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  1. The fact that it is an effort to move from park to R indicates that that the car is resting on the park mechanism ie the car has moved slightly before the parking brake has engaged. I make sure I keep my foot on the brake pedal before engaging park then waiting for the parking brake to energise. if you have done what tony had has suggested and you still have a problem suggest you have a word with dealer.
  2. I’ve got the 1.8 hatch excel has done about 1300 miles currently getting about 50 mpg average readout showing 52.3 , I know that the readout is about 10% out as during the winter was showing 47 mpg when I brimmed it with fuel my calculations worked out to 42mpg. only criticism I have got is the tyre noise much more than the auris this could be down to the 18” wheels and has been said on the forums previously might be the falken tyres causing it, I will see if this improves when I try some different tyres.
  3. They mean it’s forest friendly in as much as trees are not cut down to make charcoal. they are not saying it’s suitable to use in woodland areas!
  4. The chances are you won’t get an agreed value as they may not consider it a classic. I had a 98 rav 4 and had an accident which was my fault damage was more than the value of car however I did not claim for the damage because they would have written it off but I got it repaired at a local body shop for £250. My point is most insurers will Wright off a low value vehicle with relatively little damage but is often repairable at a body shop that is not used by insurers. I tried to insure my rav 4 third party fire and theft but comprehensive was cheaper can you believe it!!
  5. I had a Renault Laguna and I had to pay just over £260 including programming for a spare remote/key as I had lost one of them. googled for hrs to see if there was way to programme it myself waste of time just got the dealer to do it all. I had 2 remote fobs with the corolla when I bought it last year. Don’t bother trying to programme the key other than getting the dealer to do it it’s a waste of time.
  6. I had an aygo as a courtesy car while my auris was in for service a couple of years ago. was shocked at how noisy the engine was under acceleration( as motoring journalists ) have said was ok once up to cruising speed on the motorway, maybe normal.
  7. What you need as cat lover has said is a modern battery charger that will switch to a float charge once the battery is fully charged it will then maintain a full charge. Although I tend to charge my corolla battery occasionally to full charge then disconnect as I do not like to leave it connected in the garage unattended.
  8. I wonder if the noise is related to the steering wheel or the clock spring try turning the wheel lock to lock when parked to see if it does it with the engine running otherwise I would do as frosty balls said and have another word with the dealer.
  9. Try this https://toyotadirectparts.co.uk/parts/category/toyota-verso/verso-mk-4-2009-2017/accessories-verso-mk-4-2009-2017/ https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Toyota-Verso-Full-Set-Carpet-Floormat-Anthracite-650g-09-12-PZ410E8353HA-/223067735113?hash=item33efdf8449&redirect=mobile
  10. In my handbook for my corolla it states that if you use 10w30 or a higher viscosity oil in extremely low temperatures the engine may become difficult to start so sae 0w-16 ( for the hybrid) 0w-20 or 5W-30 can be used. so I would say that if the engine is up on miles 5W-30 should be fine. when my corolla is due for its first service I intend to ask for 0W-20 as I think 0W-16 is to thin for the summer months and anyway this was the recommended oil for the auris which has the same engine as the corolla in 1.8 form. I wonder if Toyota have altered the spec’s for the oil in the hybri
  11. Looks like a proper repair to me tyre fitters usually repair by taking the tyre off the rim and repairing from the inside. spray some soapy water on it to see if it’s leaking.
  12. Sounds like a piglet being taken from its mother glad mine has not got it😂
  13. The only way to find out is a test drive with all the family and the dog see if you can get a t/s for the week end not sure if it will be possible under the present covid rules (are you buying new) I have the 1.8 hatchback I find it ok for performance except for when climbing long steep hills with luggage and passengers so you might be better off with the 2.0 litre especially if you are going to tow a trailer. As regards road noise the t/s sport has the 17” alloys which should have slightly less road noise than the hatchback which has 18” alloys. personally I would go for the de
  14. Try some silicone spray and spray the key and push the key in and out several times. I have in the past on several cars removed the engine splash guard under the engine and if you can reach up from underneath and released the bonnet catch that way
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