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  1. Thanks bud! Yeah I looked at it over the weekend and found the bit of paper I made with what needed doing, and there isn't a whole lot left. I've the CV boot pliers and rings ordered so they should be with me by the weekend so I can at least kick off the driveshaft work again.
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    I've only had the rear of it step out of line going around a roundabout in the wet, but nothing like what you've said.
  3. So it's been 6 months and not a lot has happened for various reasons. About a month after posting the last reply I tore ligaments in my ankle while driving the Subaru. The clutch was always heavy, but for whatever reason my ankle couldn't cope and tore apart. The Subaru has since been sold on - made a profit on it which vanished in to bits and pieces on the house - and the Corolla is still on the driveway. I've sort of got less to do now so I can start to finish off the work on the Corolla. Yes I've picked the best time in the year to experience mechanical work in the cold and wet, but it's been over a year since I did anything to it and I just want it back on the road now. First job on the cards - ignoring what I said before - will be the CV boots on the driveshafts. I did them wrong, I used jubilee clips instead of bands. I'm pricing up the tool and bands to do it, I've got 6 litres of gearbox oil I bought for the Subaru which I'm going to use on the Corolla's gearbox and my 107's gearbox (waste not want not etc). And so, while I have the driveshafts off again, I'm going to drop the gearbox out and replace the oil seal on the engine like I should've done before. This time though I have the loan of a proper crane to move the gearbox! So yeah, apologies for being quiet. Lots of stuff has happened not related to the car which has taken me away from that and from the site. But the Corolla's still here, pointing at the road desperate to hoon down the country lanes of the British countryside!
  4. Until the gas ran out on my 107, I would have the Air Con all the time. One week going to work I filled it up and had the air con on. The next week I drove the week without the air con on. Over the course of a full tank, the air con cost me about 20/25 miles on a tank. So in economy respect I don't think the air con makes a fat lot of difference.
  5. I drove my sister's Yaris which had one of these on it, I thought there was a disco on the dashboard!
  6. You can get a free MOT, the Government only set a maximum fee that can be charged for an MOT.
  7. Try the Corolla groups on Facebook. There's a lot of them in Ireland that are being broken up so you'll get some luck there.
  8. Do you know where the tyre is rubbing? It could be rubbing on the inside of the wheel arch, or it could be rubbing on the outside. You'd have to put it on full lock and inspect it. Other than that, you can either put up with the rubbing or give the wheels more room. Can be done either by reducing the width of the tyres, increasing the height of the suspension, or roll out the arch flare and use a spacer to bring the wheels out a little.
  9. Fairly sure someone (think it was @olddriver) said their brake pipes exploded while undergoing their MOT test, that the pipe under the plastic cover had corroded. So it can happen. Also haven't forgotten about the flaring kit mate, just haven't had the time or opportunity to get a look.
  10. £25 a corner is a brilliant price. I got quoted £50 as well to get mine resprayed.
  11. I ended up buying engine mounts from eBay for about £25. Febi ones. Quality wise, compared to the original one it replaced, the original ones are so much heavier and feel better quality. The new one is just plastic really. But needs must at the time. If I need to change them again I'd go to Toyota, regardless of the cost.
  12. I think if you're looking for coilovers that aren't from China then Demontweeks might be the only place to get them. However, they're not cheap. If you want cheap, then you'll have to go with Chinese. I wanted coilovers but couldn't afford them, so I just spray painted my springs and refitted them with new KYB shocks. If the car is ever on its roof at least it'll look like I ran coilovers haha
  13. Sorry been away all weekend, in your neck of the woods actually for a wedding! I'll check my flaring kit and get back to you.
  14. I bought this tool, and I'm 99% sure it does any flare you need to make with it. https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/cht172-automotive-pipe-flaring-kit/
  15. Think Halfords do the pipes for about £15 which you can bend yourself. As for the unions I think they're metric.
  16. @Planemo has. Here's the thread. Doesn't help that Photobucket started being tight and restrict access to the images he used now! All the information should be on there though.
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    Big Miles

    Didn't you know that these cars make fantastic boats? :P Compass reading isn't my strong point!
  18. That's fairly normal I think. If the car is coasting then the engine is still going to be running, except instead of the accelerator providing power, the residual motion from the car is transferred to the engine via the gear box. Only thing is that during this phase the engine uses little to no fuel.
  19. Have you tried Halfords? I saw they do sill protectors, might be an idea to try them?
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    I think it's the profile of the tyres that make a big difference. Narrow tyres tend to work better in snow than wide fat tyres. But you're more or less right. The lightweight of the car and the way the weight is positioned over the driving wheels does give a bit more grip. Also remember that most 4x4 drivers, when it comes to changing tyres, have to change all four corners at once. This gets expensive, so they opt for cheaper rubber. This too has an effect.
  21. I can see how it'd be a nice earner for those with more than one car, some one drives it and earns you a few quid. But like you it's the legal insurance aspect of it that I'd be concerned about.
  22. No problem. Can't stress enough though how much of a bad idea it is to remove the VSS without dropping the gearbox. If it's not budging then don't force it as it will break and shatter in to the gearbox. The VSS doesn't screw in, it sort of sits there so pulls straight out. But I tried to pull it when the box was full of oil, that might be why it was hard to do. But definately give Parts King a call and ask him for a price on the VSS as he's going to be cheaper than the charlatan you went to before!
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    I wouldn't. At least if it's wet and rainy it'll stop the car skidding out of control. It's just really in snowy conditions you should turn it off to allow your wheels to grip better.
  24. Also, meant to add, if the VSS isn't coming off with moderate force, stop and take the gearbox out. I've seen someone try to take the VSS out in situ and the whole thing broke apart. It would allow foreign objects to get in to the gearbox and ruin it.
  25. Didn't realise it'd been this long since I updated the thread. For one reason or another I just haven't done anything with Paddy since the last update. Well, except for putting wheels on it and filling the brake fluid up, only to realise one of the calipers has sprung a leak at the oil bleed valve. And do you think I could find where I put the new ones I bought a few months ago!? Long story short, I got given/bought a Subaru which is now on the driveway, which in turn caused the misses to have a fit and demanded that one of the cars had to go, otherwise she'd scrap the Corolla. I haven't mistyped that sentence! So for the last few weeks I've been trying to find a lock up to put the Corolla in while I continue to work on it, but I've had no luck. I even put it up for sale for a day, had a lot of interest in breaking it but not actually buying it. So I took it off the market. But, thankfully, I've managed to find somewhere to put the car while I get it on the road - my Mom's driveway! The Mrs is happy as it's "gone" (for now at least), and my Mom is happy as I said I'd pay her rent for the driveway space. So, forgive the lack of movement on this, but I just haven't had the time or anything like that for it. But, I would like to point out something. I took the car off the stilts and started it. It struggled to start but it's to be expected. Old fuel, cold start, haven't really serviced the engine either. But the clutch!!! It's night and day difference, and actually worked. I may have been more inclined to scrap him if the clutch wasn't right, but from the little bit of driving I did do the clutch was flawless and so so so much lighter than before. So yeah, I haven't given up. Just got to rehome him and get him on the road.