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  1. When I had my 2015 auris hybrid at its 5 year service with 18000 on the clock they done a fuel injection clean and engine flush which I hadn’t asked for. I could not see anything in the service schedule that this was required if it had done 50000 plus then it might have been justified. when the 3 year service is due on the corolla I will make sure that they don’t do any extras other than what’s in the service schedule. These dealers should not do any extra work unless the customer has asked for it.
  2. I’ve just changed to the AA let’s hope there premiums will be as good as there claims procedure if needed (hope not) was with direct line premium went up from £210 from last year to £290 this year complained to them reduced it to £284 big deal ! I have had a good service from them in the past when I had the auris someone reversed into me had a top of the range Vauxhall suv as a courtesy car not your basic hatchback. you would have thought that as I have the house insurance and pet insurance with them that they could have done better than £284.
  3. I think esso supreme also offers 3x more cleaning power Tesco momentum also claim more cleaning power I tend to use esso supreme and you get the nectar points which offers more flexibility as to what you can spend them on such as swapping points for British airways avios.
  4. The other thing to bear in mind it will be worth more with full dealer history if decided to trade it in. toyota dealers do provide a collection and delivery or courtesy car my dealer charges £15 this is to cover insurance.
  5. There are two recommended garages in my magazine in Hertfordshire but wether they can service hybrid cars I don’t know they can probably do the mechanical side of it but unsure about the hybrid side ie: traction battery etc although I think it’s only a matter of checking the voltages of the individual cells of the traction battery. One is DC Roger’s auto repairs tele 01432 264200 and the other is Broxbourne MOT and motorist Unit 1 bridge works Nazing new road Broxbourne herts EN10 6SG. As frosty has said you will get the benefit of the 12 month warranty if you have it serviced at Toyota but having said that these cars are ultra reliable so yes it’s all down to personal choice.
  6. Personally I wouldn’t bother with my T it’s rubbish (just look at the reviews) go to the Toyota website register and click on add car then enter reg and or vin number.
  7. As Tony said D or P for me when stopped at railway crossing or waiting for a boat at a canal bridge usually go into park, that was the habit I got into when I had cars with a torque converter which tended to get a tad warm if left in D. I can’t remember ever using N when I had autos with a torque converter.
  8. My rav 4 T180 2.2 2006 was fitted with a DPF Toyota called it DCAT. So in answer to your question probably yes.
  9. Probably put an unsupervised apprentice on the job I worked briefly in a Ford garage donkeys years ago and an apprentice forgot to fill it back up with oil fortunately it was spotted by the foreman so no harm done.
  10. The main thing is if it’s main dealer serviced then it has to be more attractive as a used car buy and worth more as a trade in that’s what I think anyway.
  11. I’m getting 57 on the display I force mine into ev when there is enough charge in the battery in the winter when sat at traffic lights don’t worry to much about the cabin heating the heated seat helps obviously when the car goes over 25 mph the engine then cuts in.
  12. Yea shame it’s not coming to uk same as the corolla cross isn’t. will still have to stick with the corolla I said to dealer as the corolla cross isn’t coming to uk I can’t justify changing mine for a 2023 just to get BSM extra power on the 1.8 and HUD. the present 1.8 is plenty powerful enough for my needs.
  13. You should have Toyota breakdown still (with a bit of luck) in force included for the first year so call them if needed and to be honest it’s not bad value after the first year it’s underwritten by the AA It covers at home and abroad if you had to buy it separately through the aa it would be twice the price.
  14. That makes sense it is a feeling of releasing the brake pedal then you have to apply more force to the brake’s,thing is though I never noticed it with the auris.
  15. This has been mentioned before on the forum I believe you are right it should I think come with 1 remote and 1 non remote although the non remote key (emergency key) maybe the one that is slotted in the remote and is released with a push of the latch perhaps that is what the dealer refers to. My corolla came with 2 remotes although I believe that Toyotas now come with only 1 remote due to the chip shortage maybe corrected on this.
  16. Welcome Marjan nothing wrong with your English😊
  17. I understand the fact that when you are going down a long steep hill the engine needs to spin to stop the hybrid battery overchargeing and to create engine braking however I have noticed that when it does the car surges forward a little and you have to apply more braking power it feels as though the abs is activated but it’s not a rapid pulsating of the brake pedal (strange feeling) the 2015 auris I had never done this on the same hill.
  18. I would be inclined to check the wireing where it comes out the b post and into the door the wires usually go through a rubber sleeve/grommet and with the constant opening and closing of the doors over a few years can cause the wires to fracture. try wiggling the wires while operating the central locking .
  19. You would have thought so but Toyota won’t condone that crazy😖
  20. Within a fortnight they had the car for a couple of days also the fitting wasn’t quite as good as the original but acceptable the service advisor did say that prior to fitting as it is a pig of job
  21. The drivers seat on mine was loose and bubbled up they put a new cover on under warranty although it looks like it might be going again will have to keep an eye on it. The service advisor said Toyota would not approve a new seat although if yours is sagging they may well do.
  22. Should be included in your first service which is in your service plan and all future services providing you have it serviced by Toyota up to when the vehicle is 10 years old (I think) may be corrected.
  23. VII. Combined cycle economy figures for the Aygo range from 64.2 and 68.8mpg* VIII. A five-speed manual transmission and 'x-shift' automated manual transmission will be offered. X-shift can be used in fully automatic mode, or with manual gear selection using paddle shifts or the shift lever itself. if you can afford it go for the aygo X as the cvt is a better transmission although the cvt in that car is more suited to town driving.
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