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  1. If the brake caliper is ceased it should be able to be freed up by ur mechanic. If a shock or spring was causing ur jeep to be lower at one corner, then their are lots of brand new parts to be bought cheaper than Toyota own brand which would be very expensive. And thats what i would be purchasing. Ur mechanic will keep u right.
  2. The chuff chuff noise, could it possibly be the brake caliper being stuck and the pad's making that noise on the disc's, in my experience the brake calipers being seized makes those type of noise's,. putting your hand on each of the rear wheels after a journey and see are they excessively warm due to the brake pad being pushed against the disc constantly, or maybe a worn rear shock absorber or broken spring is possible or worn out drop link bar. If any of these are the culprit none should not be an expensive problem to cure. Good luck
  3. Ant-Rav


    Keep using them, You do fairly low miles and prob don't drive like a maniac, I would hold onto them.
  4. Try the maf sensor. On top of the air filter. Put it on a computer and c the code it throw's up.
  5. If u buy another engine the same as the old one could it not also be an oil burner. I kinda think put u should put ur money into another motor rather than buying an old engine u know nothing about. Good luck with it.
  6. This problem has been discussed on the forum a multitude of times just do a search for power loss in the search bar. U need to put the jeep on the computer and see what show's up. The maf sensor on top of the air filter box fixed our Rav and also blocking off the egr valve, but I had an 04 Rav also had this problem and I never was able to cure it and got rid. It's important what might show on the computer. But u may never fix the problem
  7. I had a similar noise that a mechanic told me it is definitely the transfer box. Replaced box and made no difference. It was actually a front wheel bearing. Just my experience, don't spend load's of money until u are sure what is wrong, and It would be a second hand box I wud buy if it is the problem.
  8. Of course u are right Mooly. But i can't see how she could prove anything was said. Her word against the sellers. But yes it is worth looking into. Tho from people i know who were in same position the buyer looses out.
  9. I am sorry to read about your problem Claire, I don't think you would have any luck going down the legal route, buyer beware when purchasing privately I've always been told, and best to take somebody with you that has a bit of knowledge about motor's when going to look at same. I think there are probably only two options, to try and source a second hand engine with somebody maybe helping you, mechanic preferably and then swap the engines over and u will know ur maximum cost's before purchasing an engine once u find out 1. the engine cost and 2. the mechanic's fee or maybe as a first route see can you trade ur car in against something else and see how much you are going to loose, I don't think a car dealer would give u a great amount for a car that need's an engine and he will notice the engine noise and question u about it. Maybe or similar. is a possibllity. I think I would be trying to get rid of the car as ur experience would leave a very bad taste. Good luck.
  10. Now that is very impressive, 50 quid an hour for labour rate is scary money, where I live about 20 quid an hour is average I think , U got ur money's worth out of it. Wud u not buy another one, maybe go up to an 03. They were a fantastic car.
  11. Have a notion it could be the ignition switch which sit's in behind the key in the ignition, or a dud starter. Ignition switches give trouble.
  12. Ant-Rav


    Sound's good. Thankyou.
  13. Ant-Rav


    Ah, so the 1.4 diesel is a good one. Love this forum for info when u need it.
  14. Ant-Rav


    Thankyou Frosty, that is very helpful information. Appreciated.
  15. Ant-Rav


    Very informative, thank you Frosty, I can pass that info on. Am I right in thinking that some people don't like the 1.6 and 2.0 litre diesel BMW engines because of reliability issue's, and that they are maybe old stock engine's but mostly because they are troublesome.