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  1. Thats good news Chris, glad it was a simple fix 👍
  2. This is the smart charger I have and its working well for me, great price too. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B009A83P1E/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. Have you had the recall done for the drivers seat belt buckle, where they fit a new buckle? I had mine done last year, not sure what the recall does though, but maybe a wiring issue?
  4. I was pleased that mine went through its 4 year service last weekend with no mention of any problems with the 12v battery. Not using my car much at all at the moment, so I am hooking it up to a smart charger which is obviously doing its job 😀
  5. I always wait for a charge cycle to finish before I turn off, even if its just spinning off some energy from the battery.
  6. I have them on mine and I will buy them again when it comes to replacement. It will be a long time though as I have only done 13,000 miles and they have barely worn and what has worn has been very even. I run them at the standard pressures 32 front 30 rear PSI Luckily the rib protectors haven't been tested, but I really appreciate having them, just in case.
  7. I always pronounce it the same way as the Americans do, pri-us which his basically how its spelt. Years ago I remember saying pry-us
  8. Great result, the black sensors are pretty well disguised. I am glad it all worked out and useful to remember in case if it happens to any of us 😀
  9. No, I find them very straight forward to use, what don't you like about them? I have mine set at Auto 21oC (A/C on Eco) and it keeps a great even temperature without any intervention from me. If I want it a bit cooler or a bit warmer then its a quick press of a toggle switch.
  10. Ah, that's such a shame, I must have got my charger just in time. Will be interested to know what battery you end up getting and how much. Halfords come up with this one when I put in my Reg No. It's the same make, looks the same shape/size and seems a pretty good price too. Yuasa Battery
  11. Although mine has not gone flat, it has got quite low as I am not using my car at the moment, so I purchased the below Smart charger which charges, then maintains the charge rather than trickle charging. As I understand it, chargers than maintain rather than providing a trickle charge are better. Smart Charger It feels very well built and has a comprehensive display that once charged turns from Red (charging) to Green (maintaining) I did purchase another one, but I sent it back as it had a fan which ran constantly which I didn't like and the leads were woefully short. This one
  12. I have purchased a Smart charger too which I am pleased with as I am currently not using my car due to the lockdown. One thing I cannot find any info on is whether the battery is sealed or able to be topped up. My battery is probably like most people's which has caps, but they appear either to be sealed or are very tough to open, but I notice they do have what looks like small vent holes. I didn't want to risk undoing them if they are not supposed to be opened. I just thought it would be a good idea to check the level if it was possible. My car was only serviced in March, but looking
  13. I used to have a Zoe and if that wasn't used for a few days in the winter it would always throw up error messages and a big red spanner saying maintenance required, but all that was needed was a quick whiz around the block and it would be sorted. We did however eventually need a new 12V battery at the two year service as we were advised it was on its last legs. I had no reason do doubt that as it was giving the fault more and more frequently. With the Zoe, like the Prius, as long as the car was in ready mode it would give charge to the 12V battery from the main traction battery and if I
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