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  1. Taxi501

    Problem solving

    I bought a new avensis 2.0d in 1998 , by the time I’d done 30,000 miles I was back to the garage numerous times complaining about it using coolant, they couldn’t find any problem or leaks. I found the leak myself by chance, when the engine was fully warmed up a tiny pinhole appeared in the top hose, it was spraying coolant into the foam panel under the bonnet. As the car was a taxi, my best guess is it was always hot so the leaked coolant dried into the foam as I was driving
  2. Taxi501


    Same fault has returned, a quick check with the Autel scanner returned the same code. if the 5th injector housing is blocked would it put up a fault code ? anyone got instructions on cleaning the 5th injector housing on the 2.0 d4d ?? I will get the car for a couple of weeks so hoping to clean out as much as possible. I’m thinking of trying a dpf cleaner such as Liqui Moly which can be done without removing the dpf, or, removing the dpf to get it properly cleaned by someone such as Also, has anyone removed the complete egr unit for a full clean? I’ve cleaned some of it in the past ( I think the harder to remove part is the acceleration control unit which I didn’t touch) and the plastic manifold at the same time, both were covered in a dry soot but not blocked
  3. Taxi501

    Parking brake problem

    Brake fluid level might be a bit low which would put on the light
  4. Taxi501


    Thanks Devon Aygo, I followed your instructions and got the regen done, on the way back on the motorway the accumulation ratio went up to 12% in about 15 miles, don’t know if that’s ok or not.
  5. Taxi501


    Thanks very much for the reply, I think you’re correct about the failed regen, I think the reason is because couldn’t clear the codes. The next time I get at it I’ll follow your instructions, hopefully it’ll work. Is the high differential pressure code the fault at all I wonder
  6. Taxi501


    T27 2.0d4d 160000mls, my ex taxi is now being used by my daughter, she drives short distances 3 - 5 miles at a time with the occasional 30+mile trip. all warning lights are on with the fault code P244B,according to techstream the fault is dpf differential pressure too high . tried doing a regeneration using the techstream and about 50 mile hard run on the motorway but still can’t clear the fault a few pictures of the techstream, does it look like the dpf is blocked or would it be a faulty sensor ? the car is in what feels like a half limp mode
  7. Taxi501

    Wipers not working

    So, as it’s my daughters car now (my old one) I got a look at it today, checked all the fuses etc all ok but her description of the problem was slightly wrong. The wipers do work on the normal and high speed but don’t work on intermittent or self cancel park, I tried disconnecting the rain sensor but that made no difference so my thoughts are that the relay is the problem, local dealer gave a price of €167 + vat !! he hasn’t sold any so I’m not sure if it’s a common problem, has anyone here had similar problems with the relay
  8. Taxi501

    Wipers not working

    Thanks for the replies, I’ve a neighbor who has a 2009 model who might let me swap a few bits to see what works, unfortunately he’s away for a few days
  9. Taxi501

    T180 White Smoke

    If you have a fix for the problem then please share it, there’s so many cars with the same fault including myself
  10. Taxi501

    Wipers not working

    I haven’t taken anything apart yet but I did see somewhere that if the sensor is disconnected then the auto headlights don’t work but the normal intermittent works , hopefully I’ll get at it over the next week or so
  11. Taxi501

    Wipers not working

    Car is a 2012 t Spirit 2.0d4d with 165000 miles done. Wipers will only work on high speed, no auto function, intermittent or slow (normal)speed and don’t “park” when turned off, any ideas as to the fault? Thinking maybe the relay, I think the rain sensor should be ok as the auto headlights work ok
  12. If you’ve got a local auto electric repair center I’d get your original alternator repaired as the spurious ones seemingly have poor reviews. All down to price at the end of the day
  13. Alternator fault most likely, they’ve failed on every avensis I’ve had. not an easy job to remove the alternator yourself as the driver side drive shaft has to be removed to be able to get it out, when my 2012 one failed it wasn’t just as simple as brushes but a control unit which needed to be soldered into place. Supposedly better to repair the original than replace with a cheap copy
  14. Taxi501

    Trying to decide between Mondeo 2.2 and Avensis 2.2

    Ya , there’s four drivers that I can think of in our company that all got 2013 T27 2.2 diesel automatic saloons, only one hadn’t complained about the fuel economy but he had changed from a T25 petrol auto so he was used to poor mpg anyway, as for the injectors, I was told by one driver that there was some sort of offer on replacement’s at €250 each or so. I believe the head issue was solved in the T27, at least none of our guys have had that problem....yet?
  15. Taxi501

    Trying to decide between Mondeo 2.2 and Avensis 2.2

    Should have been a bit clearer in my post, my T Spirit is the 2.0 d4d manual. As for if I were changing to an auto diesel it would be to the 2.0 140/150?bhp mondeo because the auto diesel avensis is only available as the 2.2 which have been very poor with three other drivers in the same company, main complaint by two drivers of them being very heavy on fuel, the same two changed to the avensis from 15 year old mercs (due to a stupid regulation here that the taxi cannot be more than 15 years old, and their replacement cannot reach 10 years old ) also all of them needed the injectors replaced. As I said, I don’t think the modern diesel car is now suitable for mostly town work due to either all the emissions crap or maybe it’s due to whatever is being added to the fuel itself (bio diesel or something). I do want to change to automatic but I don’t want another diesel so I think for me , my best option is hybrid . It’s a pity there’s no hybrid equivalent of the avensis tourer, I think that would have been a great seller