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  1. My head unit connects to my iPhone hotspot automatically and as far as I can tell you get access to the Toyota Apps like Weather etc. and live traffic updates. I thought it was going to give me a google earth overlay to the sat nav, but you can only get google earth images when you are stationary which seems pointless. Also I thought the car created its own hotspot when connected, but from what I can tell people just jump onto my phones hotspot. I may be missing other things I can do, but thats what I use it for. I know I can connect to my home network from the garage, but I dont see the point of that. Any data transfer for updates etc would probably be quicker using a USB stick?
  2. No, the default 'pedestrian horn' as they call it on the Zoe is akin to a spaceship and is virtually just as audible inside the car as it is outside which is probably due to the lact of sound insulation. It used to annoy the heck out in me in crawling traffic moaning away and that's is a situation where I would turn it off. There were two other noises that you could choose from but they were equally annoying. I think the US Prius sound generator is pretty good in comparison.
  3. I checked this morning and I had a good charge of battery when I left, my time elapsed was 2 mins and 0.3 miles, the traffic stopped and my engine was off and that was at 17 degrees. Even in the winter I am amazed at how quick the car warms up.
  4. I wonder why the US have Apple CarPlay in the new Rav4 and we don't, is it a licensing issue or because they use Entune 3.0 which is different software to what is used in our units?
  5. Or wearing headphones whilst driving, I still can’t believe it when I see it!
  6. A neighbour has a PHEV outlander and I can hear that coming before any ICE car, it makes a pretty load moaning sound
  7. Yes this was the same in my Zoe that’s why I was interested to know. I guess we will find out in time.
  8. I have heard a sounder on YouTube videos in US/Canada so I wonder it it will be the same unit and whether it’s able to be switched off temporarily?
  9. As Scott mentioned, so many modern petrol cars are now are so quiet they are virtually unaudible at idle/crawl speed, even more so when combined with surrounding ambient noise..... so should they have sounders too? I used to have one on my Zoe, but it would annoy the heck out of me as it was so audible inside the car and was noisier than an ICE outside. It stopped after reaching 18MPH and there were 3 selectable noises, but they were all pretty bad, but I think the default 'Jetsons' one was probably the least intrusive. In crawling nose to tail traffic I would turn it it off as it drove me nuts. Of course it is a good thing for the visually impaired/hard of hearing, but no matter how loud a car is ICE or EV/Hybrid it won't make a jot of difference to people who have their heads burried in their phones walking along without a consideration for what/who is around them. Bearing this in mind I am always very vigilant for vulnerable people in areas most open to this kind of thing, especially multi story car parks where people are often quite distracted and slow speed urban areas.
  10. I came from a Renault Zoe and I dont regret leaving the EV behind at all. The Prius gives me all the things I liked about the Zoe i.e. smooth quiet commute without out any of the down sides i.e. approx 40% reduction in range in the winter and having to plan for a longer trip. In fact its just great not having to even think about plugging it in. I will have 'Percy' for many years to come. Another great thing about Toyota's hybrid system is its reliability, I have not worries when my warranty is up which is not something I could say about the Zoe. I had numerous issues with it, but non connected to the battery. Electric cars may have fewer moving parts, but when they go wrong, boy does it cost.
  11. Ah, apologies I thought TS was the trim level not model. 😊
  12. Exactly, so it’s not a direct competitor as the OP was wondering. I am in the ‘couples’ market but I still want to have a decent boot and rear legroom for the occasional time I carry more people. I’m not sure how the hatchback compares to the previous Auris with regard to space as I have not sat in one. Lovely looking car though in all three variants.
  13. I looked at the Corolla but it was way too small inside. Rear leg room was poor as was the boot and the cabin felt narrow and very closed in. If you want more legroom room you will need to get the saloon or tourer as they have a longer wheelbase. The quality of materials was great, but I will be keeping my Prius for a very long time..... I love it!
  14. My main reason for owning my first Prius was not the economy, I just love the looks, the technology of the drivetrain, reliability and the way it drives. I have never driven such a relaxing car as the Prius and I have had many so called premium brands in the past. The economy is obviously a bonus, its as simple as that for me.
  15. I only ever use NORMAL mode too. Like others I have tried ECO but find it too lethargic, I know you can press through it and get more oomph, but I just prefer NORMAL. I find POWER mode is like a switch, its either on or off which I find not very relaxing at all. I have my climate set to ECO so I guess I may claw bag some MPG there, but I think the AC is pretty efficient anyway.