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  1. Hi all, does anyone know if you can buy the small bulbs that fit into the switches such as heated seats, center diff lock etc from anywhere else other than Toyota? Toyota are looking £6.80 a bulb I need a few of them! anyone help
  2. Top up your coolant, a small amount under full can make a big difference in the temperature
  3. Was giving my 2005 LC4 a bit of a check up, took off the diff guards at the front and noticed a lot of rust along the drivers side crossmember at the front(the one right under the radiator, I pulled on the towing eye and it came off 😳😳 along with more rust 😩😩 Has anyone else had this with their LC? Was looking for evidence of a leaking radiator but none, it’s about £200/£300 for a new crossmember! Maybe one for others to look out for
  4. Did you ever find a solution to this, my mpg dropped significantly as well!
  5. Turns out it was the batteries, two new batteries bought from Toyota as they were cheaper than Halfords.
  6. Hello y’all, looking for advice, Ive started to notice over the past while my lc4 auto is struggling a bit when switching on, it also switches on the second start. Is there a reason for this, has anyone came across this before, I’ve checked both batteries and there fine, cheers
  7. Thanks for the reply, just passed the MOT today again after only a wash 👌 guy done exactly the same on the rolling road!! I mentioned to him but he said it was ok
  8. Today I had my car in for MoT, 2005 lc5 lwb, no problems apart from when the guy was coming off the rolling road/ramp, after doing brake and suspension checks, the car wouldn’t drive off the ramp.The rear wheels were on the rollers and turning but the front were off the ramp and not turning, I would have thought as it’s permanent 4 wheel drive it would have drove off no problem. The guy asked me was there traction control in this, he then reversed off the roller and then drove forward and after a few goes the car came off the ramp. Never thought much of it till later, does this sound normal or could there be a problem with the drive via the front axle, the car does seem to be using a bit more fuel than normal
  9. Anyone know what this is for??
  10. I had this problem in my first 2004 auto Lc4, got it hooked up to a computer and had all the faults reset, never anymore problems....
  11. Does anyone know what sat nav system toyota put in the 2005 landcruiser Lc4 other than the tns300 route guidance system i.e. What tns system and what b90?? Version, what ones come with the green dials ???? many thanks brian
  12. Your right, I see the maps are crap, they don't even do postcodes and I don't think you can even link a phone to it!! But for some strange reason I gotta have one.... does anyone know if there's a specific model for the landcruiser (2005) or does anyone fit
  13. Hi all, need a little help with picking the right sat nav system for my 2005 Lc4, currently it has the route guidance system and I'd like to change it to one of the touch screen systems, I understand that some come with green dials and some with orange! Out of all the original toyota systems which one is best suited to the land cruiser. Does any of them have bluetooth? Any help is greatly appreciated 👍👍👍
  14. I have just bought a b9002 sat nav off ebay for my lc4 (hope it works!!!!) I believe its a TNS600, does anyone know if this is a straight swap? do I need the antenna, any mounting brackets, will I need to remove the route guidance system that's in, the questions could go on. Has anyone done this all ready, any help is greatly appreciated. also any idea what disc I use for maps?? Questions, questions questions :)
  15. Hi y'all, need help in finding the best TNS system to put in my lc4 to replace the original route guidance system. I believe the b9000 and the b9002 the only ones which have the green dials and buttons as is the rest in the car, does anyone know much about these systems and which ones fit with no hassle and have the green dials and not orange