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  1. Kinda stuffed then me thinks. I have had a couple of garage quotes so far. Both suggesting the belt and pulley are replaced to see if the engine has compression and will turn over. I guess that will help determine what damage done internally without stripping down the block. Quotes approx £250. Another garage bloke said it's bound to have internal damage. The engine made no noise though when it cut out. Was at very low speed as i was doing a three point turn. It just cut out and lights on dash all came on.
  2. Would it really be under warranty after four years? I didn't buy the car from a main dealer and the timing belt was replaced before they sold the car to me.
  3. The garage guy that determined it had snapped said there was a sticker and a stamp on the belt of 2012 which ties in with the date we purchased the vehicle.
  4. Morning guys (and girls?), Ive just joined so bear with me. Looking for some valued advice from people like yourselves in the know. Toyota dealerships in my area have been useless ...... but anyway, we had a timing belt snap on our 55 plate Rav4 D-4D XT4 yesterday, 4 days before we were due to trade it in, so absolutely gutted. The belt had been replaced before we bought it four years ago at 74k miles, but has gone again at 94k miles. We are now trying to determine the best course of action. Do we spend money trying to find out how much damage has been done, as i'm guessing the only other course of action is to sell the car as a 'project' for someone willing to put in the work. The car itself is in fantastic condition for its age and had been valued as a trade-in last week at £3110. Really have no idea as to what it would be worth as it now stands. I would really appreciate any advice or info you'd be willing to pass on