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  1. Procedure When Stationary

    Same here, the hill hold works great for me. The only time I use the foot operated parking brake is in my garage to stop the car rolling back from my preferred distance from the door or a steep incline when parking up and leaving the car. There are a couple of steep inclines that I am often crawling up on my way home from work and I just release the foot brake, the car stays where it is until I press the accelerator and then I can feel the system releasing the brakes as I pull away. I think it depends on the degree of angle as to what method is used as sometimes I don't feel the pull, so maybe its an electronic hold to a certain point, then a mechanical hold with the brakes for a steeper incline.
  2. Internal lighting.

    I have changed all my interior lights to LED and it makes a huge difference. I would like to change my indicators to LED, but as far as I am aware there are no road legal replacement LED bulbs for external lighting on the market in the UK. All the ones you see on eBay/Amazon etc do not have the right type approvals and are therefore illegal for road use. Even ones you see in Halfords will say not legal for on road use or show use only or words similar.
  3. Gen4 Service Schedule

    Correct as my car has just tuned 1 year old and has its intermediate service I am wondering also how would that affect the warranty if a claim was made as it hadn’t been serviced in accordance with Toyota schedule?
  4. Gen4 Service Schedule

    Is this the first service the car has had done? I have just had my first service which was also £185 and my car has only just done over 5000 miles. My next service will be a full service by which time the car will be 2 years old.
  5. Procedure When Stationary

    I do exactly as the same in all the automatics I have driven, foot brake on and leave car in drive. The only time I will put it in park is the rare occasion the traffic is at a standstill due to an accident or so similar as I know everyone is stoppped for an extended period.
  6. Prius Gen 4 Horn

    Well I finally got around to upgrading my horns.... no more meep meep for me. After recommendation I ordered a pair of "FIAMM 74100 El Grande" Freeway Blasters and wow what a difference and totally plug and play. Only took 30 minutes, most of that time was trying to get them positioned with enough of a downward turn to stop any water ingress. The wiring is quite tight and I didn't want to start cutting any ties to give a bit more slack. I am happy that they are going to be ok as it all seemed pretty clean an dry in that area anyway. Ordered direct from Amazon.com for the brilliant price of £25.38 and due to its price there was no worry about duty as import fees are calculated at the check out. I have put links to before and after below... not sure why the thumbnails are so big
  7. New Prius Excel - good deal?

    I was still half asleep obviously, oh my goodness I feel such a fool
  8. New Prius Excel - good deal?

    Why would a right hand drive car be sat in Germany and would the spec be the same?. I wouldn’t go near it I got £5,500 off my Excel March last year through drive the deal which was an amazing deal.
  9. Ludicrously basic question - Gen 2 brakes

    Also, you could try putting the car in neutral, when its safe to do so as thats stops regen braking, then try some braking as Catlover suggests. Once you have done that a few times put the car back into drive and carry on your way
  10. Gen 4 Fuse Location

    Thank you very much. I'm amazed there are fuses even smaller than the ones in the Prius!
  11. Gen 4 Fuse Location

    Many thanks for the detailed reply and photos. I thought I was going to have to hire a contortionist to get access to them I have never seen such a tiny fuse before and have just ordered one. I may have one of the other type somewhere which I could use temporarily. Msny thanks again!
  12. Gen 4 Fuse Location

    I noticed the LED bulb I put in my rear dome light was flickering tonight and when I took the cover off I noticed it wasn't seated properly. I had to fiddle a bit with the bulb when I first fitted due to it being a little bit too long. I fitted it back in then realised some of the LEDs were not working so I went to put in the original bulb but it took a bit of an effort to fit as the holder was now a bit loose and in the process I have blown the fuse. Looking in the manual they show 3 locations for fuses, but helpfully don't say which ones are located where or their physical size or load. Does anyone know which location I need to be looking at and what type of fuse they are? Thanks
  13. You can turn off the traction control on the Gen 4 and if you use Eco mode it dulls the throttle response which may help.
  14. Looking to buy a Prius

    CT200h is a nicely appointed car inside, but very tight for space, especially rear legroom and an incredibly hard ride. I really wanted one a few years ago, but I found the ride was punishing. The facelift was slightly better, but not much.
  15. Prius Servicing

    WOW, that's expensive, I was quoted that price for my second service which is fair enough. I recently booked my Prius in for its first service at my main dealer and its £185.00 which I think is pretty good. I will have done less than 6000 miles when I have it done in March.