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  1. Hello Peter. I'm a bit fixed on this pm businesses. You could text me on (Mod edit - number removed) Russ
  2. Thanks Peter. Would be happy to meet up at my place. Maybe if you came in your Rav we could offer them up and check the fit. Seem ok? Russ
  3. Hello all I have a set of crossbars and fittings for the 2018 Rav 4. They're surplus as I swapped up for a 2020 Rav4 Hybrid and these old don't fit. The new car has no roof rails and the new bars I have are a slot in fit with bolts in the roof chanels. So - if anyone wants a pair of used - maybe three or four times but slightly dusty - roof crossbars for your 2018 Rav 4, get in touch. I live in north Preston just near the M6 M55 junction. Youll need to be happy to come and collect them. All the best Russ
  4. Hello Buff69 and sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Still not done it! The plague has kept the Rav in so mileage still only about 65!!! I will be back - eventually.... Best wishes to everyone. Russ
  5. Thanks Buff69. I had no idea the car was so smart and would never have thought this mattered! So - I wait until I get a bit more on it and try again. Do people agree I have Toyota Touch 2 with Go (CY17/CY17+)? Thanks Russell
  6. Thanks friends. This all does look a bit complex so I don't now feel as dumb! Looking at the European Update Map site, I think I have the Toyota Touch 2 with Go (CY17/CY17+) version so I'll have a struggle with that one. I'm intrigued by duncerduncs' point about mileage. This had not occured to me as I didn't think mileage was relevant. Because of the lockdown, I'm only up to about 60 miles. Does this matter? Do you know why? Thanks again Russell
  7. Hello This all sounds a bit dopey but I'm trying to set up My Toyota for my new 2020 Rav 4 and the on line process asks me to register my multi media. I'm struggling with this as the step by step doesn't work in my car. I assume I need to register it to get any updates as they come along. I think I have a problem with selecting one of the four options as none seem to match the one in my car which is hte Design - the second trim level down from the top one. Can anyone confirm which multi media device I have and then what steps I need to take to register it? It all worked fine with my 2016 Prius and with my last 2018 Rav so I started off feeling very confident! Thanks in advance Russell
  8. Just got sent a link to a Toyota Owners Club posting on this.’t-drive-it-for-a-long-time-r124/ Would not have thought to do this myself. Presumably it's ok ?????? Russ
  9. Thanks Buff69. Beginning to be glad I asked about this. But how do Toyota advise we get round this healthy battery situation? Russ Btw meant to say in good condition not invoke but you all knew that!
  10. Most advice above is about solar and is really useful. I too have a 2020 RAV4 and for all the obvious reasons, it's not getting the normal runs. I also have 2016 Prius which is also cooling its heels. I keep both in garage with safe mains power and I have a Cteck trickle charger I bought a while back for an earlier conventional car. I've not used the Ctek on either hybrid because I'm a bit worried about connecting electrical devices to these complex hybrid engine systems. What do people think? Ok to connect them up on rota to keep both cars invoke battery condition? Many thanks. Look after yourselves and your loved ones. Russ Hmm. Must update my profile to show the new Rav. Now done.
  11. Thanks for your points. I think on balance I'll be ringing Toyota for breakdown quote. As I now have a RAV4 as well as the Prius, I might be able to swing a two car deal! Thanks again. Russ
  12. Hmm. Thanks for your point FB. So if I get stranded by a failure that is covered by warranty and I ring it in, Toyota won't get me to their garage? I remember MobiloLife with Mercedes and they certainly would. Plus paying reasonable overnight costs if necessary. They also sent a mobile tech to sort out a start fail which turned out to be a dud battery. I think you're right about Toyota breakdown cover. They do seem cheaper than the usual suspects. Russ
  13. Do I need breakdown cover when I have the5 year warranty, including Europe? Thanks, Russ
  14. Woof woof! I feel the same. Chasing our tails??? Russ