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  1. I would've if it was Toyota related 😂 I've an engine swap in mind for the Corolla. Just need to get the Lada done first!
  2. OBD-II wasn't really mandatory in cars until the 2000's. The "diagnosis" port in the engine bay is OBD-I I think. It isn't standard across manufacturers, and Toyota have the special machine to diagnose the car with this port. But, you can "short" two pins with a paper clip and diagnose engine warning lights with it. So it's quite useful in a rudimentary way.
  3. I think I'm at the 6,000 mile mark now, the odometer is reading 111,101 miles! I do have a fair bit to say about it, but I'm lacking the time at the moment to put it down. I will say though that I drove Paddy to Berlin and back in October! The only thing that happened was that the bumper nearly fell off at the indicated 124mph I managed to get to! I am starting to write about the other cars I've got, and I've written a bit about Paddy on that website here. I've got a Lada to work on with a Rover engine, so there's not really any Toyota stuff related to them so I can't put them here. I'm away for a week now again but when I get back I'll give a full update.
  4. I like the misery of selecting a gear. Automatics might be different now, but the two I've owned would often hunt between gears, you know when the revs are too high to sit in 3rd and 4th is too low? I never liked that, and I like the fact that I have the full control of the vehicle with a manual gear change. As for the infotainment thing, it's because no one has any idea about what the best way to implement one is in a car. I think Mercedes Benz are close to it, as their S-Class seem to have just one giant screen inside of the dashboard. And maybe even Tesla, but the rest of the manufacturers have given it no thought.
  5. I watched a review of his when I was buying a Peugeot 3008, and he opened the boot, stood for a moment and said "That's a really good boot". As for the car, I'm with him I couldn't get on (and I don't get on) with cars that have that silly sticky out thing on the dash. The guys designing these things, in car entertainment and electronics, they don't consider the end user. So they're not intuitive at all. Couple this with the fact that they don't come with a manual gearbox, I would have to give the car a miss even though I like the colour of the interior and the design of the car.
  6. This is roughly a 2,000 mile update. So the major point is that I tracked down what the knocking sound was - turned out the nut for the front right shock absorber wasn't tight enough. Tightened it down and it's been a dream ever since. I drove to Hereford about two/three weeks ago for a wedding and I was late, and it gave me the opportunity to tackle the single lane country roads early on a Saturday morning. The car is even more stable and planted than I first thought and it's a dream to drive now really. Power is suspect still, this is down to the cone. I've decided to get rid of it in 4,000 miles time when I do it's service (every 6,000 miles on this thing!). I'm going to get the K&N flat panel air filter and see what happens. In the boot I've started putting in a new "floor" to make the most of the wheel well space. So the idea is to build a box type of thing in the wheel well and for there to be a hatch on it, so I can keep the air compressor and tyre gunk in there as well as a few essentials. That's as far as I've gotten with it due to other commitments now but I'll knock it out over the coming weeks when I get chance. I got hold of a black vinyl sun strip for the car too, which was a lot thicker than normal. I went for a plain black strip just to see what i'd be like. So far it's been good, keeping the sun out of my eyes just above the mirror. I made a mistake with the application of the vinyl which left a noticable mark. No worries though, as I ordered a sticker by mistake (it was the wrong size) but it was big enough to cover the defect. Finally added the obligatory "Made in Japan" stickers on the sides of the car: I've purchased some speakers to replace the standard ones in the Corolla. Nothing fancy, although I wanted to get Pioneer speakers to match the head unit. They're 3 way speakers, so will be a little better than what is there already. They're mounted differently though so I will have to mess about fabricating brackets etc. It'll be the next proper job I do on the car actually. And, other than checking the engine for oil, I've no complaints - other than the power. Fuel economy wise it's back up to 320 miles on the full tank which is the same as what it was before. Hence why the cone is doesn't nothing. Although I will say the high pitch whine I got when doing 60mph has gone. All that means is I'm going to tape up every joint so there are no air leaks!
  7. If you put an MOT on it you'd get a few quid more for it and a lot less hassle, as it gives an opportunity for the chancers to try and get a few quid off it on the basis that it might need a load of work for the MOT.
  8. According to Martin Lewis the item has to be over £100, but as long as there's at least £1 of it on a credit card then it still qualifies for that protection.
  9. Just remembered as well that the plastic clips that hold on to the window glass are easily broken. So you need to be very careful with it, although when I broke mine I gorilla glued it back and it's been fine since. It just added more complexity to the job. Also, grease the mechanism! It's why these regulators fail in my opinion.
  10. I had this, the only real way to fix it is to buy a new regulator as a whole. Only way I could really do it was to cut the cable which then loosened the window, and it seemed to give me much more wiggle room. But it's hands down the nastiest job to do on an Aygo yourself.
  11. Spent the weekend under the car. Didn't do half as much as what I thought I could achieve on Saturday, but that's because of the heat. But I dropped the exhaust down off the car, the blow was coming from the joint between the catalytic convertor and the middle box. So that's been gun gummed up although I'll have to smother it with sealant soon as the gungum will harden and break off. I cut a 1" piece out of the exhaust pipe leading to the back box, which has allowed the pipe to move up in to the tunnel under the car so there's no risk of it catching. Impatience got the better of me (I'm blaming the heat) and I realised that the 0.8mm flux welding wire I bought to weld the exhaust together wouldn't fit through the welder I bought. Turned out that the tip needed changing, I didn't know, so I attacked the exhaust pipe with the arc welder I bought a few years ago. Safe to say that I used too thick of a welding rod and too high an amperage, so I blew through the metal. I had a piece I cut off it a few weeks ago that I cut up and patched the holes with the MIG welder when I made a Sunday morning dash to Halfords to buy some 0.6mm welding wire. Until I started welding I didn't know the wire wasn't meant for a gasless MIG welder, so the welding is shocking. But, cruicially, I didn't burn through the metal. So in the space of a weekend my welding already improved in that respect! But safe to say after that debacle I didn't bother welding the pipes together. Other annoying thing is that, with the 1" removed, the back box now sits more or less where the original back box does, meaning I have a hole in the bumper where I thought it would sit. It doesn't anymore, so I'm going to have to think of a way to improve the look of it. Tonight's job, through to Friday, will be consisting of laying a floor in the boot. I don't have a spare wheel and I wanted to utilise the space better as well as make the boot floor flat - as the original spare tyre cover was completely knackered. Might also fit the mud flaps this week. The speakers came last week as well, but are sat in their boxes in the boot waiting for a weekend where I'm going to be drilling holes in the stock speakers brackets to fit the Pioneer speakers I bought. Won't be this weekend, might be able to do it next weekend but I'm not sure yet. I don't have a photo of it at the moment (phone died as the charger gave up the ghost on Saturday night) but I painted the trim around the drivers window in a gloss black paint. It looks alot smarter now so I'll do the passenger side this week too, as well as touch up the grey parts of the body that I painted in primer ready for a top coat. One issue I have at the moment is that on cold start up it squeals a little like it's the belt again. I may not have tightened it, but as it's squealing the belst are more or less trash now, so I'll have to tend to that at some point due to the wife moaning at me about it every morning I bring her to work. Speaking of the wife, I was at the pub with a few friends the other week and I was talking about the number plate I bought with "My Wife Hates This Car" on it. As with all pubs that have your friends there, it sounds like a good idea when someone says that you should do something on YouTube about the car (a la HubNut). Long story short, that's what I'm going to do shortly. More for the next project car, but this will be included in it too. I don't have a lot else to say on it at the moment although I've got the website set up. But, separately, I bought a new lens for my film camera and took a few photos of the Corolla for the website. It's 35 years past it's expiry, hence all the grain, but it makes Paddy look all arty without the need for an Instagram filter! Although it's a bit depressing that the second photo/bluer photo was taken last week in the lovely British summer. The idea now is that while I film the work on the car(s) I can take photos of it as well. But that's far and away in the future.
  12. Well I used some GunGum when I was putting it together, so I'm going to clean all that rubbish off anyway. I might weld it, although I've never done it before so who knows. I have an inch to take off the back pipe leading to the back box as it's slightly too long (causing it to be lower than it should) so I'd have to weld that when I cut it anyway. I was thinking that after writing what I said. It's just the way the engine responds to me at the moment is identical to how the 107 behaved. But like you said I'd be better off fixing the blow before looking at the cat.
  13. Here's your 500 mile(ish) update. Exhaust is blowing something chronic. I'm putting it up on some ramps at the weekend and going to adjust the exhaust properly. I've a proper MIG welder now so I'm going to do the modifications to it myself. I'm contemplating welding the middle box to the back box, but not to the catalytic convertor, even though thats where most of the blow is coming from. The back box has made a nice curved hole in the bumper as well which is handy for when I go to cut a better hole for it. The car doesn't seem as nippy as it did before, even after a good long jaunt down to London and back at the weekend. It seems a bit gutless, and it reminds me of how my Peugeot 107 was when I used a 3rd party catalytic convertor. It feels restricted, more than it should. So I'm going to look at getting a more free flowing catalytic convertor for it. In terms of fuel economy, I remember on a full tank it would do 320 miles. So far it hasn't managed to get to 300 miles, let alone what it did do. I could deal with a lack of power from the cone air filter if it returned better economy, but it just isn't happening. So I'm going to reinstall the original air filter system and use a K&N panel filter. That should remedy some of the short commings the car has at the moment. The knock is driving me mad, and I'm 99% sure it's the exhaust pipe that I haven't screwed in properly. So when the car is on the ramp at the weekend I'm going to tighten that back. General driving has been a breeze really. Very enjoyable, firm suspension, so yeah I'm happy with all of that.
  14. The seats of the 3-door are the same as those used in the 5-door, and it'll tilt.
  15. You're going to have to trawl eBay I think. There are a lot of these Corolla's being broken in Ireland, but there's next to none in the UK. Once the scrap man gets them they get shipped abroad to the middle east, so it's hard to get them in the UK. It's not impossible though, and you will find the odd one. But when a friend had his car vandalised (same shape/year as yours) it was quite hard to find a breaking car. But keep an eye out on the searches, try also looking on ebay.ie as well as .com and .co.uk, as they don't always give the same search results. For the record, wings from the hatchback and compacts will fit your car.
  16. Interesting to know if your drill set up has any wobble? And good mileage on the old girl pal!
  17. I don't think they have personally, as they all have to meet minimum requirements. And as has been said, they've been in F1 for absolute years providing lubricants to the teams as well. I'd feel much better about putting Petronas in a car compared to the Amazon basics stuff.
  18. I know there's a part of the exhaust mount that I fixed with a cable tie. It's just odd, as I told both MOT testers about it and they both checked it with a crowbar etc and it was all tight. So the only thing I can think of is the exhaust. Which, I said previously, I'm going to get someone to fettle. It needs an inch removed from the pipe running to the back box which will bring it in line with the tunnel. And then, maybe, a hanger welded to the car just to make it secure. I mean, it's secure anyway, but more for peace of mind than anything.
  19. No I just have the normal steel wheel that came with it. But years ago I was driving back from Budapest I had a flat tyre. I didn't trust the place I was in, so I swapped my alloy wheel for the steel wheel. Because we had luggage and stuff I put the alloy wheel back in to the well and covered it back up. The only issue you'll have is the centre cap as it needs to be removed I think.
  20. It's not the hinges, it's definitely something under the car. The suspension is tight and doesn't happen over every bump. Only thing I can think of is the exhaust banging against the subframe under the driver. Well when it was spotted I was with my friend and he went mental at me about it. I told him I had bled the brakes myself (the sister in law bless her was pumping the pedal while I was at the wheel) and I said it wasn't leaking them. So yeah it was probably a result of being driven more than sloppy work and/or sloppy MOT'ing. 200 miles in to it though as of this morning and the brake light hasn't come back on. The Pioneers are coming today, but I probably won't fit them until Sunday at the earliest although it'll probably be the weekend after before I touch it. One good bit of news is that I thought I would only be able to use this as a daily up until January 2020, as Birmingham were bringing in that clean air zone and I didn't fancy paying £8 a day to drive to work. It's been pushed back to July 2020 at the earliest. So I will be dailying it for a year up until I get the Lada working, and that's a project where I'm glad I got a 6 month extension on.
  21. A full size spare fits in the boot. And an alloy will fit in there.
  22. To be fair, I've always done the brakes myself, but there's a torx screw on the disc that is a proper PITA to remove especially when (not if) it strips. If I took it to the dealer I'd fully expect to pay £150 just to take that damn screw off!!
  23. When I serviced my Peugeot 107 I used Petronas Syntium for the first time, and about 13 months later I checked the oil (not the only time I did that by the way!) and it was like new. The car is regularly ragged to hell when I drive it as the wife only does short journeys. What's significant about this is that I've used Castrol in that engine, Total, even Toyota's specific oil and all of them by the end of the year have gone dark brown/black. But for whatever reason, this Syntium stuff still looks fairly new. So it could be the brand of oil? Are you using Syntium?
  24. Successful first day commuting! On the way home I stopped off at the petrol station and used their jet wash, only the lance not the mop, and got 2 years worth of crud and dirt off of the car. Also a close up of the wheel in situ. I then hit some of the grey primer bits with a rattle can. Only a temporary thing to keep the wife happy (although, in fairness, scrapping the car would make her the most happy - fat chance!). But it's the first time I've stood back and looked at the car since, well I can't remember. I'm quite chuffed really with what I've got, and it's no where near finished but the idea I had in my head is 90% there really. I've ordered two 13cm 3-way Pioneer speakers and two 10cm 3-way Pioneer speakers which are going to come this week, and I'll fit them over the weekend. They'll match the Pioneer head unit I bought at the weekend (as the JVC unit I had from the Subaru doesn't have DAB, I thought it did). And it'll all match the Pioneer AV stuff I have in the house - I think Pioneer might be my favourite AV brand!
  25. Ok so an update on this. After posting it on friday, I spoke to a mate and he said he was getting his MOT done on the Saturday in Birmingham (so about 14 miles from the house), so I headed down there on a mix of roads (fast and slow) and it passed on emissions - just. But the previous MOT guys had failed to spot a leak on the brake line, so that was picked up but sorted out. Anyway, it has a full MOT and the cleanest MOT it's had in over 10 years. I've done 130 miles on it over the weekend, and this morning driving in to work. I've driven it in the soaking wet, and in the bone dry. I've driven it around town, in the country, and on dual carriageways. It's great to be behind the wheel of it again. The car is pinpoint in the turn ins, doesn't oversteer doesn't understeer. I can go around a roundabout at 30mph and it have acres of grip and the car is planted and balanced. Suspension is a lot firmer especially on the rear because of the new shocks. Only issues are that cone air filter has to go, I need to get the exhaust welded together, and there is an odd knock from the suspension on the drivers side. The air filter does nothing, if anything it's made the car feel completely gutless. The exhaust is also blowing at the join. But when you have like a foot of space under the car and no lift it's going to happen. The knock itself is strange because in the two MOT tests the suspension is solid. There is no play at all on the front or underneath. I may try to tighten the top mounts just to make sure they're tight, as everything under is sorted. I've got to drive it to work all week, so I'll find out more about it that way.