault i think you are justified in rejecting the vehicle under the sale of goods act as it sounds like you are fed up with it. I also think that 2 weeks is plenty long enough to diagnose the faults.
  6. I agree with you although not so much as noticing scratches and chips it is the orange peel effect. when I bought the auris in 2015 I was shocked when I walked out the showroom and noticed the orange peel finish nearly rejected the car, the corolla is slightly better I think it is due to the water based paint they use these days and the fact they are sprayed with robot’s I never seen it on new cars in the 60’s and 70’s it was more of a rust problem then.
  7. Try using some fuel system/ fuel injection cleaner maybe you have a build up of carbon in the combustion chamber causing pre ignition although I believe that modern engines now incorporate anti knock sensors that prevent this.
  8. Yes you can but make sure that the clamp on the charger is connected so that the wire that is connected to the clamp is on the contact side of the jump start/ charge terminal one side of the terminal is plastic the other side has the contact plate. I found out when I had my auris put the + clamp on the jump start/ charge terminal but would not charge until I turned the clamp around.
  9. Rosgoe

    Keyless theft

    I used to have a auris hybrid and yes once it was started you could take the key put it in the house and drive the car no problem so in answer to your question more than likely it would be possible for someone to jump in the vehicle and drive it away. I haven’t tried it with the corolla but I bet it’s the same.
  10. I think those batteries are much cheaper from a battery shop or euro car parts best to shop around.
  11. Can’t believe another Toyota Corolla with a flat battery! I have not had any problems with my 1.8 2020 excel corolla but I do charge it every couple of weeks during this lockdown using a traditional battery charger which switches to float charge when full it is a lead acid battery and yes I do not disconnect it from the car just make sure all power is off and all doors shut but the correct way is to disconnect the earth lead. I believe that some members on the forum use ctek battery chargers which seem to be ideal especially if yours is an agm battery. if your battery has gone down t
  12. That is a low mileage for a wheel bearing to fail have you driven through deep water recently as it’s possible for water to enter the bearings and cause failure, sealed for life generally means you can’t lubricate or change grease or oil however it can be done if you are conversant with car mechanicals. I would write to Toyota about it they may offer you some money towards repairs if you have had it dealer serviced.
  13. As per frosty balls it does look like it is only a discount on the servicing if at all I don’t think now going back that the offer I had included servicing.
  14. When I had my auris they offered me a similar deal I think, but I did not take up the offer as I was going to trade it in, a main service was around £250 I think and an interim service slightly less so if you factor in those costs and the AA Membership At around £74 a year it does seem a good deal. bare in mind that most Toyota’s are ultra reliable I know someone who had a land cruiser and that had done 500,000 miles all he ever had replaced was a wheel bearing, also the warranty will only cover manufacturing faults so if you hit a pothole and broke a spring it might not be covered.
  15. I agree with paulus 17 and door knobs you could try their advice I am sure you will find the parts somewhere although there is hardly any of those model rav 4’s about now, I used to have one and found it much better in the snow than the modern ones good luck🙂
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