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  1. UPDATE: I got a hair dryer it and as I looked in the back where the rubber seal was. I could see water in behind the reflective part in the back of the head lamp making waves from the hair dryer. So mission for the week end is to loosen the bumper and take out the head lamp for further investigation...
  2. I have taken the rubber seal off the high beam and the plastic cover off the main head light. Will let it dry out and then get a hair dryer on it. Does anyone know where the breather or venting pipes are on these head lamps? I have seen them as funny rubber tubes on other cars and didn't know what what were?
  3. I'll give that a go. If that doesn't work I will take out the head lamp.
  4. Hi all, I noticed my offside head lamp is building up condensation during winter. I saw its a bit of a mission to get the headlamp out as I need to undo the bumper to get at the side bolts. My MOT is due next month so thought I would start investigating. Anyone else had the same issues on the T25 facelift Avensis? Thanks
  5. The worn pressure plate from my Avensis. Notice the wear in the middle.
  6. Update: the car has been fixed, replaced the clutch and dmf. The mechanic said that the fingers (I assume this is the pressure plate) on the clutch was very worn, meaning that the car was being driven with the clutch being ridden (foot left on clutch pedal while being driven). Ps: it wasn't me as this is really bad practice, It was the first owner! Lesson here- Don't rest your FOOT on the CLUTCH PEDAL while driving!!!!! I'm going to test the car and get pics of the old clutch and post it up here. Cheers Leon
  7. Thanks for the diagrams. I am waiting to see what the mechanic says as the car is currently with him at the moment being repaired. Good point about the bent release fork, I'll mention it to him.
  8. I have checked the pipes and the Master and slave are working with no leaks? I will have to bite the bullet and get the DMF and clutch replaced. :(
  9. Hi all, Late last week, my Toyota Avensis Tspirit T25 2.2 150hp diesel model wouldn't go into any gear while the engine is on. When I turn off the engine it goes into gear but I turn on the engine with the clutch in and the engine stalls like it is in gear. Something has broken in the clutch, like the release bearing or diaphragm spring maybe? I thought it may have been the clutch cylinders(master and slave) but they are working fine with no leaks? The clutch wasn't slipping but a couple of times, I noticed it was hard getting into first gear, this was a couple of weeks ago? The car has only done 42K miles? Should I get just the clutch changed and leave the DMF, seeing as the car had done low mileage? Thanks Leon
  10. Hi any updates on your long term test? Very interested as I want to get one for my T25 D4D 2.2 150Hp.
  11. Hi everyone, Just introducing myself to your forum. I just bought a Toyota Avensis T-spirit 4-4D hatchback T25. So far I'm happy with the car, nice for the family and carrying my mtb and similar size to the Ford Mondeo Mk3 I replaced it with. Good to be back owning a Japanese car, and hopefully a reliable car. I haven't been activate on any car forum in years, apart from when I was a Subaru Impreza Sti owner back in my homeland of New Zealand. Cheers Leon
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