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  1. Yup, slightly squeaking when someone is in the seat, but when the seat is empty it is nearly unbrearable... it's the seatback in ours that does it. Pushing the seatback back with your hand (only slight pressure required) stops it.
  2. My 1.6 52 T3 idles at about 500 and is really unsmooth. Turning on the aircon or very very slightly pressing the accelerator to raise the revs to 600 or 700ish cures it. Asked the local dealer to reprogram the idle rpm and they basically said thats how its meant to be and we should leave it. They really do suck.
  3. Mum's 52 plate corolla was squeaking from brakes so we assumed needed new pads. Went in for a service and we assumed they'd look at brakes and change what needed doing but they didn't. We also noticed another noice while drivng and not actuall braking. Went to garage about this who said we needed new discs and pads (after 20k miles) and that they wouldn't do it under warranty. Needing new discs sounded odd and we battled and they eventually decided to do it under warranty. The problem is still there though :ffs: Any ideas what it could be? Also there is a horrible kind of whining sound when reversing up inclines which they refuse to acknowledge, and recently the front passenger seat has started to squeak loads and sometimes wont lock into position. We live 20 miles from the dealer and all these trips in are costing a fortune.
  4. I've just emailed autoexpress with a list of all my car's rattles etc
  5. I'm assuming from the lack of responces that nobody else has a corolla with 195/55/16 tyres?!
  6. I only noticed this a few nights ago (I dont dtive often at night), but a lot of the switches etc inside the corolla arent lit at night. For instance on most cars, the window switches are backlit, as are the air vent circulation slider things etc etc
  7. anybody?! Can a mod please move this to the TSport section, in the hope someone in there has the same size wheels as me. Thanks.
  8. Anyone got or know where I can get a power/torgue graph for the 1.6 VVTi engine in a Corolla T3, short of getting my car dyno'd? I love "pointless" stats and graphs and i'd be interested to take a look!!
  9. Can anyone recommend a place to get good value replacement tyres for my corolla T3? It's on 16" toyota alloys, and the current tyres are Dunlop SP3000 195/55/R16 and are rated V for speed. For some reason there are very few tyres in this size, and those that are are VERY expensive. Even on mytyres.co.uk, the dunlop tyres it were supplied with are over £100 a corner, excluding fitting. For some reason if the profile is 45 instead of 55 there are loads more to choose from at much lower prices. Is a profile of 55 uncommon or something? Toyo don't even make proxies in the 195/55/R16 size :S:S they do with a 45 profile though. Any tips people? What tyres do you recommend for the car?
  10. I'm fairly sure you're girl will win... the difference in power is loads... However, I currently drive a 1.6 corolla T3, last car was a 1.4 astra, and for a track day, I'd prefer the astra, handled better tbh.
  11. Student at Loughborough Uni doing computing and management. Desperately looking for summer job, but really am struggling as there is hardly anything here out in the sticks!! Do a bit of web design in my spare time but not enough to make it pay, also do odd jobs fixing people computers, showing people how to do stuff etc. I could pr4obably make a living from consulting if there were more people/businesses round here to actually have problems!
  12. Found this...... http://www.lancerregister.com/showt...15&pagenumber=1 Its along read, but worth it IMHO. This guy selling the jap motors needs to be avoided like the plague, sounds like a very dodgy set-up. Thought this maybe useful knowledge for people looking for a new Jap motor, was going to post in imports area but decided here may be more appropriate!
  13. Getting decent accelaration on a bike is as much down to how hard the rider can hold on and is willing to go, as it is to the bike itself!
  14. Our corolla's doors definately close with a nice "clunk" compared to the cars we've owned recently. The only one to better it was my parents old audi 100 estate!
  15. Oh, and the air vents/facia around my stero doesnt fit well either, the passenger side sticks out about 3 or 4 mm.... you can push it back in but after a while it works it's way out again! I found a screw "sat" loose inside one of the vents. Took it in and they supposedly "replaced it". My bet is it went in the bin, as when I got the car back the stereo still stuck out! If they replaced the screw surely they would have put the stero back in all the way!
  16. I've decided onbe of my major rattle is the back of the rear seats.... each of them only "hooks" on once, leaving the rest free to rattle about. I reported this to my dealer and it looks like he just stuck some extra foam on the metal hook thing the seats attach too... after a month the rattle came back as the foam became compressed. Design flaw if you ask me! The seats in my old astra had two "hooks" for each seat and never rattled... my T3 rattle can be recreated by hitting either half of the upright section of the rear seats :censor:
  17. Okay, driven for about 2 hours in stop-start traffic for about 2 hours since my earlier post and wish to change what I said! There is a noticable "*****" when you first take your foot off of the throttle, then a second smaller one, before it finally slows smoothly. It's not a massive ***** like you would get from choosing a gear too low... it even occurs in 5th at moderate speeds like 30-40 mph, although only very slightly. I've never noticed it before though really... if you lift the throttle slowly it doesnt happen... the only time I would take my foot off quickly would be if I needed to break... and doing so would make the effects of the engine un-noticable.
  18. 1.6 02-registered Corolla T3 here. About the only thing that actually seems fine is the engine/performance. Generally very smooth, even at very low revs. As for rattles elsewhere and lights dimming etc...
  19. If I have the Fan on full (maual system in 1.6T3, not full climate) when I depress the clutch the fans for the heating system get noticably quieter, almost like turning it down from setting 3 to 4. I only notice this at low speeds, i guess when faster the engine noise/wind noise drowns it out. the lights also dim but only very slightly, and again i've only noticed it at low speeds and its very minor, I think maybe at high speed i'm too busy concentrating! Is this a related problem?
  20. They arent the best of quality, but I don't have access to a digicam so I'm afriad they were taken with my 7650.
  21. "God, I though the Omega was heavy, but this...."
  22. I beleive in the manual it mentions something about this. Something to do with the ABS but not too sure what. Have a read. My corolla does this also.
  23. Sounds like you've maybe been pretty unlucky. My friends A2 has just turned 10k miles (as has my Corolla T3) and the A2 cabin has less rattles and squeaks than mine does. We (my familly, I was too younf to drive at the time) haven't owned an Audi since our 100 2.8 estate, but what parents loved about it then was the quality of the build and the nice firm "clunk" sound when closing doors. IMHO the corolla has the nice clunk sound but the build quality isn;t up to audi standards. Audi really do make the best interiors in my opinion... when I graduate, subject to getting a decent job, I will keep my eyes open new A8!
  24. I'm also studying a computing course at uni, and also have studied electronics in the past. I've often worndered about this sort of stuff, but never really managed to find much out about it. I guess manufacturers of this kinda stuff don't wanna go handign their spec-sheets about.
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