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  1. You're right gjnorthall. The mileage is only 110k so I would hope the bore wasn't scored. However a new one would be good if I could get one in UK. I can get a new cylinder from Japan but the cost is £450 and I would have to wait over 5 weeks. I didn't know about fitting a manual version and blanking the port to the clutch master cylinder. I'll speak to my garage.
  2. Thank you HS. If I can't get a new one or service kit, I may have to fall back on a used one.
  3. My 2004 RAV4 needs either a new brake master cylinder or service kit. it is a 2.0 litre petrol XT3. Engine 1 AZ - FE. Apparently these need to come from Japan and take 5 or 6 weeks. If anyone can help, I would be most grateful.
  4. Thanks craggle. That sounds eminently sensible. Sadly, RAV's battery is not only small, there is no space to fit a bigger one. I'll talk to an auto electrician about fitting a reserve (at the moment I keep a spare in the back with jumper leads, but as you said - it is a pain). Thanks again.
  5. Thanks IanML. Unlikley to be a battery fault as it has been changed - same problem persists. Alan333. Drain was measured by three different people. 1. A mobile auto electrician; 2. an auto electrical specialist garage; 3. RAC. An Ammeter has been used (in series) to check the drain. The battery was recently replaced by a good quality battery because of this problem but didn't fix the problem. As long as I use the car every 3-4 days it is OK. It's obvious something is draining it (if only the alarm light) and think a larger battery would might help.
  6. Thanks alan333. I hear that a lot, and it sounds right, but I am afraid it doesn't seem to be the case. The battery was replaced with an expensive new one because of the issue but no improvement. The meter is showing no unusual drain but, nevertheless, after 5 days of not being used, it won't turn the engine over. Interestingly, my wife's Peugeot has a similar problem and she's had it from new. No vehicle electrician has been able to find a reason for either car. I also have an Avensis diesel and that give no trouble at all - but it is a big battery. It seems I may just have to live with it.
  7. I should have said, after 5 days without use.
  8. My RAV 4 Petrol XT3i gives excellent service but the battery goes flat after about 5 days. It is not a battery fault as I replaced it with a good quality one of the right size. There is no excess drainage (I've had it checked) and the alternator is working properly. The thing is, the battery looks, physically, quite small. Obviously, the physical size of a battery will affect the amount of energy it can store. I would like to fit a larger one but the available space doesn't look as if it will take a bigger one. I would be interested to know if anyone has tried this, successfully.
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