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  1. Amazing isn't it. 'Percy' is the best car I have owned and I have had plenty cars in my time including many 'premium' German brands.
  2. I've just clock over 9000 this week, coming up to 2 years old in March 😕 Weird driving home in the rain and hardly a peep out of anything, so I think atmosphere has a play in it as well as temperature. Still doesn't stop me loving it though
  3. Yes I am on 17 inch wheels, but I think its definitely the cold that has made them worse.
  4. You lucky guy. Maybe when it warms up a bit I can have a look at isolating them, but as the moment its just too cold even in the garage.
  5. This is my first Prius and I love it to bits, but I can't agree on the build quality when looking at interior trim as I have numerous rattles and creaks that are starting to grate. They have gotten worse in the cold weather and I have managed to get rid of one that was really bugging me, albeit rather crudely. Build quality as in reliability, then yes 100%. Everything else I love and it certainly won't be my last Prius, but I will not be getting a facelift as its lost a whole chunk of its characty, so it will be next Gen for me
  6. They have moved the heated seat controls to in front of the cup holders so that an improvement.
  7. I think they have spoilt the look, I love my rear Z lights, not too keen on what they have done to the front either. Its lost some of its individuality 😕
  8. Glad I’m not planning on changing my car anytime soon... they have ruined the lights, especially the rear ones that look like Lexus lights that have been chopped about. Looks like they have tried to normalise it Not impressed 🙁
  9. Harters


    Unfortunately the Gen 4 does not have auto lock in the UK. I have had that feature in my cars for many years now and I really miss it. Its available in the US and can be configured to lock when driving away or as soon as you put it into drive.
  10. I have done the opposite and traded in my Renault Zoe EV for my Gen 4 Prius. I only do a small number of miles a year too, approx 7,000, but once the fun and novelty of driving an EV wore off, I found it quite tiring always having to plan ahead and think about charging. It was exacerbated due to it being the main car as my partner only has an MX-5 so is not as practical. I may go back to an EV in the future, but not any time soon as I am enjoying my Prius too much and like that I can just jump into it anytime I like and go for a long unexpected trip knowing I can get fuel anywhere at the drop of a hat. Although I charged at home say 90% of the time, when I did using the public chargers I encountered so many issues. I wish you well and hope you enjoy the Leaf, which I have to say does look very good 😀
  11. Me too, it was the only colour I considered
  12. Mine is included too. The tape round them at the moment looks OK, but I have put a piece of dense foam between the cover and the wires, just in case as an interim measure before I get my letter. I think the recalls are great too. Much rather know about possible issues that can be corrected rather than wait for something to happen which could cause further issues.
  13. I saw this over the Prius Chat and they had a link to a VIN/Reg checker, but it was only for the US. Maybe there will be one available for us here in the UK?
  14. I am the opposite, I think they look great on white as you have the black/white contrast which matches with the black/white of the two tone rear bumper and rear three quarter panel. With the fuel figures I am getting with my car on 17s I really don't think you need to worry about fuel efficiency 👍. They also really help with the spray and keeping the side of the car clean. I also chose the chrome back which I initially wasn't so keen on but now I really love it and I am amazed at how many admiring glances I get and that ties in well with the bumper protector.