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  1. Ant-Rav

    White residue near battery

    For removal of the white substance around the battery = a kettle of boiling hot water poured over the substance will remove it completely. Have used this method many times. If battery is in the car from new, I wud think battery is near the end of it's life.
  2. Mike, I read your post with great interest, congratulations on a successful solution to this pain in the backside problem. Though when I owned my troublesome Rav 4 it had no warm start problems, it did have the acceleration problem which I would have referred to as limp home mode. A total pain and did not always put the engine management light on. But it's interesting that the injector's were ur problem, my mechanic seemed to think that was a strong possible contender on my car. Well done, and u were lucky u had a mate with a perfect running jeep to swap bits over with and u were able to do the job yourself, now u can enjoy ur excellent jeep.
  3. Ant-Rav


    As above the alternator sound's likely, not charging the battery, and possible loose belt.
  4. To my mind the cheaper car would serve your purpose just as well as the more expensive one. 3 Grand is a lot of money for 06. I think them engine's had oil burning issue's, but somebody with a lot more knowledge of them on here will let u know . 112k ain't big miles in my opinion and that car wud be my choice I think. Good luck.
  5. Ant-Rav

    Turbo Boost Valve.

    Two picture's of said item.
  6. Ant-Rav

    Turbo Boost Valve.

    Have a Toyota Rav 4 D4D Turbo Boost Valve for sale, which I used in my 04, 2 litre Rav 4 D4D. I purchased this genuine Toyota part brand new and used it for approximately one year. Purchased about two years ago. Part no - 25819-27040. Will fit the Avensis and Corolla also, though they will have slightly different part number's. It is in as new condition I paid £215 Asking £115.
  7. Ant-Rav

    Avensis 2 L Petrol Engine

    There is a 2.0 vvti for parts on gumtree in Coventry. White one. i think 2004. Not sure if that is suitable for your's or not.
  8. Ant-Rav

    Advice on this RAV 4 please

    The fuel filler pipe rotted on mine and the diesel tank straps that hold the tank in position and like i said eventually the chassis. My mechanic made me new straps and a filler pipe without the need to buy the genuine article. Just by using his head , saving me a fair few quid. Ur mechanic will keep u right about corrosion protection and everything else. My wifes 03 Rav is much cleaner underneath than my 04 was when i had it, i have a notion mine was at the beach a lot. Ur,s will be grand with a bit of care and attention, and i think its gonna get lot's of that.
  9. Ant-Rav

    Advice on this RAV 4 please

    Well that is good news. Well done - it is a beautiful we jeep, must admit I have a soft spot for the two door Rav's. And the very very best of luck with it. Maybe a power hose of the underside and a coating of oil or the black rubbery paint protection stuff. Ur mechanic sounds like an intelligent bloke. Congrat's.
  10. Ant-Rav

    Advice on this RAV 4 please

    Hi Jammacat. I just looked on a website for car's local to where I live, bear in mind i'm across the water from you, and an 05 2.0vvti xt3 ,75000 miles two door is £3300 At a dealer with three month warranty. Ur we jeep is two year's older than that and very nice to, but it is 15 year's old. I can't guess a price because I think prices must be stronger were u are from. But do check the underside for corrosion around the area above the rear wheels - the chassis leg's. My 04 two door Rav had serious rust, ie rotten. Small miles also. Just a word of caution. Good luck. And ur we jeep looks class.
  11. Ant-Rav

    Door frame surround paint

    On any Toyota's I owned it was never gloss black it was more dull than that. Satin sounds good, and test ur spray can on something before u spray the door frames and see does it suit ur need's.
  12. Ant-Rav

    New Corolla

    I just think it's a beautiful car. And it does look like the Avensis but that's no bad thing. Well done Toyota.
  13. Ant-Rav

    Droning noise above 60mph

    I would still suspect ur wheel bearing.
  14. Yep I agree with Darren. starter is a very likely suspect tho In my experience tapping the starter might not always get it to work; and u cud only totally eliminate the ignition switch if u replaced it with a brand new one. I replaced with second hand switches myself and they were no good. But I think ur in the right area with both these option's.
  15. Ant-Rav

    Mark2 D4D - Sluggish and very poor MPG

    Aye, have heard bout specific test for the spray coming from an injector. But may not be injector problem, somebody will be along here soon to give their opinion i'm sure. Good luck.