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  1. Hi mate, Sorry for the delay. I've sent you a PM with the VIN. It doesn't have ABS. Thanks!
  2. Currently welding a lot of the rear of my 1995 3-door Mk1 RAV4, and have noticed a few people on various Facebook groups ask about the rear trailing arms. While mine aren't that bad, they will need replacing at some point. But I can't seem to find anyone who stocks them? Does anyone here have a contact who would stock them?
  3. I bought a pair for my 1995 3 door RAV4 from eBay for about £80. They don't use the fixings, just clamp on to the body as normal.
  4. It should just be a straight swap. Size wise the 4EFE and 4EFTE are identical, it's the internals that are different. So I think it'd just be a straight swap. You may need to do the plumbing for the intercooler as a bespoke thing, but the shop you're dealing with should have experience with this. I don't think it's something you could just pick up from a shelf, so they would probably have to fabricate it.
  5. Guessing you mean it has the Dual Mass Flywheel? Many people who drive Audi's and other German cars reverted back to the solid flywheel, and a lot of them regret it. It doesn't drive the same after it. So I'd advise against going back to a solid flywheel set up and keep the DMF.
  6. So my 1995 RAV4's been going great guns, until the other day when I noticed the exhaust back box looked a bit wet. On further inspection I get to see this: From what I can see, the drive shaft seal on the left needs replacing as I think that's probably where the oil is seeping from. That said I would probably look to change the seal on the rear cover of the diff too. The other seal can wait I think. Question is, does anyone have the part numbers for these two seals? Not financially able to go to Mr.T for these at the moment. It's a Mk 1 1995 Toyota RAV4 3
  7. Common swap is to swap the 4EFTE from a Starlet Glanza in to the Corolla, and it's pretty much a straight fit from what I can gather. You would need the ECU and ancillaries from the car the 4EFTE is coming from. If you do a search for 4EFTE Glanza you will come across another forum for Starlet's and there's a lot of information there about the engines.
  8. All of this. They are incredibly rugged cars considering the price point they have/had. Engines are good, can be a little chatty if not had an oil change. The clutch though is probably due another change if it's got to 120,000 miles. Mine only lasted to 60,000 miles which seems standard these days.
  9. From the enthusiastic chap with the 3 Door Corolla called Paddy, now comes Jack. The 1995 Toyota RAV4 GX 3-door! I don't have much in the way of photos at the moment, but I bought this on Saturday in Yorkshire. Has only been used for pootling abount for the last 7 years, so has done about 15,000 miles in that time. Badly needs two new tyres, and a window tint and air induction kit. The reason for the tint and air induction is for insurance purposes. Without the modifications I would have to pay £280 extra for my insurance. With the modifications, it only raised it by £80. Which
  10. Like a bus, nothing happens for ages then two come along at once. This is the next video in the series on what I'm doing bodywork wise with Paddy. In the video above I go through the filling steps etc. This episode there's a whole lot of sanding, filling, sanding, wiping, spraying etc. I did also end up discovering a bit of rust hiding under the boot rubber. Fairly insidious really which surprised me. I've managed to get on top of it, which you'll see in the video below!
  11. It's been a long time since I did any work on Paddy! Life gets in the way, other cars take up your time, but sometimes life does open doors for you to find time to do things. So while I work from home I'm spending my lunchtimes sorting out the rear bumper on Paddy. I'm basically doing to the rear bumper what I did to the front. I'm painting the black trim white as well as painting the rear spoiler. Both of these are textured, and I'm using the same process as I did for the front bumper above. This time though I've decided to film the process. So here it is, I hope you enjoy it!
  12. There's plenty of boys on Facebook breaking Corolla's with these bumpers on them. Check the Facebook Marketplace or Corolla.ie group on Facebook for breakers.
  13. The Turbo engine from the Starlet is the 4EFTE. If you can find one, let alone for cheap, then this would be the easiest route. You'd need the engine, manifold, gearbox (just in case) and the ECU from the Starlet and throw that in to the Corolla. The 4EFTE - as far as I'm aware - is the turbo version of the standard 4EFE which is the 1.3 engine in our Corolla's. So they should just plop themselves in without too much hassle. The thing is, 4EFTE's are getting rarer and good ones rarer still. So for performance upgrades you could look at getting the 1.6 engines from the later E11 Corolla's
  14. I would've if it was Toyota related 😂 I've an engine swap in mind for the Corolla. Just need to get the Lada done first!
  15. OBD-II wasn't really mandatory in cars until the 2000's. The "diagnosis" port in the engine bay is OBD-I I think. It isn't standard across manufacturers, and Toyota have the special machine to diagnose the car with this port. But, you can "short" two pins with a paper clip and diagnose engine warning lights with it. So it's quite useful in a rudimentary way.
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