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  1. Thanks for your points. I think on balance I'll be ringing Toyota for breakdown quote. As I now have a RAV4 as well as the Prius, I might be able to swing a two car deal! Thanks again. Russ
  2. Hmm. Thanks for your point FB. So if I get stranded by a failure that is covered by warranty and I ring it in, Toyota won't get me to their garage? I remember MobiloLife with Mercedes and they certainly would. Plus paying reasonable overnight costs if necessary. They also sent a mobile tech to sort out a start fail which turned out to be a dud battery. I think you're right about Toyota breakdown cover. They do seem cheaper than the usual suspects. Russ
  3. Do I need breakdown cover when I have the5 year warranty, including Europe? Thanks, Russ
  4. Woof woof! I feel the same. Chasing our tails??? Russ
  5. Harters - I watched it through and I see what you mean about the thump when she presses "Park" but does this mean the dorrs/gate are unlocked? I suppose it must do but I can't say I've heard this in mu Prius. Maybe you have to manualy select lock with the button which releases when you park? I don't think this happens. Also, it never locks when turning on or selecting "D". I reckon that if her car is unlocking, it must have some (USA?) software. I'll bet our cars can't do this trick! Russ
  6. HMM Don't know about using the key fob. If we were moving off and I used the fob, would the alarm be set or sound? And - still doesn't get round the "visibly locked" thing. At night you have trouble seeing the red bits! I just don't need to look or think about it on the Merc. It just locks at six or so mph and when I stop, people can get out. Sounds simple doesn't it. TBH, I'm not too bothered about the button durability thing - can't see it breaking unless it's abused. It's the the fact that 20 or even 30 year old stuff isn't on one of the most technically sophisticated cars available today. Never mind - nobody died! Russ
  7. Hello Folks. When I originally posted on this, I didn't realise how many people would be interested! But, after all our brainpower, it seems that Mr Toyota (lovely car BTW) can't help. Oh well, it's back the button which, incidentally, takes a little getting used to and it doesn't show clear get confirmation the doors are indeed locked as the red bits on the handle aren't all that clear. Another inconvenience is that your passengers can't get out until you do the button. On my previous cars, Merc and BMW, auto locked up at around six mph and the fron or rear passenger could open their door and turn the lock off. Maybe something for Mr T. to consider? Picking peoples' brains (even other car makers) must surely be a good thing? This stuff has been around for nearly 20 years... Cheers to all, Russ
  8. Bowruss

    Anothe recall

    Thanks again Parts-King - good points. I understand what you say and I'll check again in a couple of weeks. I'll also just sit back and see what happens. Russ
  9. Bowruss

    Anothe recall

    Thanks for this quick and very helpful reply. I ran my car reg. through the checker using the link yiou provided and it tells me NFA action needed - not affected. Russ
  10. Bowruss

    Anothe recall

    Thanks for this. So my April Prius Excel may not be affected? Russ
  11. Hello and thanks for all the comments. Here in Preston, we don't seem to get much, if any, snow and ice. I have a winter set for the Merc because it's r/w drive and winters do better for wear and grip when temperatures drop to an average of 9 deg and below. I think they're better in cold wet conditions. I'll have think about the points made and see what my local dealer has on offer. I think I'll aslo ask Toyota insurance whether they need to know and the effect on premium. Russ
  12. Thanks PeteB - but watch out. We don't want to start a taste war here!! Good music BTW! Russ
  13. I posted elsewhere about door locking and PeteB offered a comment. I noticed he had 15" wheels on his 2016 Excel. I fancied these when I bought the car new in April but got seduced by the 17"'s. I'm thinking about a spare set of wheels and tyres for winter and wondering about a couple of things: 15" or 17" - any thoughts about advatages in colder, snowy weather. I might get a better ride with the 15" and a deeper tyre which also might be more available and cheaper. Type of tyre? Do I need to tell Toyota Insurance if I change and will my premium go up? Could I get a package deal from Toyota or should I go "private". I'd have to watch for wheel compatibility/offset, etc. Anyone gone through all these choices? Any thoughts/advice? Thanks folks, Russ
  14. Thanks. I had a look at these customisables - P.672, etc. - but as you, say, it's not there. I do agree it's surprising not to have it. Maybe it's part of the same thought chain that left the auto wipers off all but the top spec model - and then gave us option of changing them to manual....All a bit odd. Russ
  15. Thanks for this. I'm not quite sure about this but I wonder if the lossless option is very intensive on file size. It also might take while to convert my favourite songs, symphonies, etc. I suppose the other thing is that in a car, even the Prius, audio of even the best quality needs to compete with ambient sound/noise and the finer modulations of, for example, Brahms and Mahler may not be heard as they would at home. I do find that I mostly listen to jazz and rock/pop in the cars along with those classical pieces that have a narrower range rather than plenty of piano then forte. I hesitate here but my in-car classical listening tends to Bach suites, the Goldberg Variations and pieces of a similar nature. It's hard to make this point and I do hope music addicts will forgive me. I certainly don't want to start an audio war here! With vast respect to everyone's taste and views - Russ