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  1. +1 for bilt hamber, smells nice too 😁. I use the auto foam, shampoo, QD, cleanser/polish and clay, and their auto wheel on the wheels which stinks but clears brakedust a treat before a wash with the bodywork. Internally I use chemical guys combined leather cleaner/protector and invisible cleaner on the carpets and mats with their fabric protector. Meguiars Internally detailer on the plastics which give a nice matt sheen but doesn't last long. Might try aerospace 303 as I like the glossy look and apparently it lasts longer. Mixed results with cloths, but bilt hambers microfiber towels are nice and stay soft after repeated washes. Tried ultimate finish own brand which are OK but not as good as BH. Tried waffle weave for glass from a few and yet to find anything I'm amazed by vs using the BH microfiber.
  2. +1 for Horsham, bought my 2018 auris there and my partner switched to having her 2017 yaris there and we both went back last year for a corolla and mk4 yaris. Not had any problems there and drive an hour instead of using local dealer. There are good dealers out there who can be trusted and that with toyota's reputation and experience for reliable solid cars is good enough for me to go with recommended servicing.
  3. I got poor quote with new auris in 2015, then with new in 2018 they were close and had a cashback deal. Renewal was onle a few quid more then 3rd year was silly so went elsewhere. For the new corolla last year, the initial quote was over nine THOUSAND. They got it too 728 but in the end I went with LV who were under everyone else and cheaper than the outgoing auris. First time LV have ever been worthwhile on any car.
  4. It's on whenever ICE is off and car is moving. louder in reverse. No way to switch off. I actually like the spaceship sounds 😁
  5. Corolla Vs Yaris (cant speak to cross) - I bought a 2.0 Corolla Excel with JBL, but Partner bought a Mk4 Yaris Excel with Tech Pack 6 months earlier. I have driven it a fair bit and honestly I would have been just as happy with the Yaris vs the Corolla. Yaris plus points: BSM, RCTA, HUD (tech pack) and more room in rear - seats are way better than Mk3, nearly as good as Corolla, general feel, handling and performance way better than the Mk 3 and the 2 Auris I had previously Corolla plus points: full "leather" (and at the time) Sat Nav onboard as well as Android Auto, IPA (which actually doesn't work well on the Corolla vs earlier Auris), Bi-LED lights (which aren't really that much better than Yaris LED), quieter on Motorway than Auris due to the glass on windows. Bigger boot space. Honestly you need to get into the nitty gritty for me to say one over the other - kids are grown up and moved out so rear leg space not an issue, I like the 2.0 as its a sportier drive, but the Yaris Mk4 is a great car performance wise. The BSM was not a deal do miss not having the hud - the Corolla has no HSI "meter" like the Auris had, but the HUD on the Yaris means the HSI display that is available can be right in your eyeline. If I had to choose over with hindsight, I might go Corolla GT Sport (for the HUD) ....or Yaris Mk4. So there you go, no help at all in choosing 😁 But I would definitely go Mk4 Yaris over 1.8 Corolla
  6. Traffic, speed cameras, POI's (but not Google POI search?) and map updates. I think also some things like fuel prices and weather are still there (I changed from the Auris in September, but never renewed the online services which expired last March/April so going from memory) after they dropped street view and Google POI search. There was always a couple of apps which were an option to "buy" even though the functionality was included in some way.
  7. Well now its popped up in mine but also crashes when I tap on it...if it does work I hope to god its more accurate than the Intelligent park assist or I'm standing in the next road 🤣
  8. This is how mine was done. It was also how folks used to do on the Auris. I understand there's plenty of room in the tubing though heard its easier to remove to thread it through although it's apparently a pig to refit.
  9. Yes, fitted by dealer. I arranged it at time of order.
  10. I had the Toyota official (Nextbase) front and rear fitted before I took delivery - the rear is routed to the left (passenger side) as seen from the hatch so that kind of supports that theory. Also, the trim that is over the rear high level stop is a simple push fit. Very easy to remove.
  11. Well, I just did update but do not see the option...maybe it was a glitch that allowed you to get into it? Can you screenshot the screen you are on?
  12. I've once had DAB, Amazon via Android auto and bluetooth - ie all "digital" media services/playback not work. Pulled over, switched off and on, all good and never happened since...I put it down to a glitch.
  13. Try a "!"... I know $ would not work for me (although MyT and my toyota were both happy head unit would not sign in)
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