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  1. Yes pretty sure all new corollas have hold hill start but you engage it via a switch it then engages every time you come to a stop after a couple of seconds until you disengage again via the switch. It also keeps the brake lights on.
  2. Space saver will not fit in 1.8 hatchback not without modifications which is around £1000 according to the parts dept at my local dealers unless the latest hatchback is different to mine also 1.8 hatch comes with a TRK as well. would definitely go for the pan roof if you can afford it as it lets so much more light into the interior although it does lower the headlining by about an inch or so which may be a problem if you are tall. sat nav updates are a pain in the backside to do as the Toyota website is the worst I have ever come across best to use waze via android auto (wonder if you can use android auto via Bluetooth with the 2022 models). As Deano 68 said go on car wow and get a price my local dealer also matched car wow even though they did not participate in the scheme.
  3. Doh! Just realised there are two checkboxes works now it’s a sod getting older !
  4. Anyone had problems with the Toyota website trying to download the update to mapping . Clicked on accept terms and conditions and ticked the box but that’s it will not go to next page to download have tried different browsers. The website is worse than useless most of the time I have had problems before do they actually read the comments (how can we improve this page)😡
  5. I am not sure what cyclops is supposed to be it is supposed to pick up mobile cameras and dealer informed me once that it was in built into the sat nav software but I have never found it in both the auris and the corolla the only speed cameras that the Toyota head unit picks up is the fixed cameras.
  6. Yes I tend to agree about the cruise control on the Yaris I had a Yaris as a courtesy car and thought it was over complicated. The corolla I have seems more straightforward, although I thought the cruise control on the auris was much simpler. I always read the handbook thoroughly makes interesting reading sat on the toilet! 😀
  7. I find it annoying that you choose your spec of Toyota yet you can’t add extras that you want I have said this before on these forums. example: the excel range of Toyotas some come with heated steering wheel and bsm and powered driver’s seat, seems the less you pay for an excel model the less you get why Toyota can’t start off with a base model then add what you want I don’t Know. also on the new Yaris cross I can’t understand why you can’t specify 4x4 other than on the dynamic. enjoy your new car when you get it.
  8. There are companies that can re produce a hose from the original if you can get the one off the car they may be able to help try Googling and see if there is one not to far from you. you may also be able to go into a motor factors to see if you can find something similar for another vehicle or a similar Toyota I don’t know what other Toyotas that engine may have been used in. Why do you think it will fail the mot a coolant leak should be an advisory. also try ebay there are many on line scrap yards on there (which hose is it)
  9. That’s the same one as I had on my 2015 auris hatch started to fail after 5 years although Toyota said it was ok but went flat regularly traded the car in anyway in 2020
  10. Download waze and see what that does which is what I tend to use anyway.
  11. They should be agm as it is in the boot and if the vehicle was involved in a accident the acid would not spill out. the reason there is a jump start under the bonnet is that you cannot open the hatch or tailgate with a flat battery as it is a switch to open it. It makes no difference connecting a jump start direct to the battery or the jump start under the bonnet just be carefull you do not create any sparks when connecting direct to the battery that’s why you should connect positive to battery and negative to a suitable earth on the vehicle.
  12. I have bought both Toyotas on pcp I then put money away in a separate account to cover the final amount. When I traded in the auris got the best price from the dealer obviously could have got more privately but had enough of viewers pulling car apart with oh this wrong or I’m not happy with that !!
  13. You get European breakdown cover anyway I think with Toyota breakdown cover who use the AA which is free for the first year with new Toyota £72 year thereafter.
  14. Just read that probably will be based on emissions as to which hybrids will continue till 2035.
  15. Last I heard was that they will still produce all hybrids until 2035. there will still be people preferring a ice over a EV let’s be honest you can’t beat the burble of a V8.
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