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  1. That’s the very reason I will never buy another car with only 1 key I done it once with a vw golf and managed to lock the key inside the hatch had to smash the rear quarter light and pull the rear seat down to get the key!
  2. Rosgoe


    It’s free for a month then you have to subscribe £34 a year I think have tried it and I wouldn’t bother.
  3. I went to buy a Rav4 T180 which had similar problems was from a garage from someone I knew. It turned out to be the fuel injectors was sent to a diesel specialist to resolve. Sorry see you have done the injectors anyway
  4. I think the plus sign and camera symbol is for coyote if you have it installed it’s free for a month then £34 a year I think. I found it comes on if you start coyote from the apps installed and have Bluetooth tethering on, on your phone .
  5. Yes it should be don’t know why they are asking for £119 I would email customer services
  6. When I was looking to change my auris I did look at the rav4 awd in excel trim but I thought it to big for our needs I noticed that you don’t get the heated seats in the design trim nor the heated steering wheel which are good to have in the winter ( I may be corrected on this) when I got the final price it was a shade under £40,000 even with the panoramic roof.
  7. Don’t know about the prius but the corolla is definitely noisier than the 2015 auris I had probably due to those 18” low profile tyres.
  8. I’ve got falken tyres on mine I think the new corollas come with them as standard I do find the tyre noise intrusive on rough tarmac surfaces. Now wether that is down to the lower profile tyres or not I don’t know, when I had the auris that had 205/55/16 continentals and was significantly quieter when the falkens need replacing I am going to try some vreidstiens they are a Dutch tyre and have reasonable reviews for wet grip and noise and are reasonably priced.
  9. Welcome Chris I’m sure you won’t be disappointed those waiting months will fly by let us know how you get on.
  10. Was an article in auto express and some other motoring magazines do it from time to time and as cyker has said you can get that info from tyre reviews such as black circles.
  11. I think it is down to the lower profile tyres not so much the diameter I have 225/40/18 on my corolla and the road noise is much more significant than the auris I had which had 205/55/16. I have spoken to a tyre fitter and he said the larger diameter tyres will make the ride harsher but not so much the noise that is down to the lower profile tyres. when you go to buy new tyres if poss you want to go by the noise in the cabin as the noise tests are a drive by rating some motoring magazines to a tyre test with ratings for grip etc and the noise it generates in the cabin.
  12. I had updated mine ota but then I updated the full update V1 2021 via the e store if you can’t get the full update don’t know why🤷 you can always share the cars internet connection on your phone via Bluetooth ( should be an option on settings on your phone to say share this phones internet connection the speed cameras should then return.
  13. If the fuse board is in the same location as the hybrid corolla it’s under passenger side dash right at the back on the left hand side you have to remove the under dash cover just clips in on my car the dash cam was wired into the 15 amp fuse (with a piggy back fuse) 1 amp for the dash cam this 15 amp fuse also powers the 12v socket in the armrest the fuse is located (on mine anyway) right at the back of the fuse board towards the engine on the left. Not sure what fuse powers the rear usb sockets as I don’t have them in my car.
  14. Yes I think some dealers are slipping in their customer service when I phoned first to book my corolla in for its first service I asked for service reception girl said that she couldn’t get through she took my number promised to call back they didn’t. gave them the benefit of the doubt and phoned the next day managed to book it in could be due to staff shortages I suppose covid and all that. what are the disappearing speed cameras are you on about coyote mobile cameras that is free for a month then £34 I think for a year it’s a waste of time anyway. the speed cameras that are imbedded in the sat nav are free for the first three years with the map updates but if you update it ota you will loose the speed cameras unless you download the full update via your computer and then transfer the file to a 16 gb usb.
  15. I wouldn’t say I can easily achieve 60+ with the auris in the summer months I could,with the corolla have done 2600 miles average fuel consumption 59.8 and I know that if I work it out on tank full to tank full that will drop down to 55 ish. In the winter that drops down to the high 40’s and I do not drive quickly 65 on the motorways 50 to 60 on a and B roads. I had a 1.9 tdi golf as a second car non dpf and that would easily achieve 65 + but as tony hsd has said you have the extra maintance costs and diesel is more expensive.
  16. Good luck I had thought about going all electric before I got the corolla I wonder though how long it will be before the goverment starts introducing road tax for electric vehicles and or road pricing per mile as they are bound to get less revenue coming in as has happened when they changed the car tax system in 2017.
  17. I thought Toyota have always called it smart entry and start keyless is with the fob as you don’t have to actually use a key to get into the vehicle? also bear in mind that by touching the door handle to lock the vehicle the key fob is still emitting a signal which thieves could use the right equipment to gain entry to the vehicle and steal it by pressing and holding the lock button on the remote then pressing the un lock button twice you will disable the remote led flashes 4 times ( called battery saving mode) then once you unlock the car again remote reverts to normal operation.
  18. Thanks for that Frosty might consider continuing to get it serviced at Toyota although the car will probably outlive me!
  19. Does that relax warranty apply if you have the manufacturers 5 year warranty
  20. I think I paid £700 and something for 3 services two minor and one major not sure if that included mot at year 3. the thing is if you have all your services done at the main dealers the car will be worth more when you come to sell up to a certain amount of years ( say up to 7 or 8 years old then probably becomes less significant). I don’t think that there are such things as back street mechanics these days as a lot of independent garages are usually set up by mechanics who have worked for mainstream dealers and are more than up to the job of repairing the vehicles in fact I know of 2 or 3 independent garages that are more knowledgeable than the main dealers and a lot less hourly rate. when my corolla is out of warranty I fully intend to get it serviced at an independent garage that I know and trust. just a thought if you add up all the cost of the services on your vehicle over the years will probably amount to a new engine anyway!
  21. I have used a Halfords trolley jack and that lifts roughly the same height with enough room to get under the front of the car. will be much easier with car ramps as they lift the car that little bit higher and you don’t have to use axle stands make sure you chock the rear wheels though
  22. When l looked at the specs for the 1.8 and 2.0 for the hatchback I was sure it was only on the 2.0 maybe they only put it on the T/S only unless they have updated the specs for 2021.
  23. If you are not in a hurry to sell to we buy any car I found that if you leave it for a couple of weeks after there initial offer they will up the price. I have sold various cars privately and never had a problem a good valeting makes a hell of a difference in what you can achieve I know it can be a hassle selling privately but I think it’s worth it in the end.
  24. I have read that with certain cars where the throttle is controlled by fly by wire as apposed to a throttle cable by moving the throttle butterfly with your fingers can sometimes throw up a fault code.
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