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  1. Harters

    Google Steet View...

    ... what is the point? As far as I can tell you can only actually use it whilst stationary to see a photo of where you are. I guess if it put it a destination I could see a view of that, but is there any other purpose for it other than that? Am I missing something? Thanks
  2. Harters

    Gen 4 Plug-in

    You will certainly find the ride different in the CT, for the worse. I really wanted a CT and test drove several, including the latest (at the time of buying my Prius) and I found the ride hard and brittle on each occasion. Also the leg room in the rear is very tight as is headroom and boot space. I sat in one again when I had my first service in March and I was shocked at how small and narrow is seemed after the Prius which is so spacious and airy. All the CT's I drove were on 17's as I much prefer the look over anything less. When you stand next to a CT it is a small car. Obviously there are a lot of people who don’t care about the ride as there are plenty on the roads though ☺️ I want a car to ride well and look good, so if I can't have one without the other I will not buy it. The CH-R I found just left me a bit cold with its boring instruments and normal shifter, whereas the Prius is full of character.
  3. Harters

    Carista App for Gen 4 Prius

    @RWaggers Thank you very much for this, very useful. Just wish we could have the option to auto lock/unlock the car when driving away/putting into D like the American market has. This is the first car in years that does not have that feature and I really miss it.
  4. Harters

    Prius Heads Up Display

    That’s very reassuring, thank you for letting us know
  5. Harters

    Black bits to cover the white bits - Gen4.

    I’m one of the oddballs that like the white I ordered early specifically to make sure I got the white console.
  6. Harters

    Long term test in CAR is online.

    I agree, I went through all 12 reports and they were pretty favourable in my opinion.
  7. Harters

    Updating Maps to 6.11.0wl

    @PeteB I have just updated mine and the USB music functions works fine, just as before
  8. Harters

    Since the "Beast from the East"....

    Interesting to show what a difference weight makes!
  9. Harters

    Since the "Beast from the East"....

    I have a puncture repair kit.
  10. Harters

    Updating Maps to 6.11.0wl

    Thanks @thudI forgot I had to go to the e-store section Got mine downloading now. Mine is currently 6.9.0H which I downloaded last year and the new one is 6.11.0H I use USB for my music all the time so I will let @PeteB know if I have any issues.
  11. Harters

    Since the "Beast from the East"....

    I hang my head in shame I'm usually pretty good at that bit, its the braking I struggle with usually, but this time I got it right
  12. Harters

    Updating Maps to 6.11.0wl

    I think I already have the latest software as I update it last year, but I can't see where the download section has gone to?
  13. Harters

    Since the "Beast from the East"....

    The warmer weather sure makes a difference. Below is my commute from the other day
  14. Harters

    Dashcam in Prius Hybrid

    This is my install, very neat I think and I don't even see it from my driving position
  15. Harters

    Dashcam in Prius Hybrid

    I have put a dash cam into my Prius and it was really simple. There is a gap at the front of the headlining between the top of the windscreen and I hid my wire in there very easily. I then tucked it carefully along the top of the A pillar, then down behind the door rubber. Mine is temporarily using the accessory point in the centre console and the wire goes underneath the glovebox then tucks underneath the centre console along to the power point. I have bought a fuse double to make it a permanent fixture which I will get around to in the next couple of months. I am going to use the doubler directly into the fuse box which is under the glovebox.