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  1. Thanks for your input Madasafish. I have left a message with the mechanic asking if he bled the clutch. I'll update once I hear from him tomorrow. He seems pretty convinced it is the ABS system but it just don't make sense as breaking below 40 mph everything feels perfect. Even when you brake at speed you feel push back on the pedal but it still brakes. He is adamant there are no leaks but what you say makes good sense.
  2. Thanks for your input Tom. My mechanic has said there is definitely no leak with the brake servo being fine. He also bled the brakes. He is convinced it is the ABS system in relation to the pedal? Thanks anyway.
  3. Thank you Frosty and apologies for not posting it in the correct place.
  4. Please can I get some advice before I approach my main dealer. Bought car from new Yaris 2004 T Spirit, 54,000 mileage. When driving over 40mph if I brake the brake pedal has resistance around half way up. It feels as if the pedal is pushing back up. Went to my local mechanic who changed the rear drums as they were excessively worn, bled the system but the problem persists. He put the car on a diagnostic machine and it shows no fault. He said he the discs and pads are fine too. He suggested my only option is to go to the main dealer. Has anyone had anything similar? He believes it is a fault with the ABS system. Strangely no issues when driving slower and braking normally. Thanks in advance of any guidance!
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