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  1. Thankyou. Your opinion very much appreciated.
  2. Thankyou Phillip much appreciated advice. I was thinking Toyota are as good as any.
  3. Thanks for your input Phillip, here's a stupid question on a Toyota forum - have you any thoughts on the Honda CRV 2.2 AWD diesel similar years, or has anyone any experience of them, AWD is a must have in perfect working order and reliability is a key factor. Though having said that if everyone thinks loke you do the Rav would be my choice. Is the fifth injector a problem in them in general at all
  4. Good morning everyone, I am thinking of buying a Rav 4 2.2 AWD Diesel 2013-14.(Not the BMW engine Rav) Is there anything i need to look out for, any potential problems - with the AWD system - engine etc, if i am right in my thinking the engine problems were sorted in 2009/10. I also have a caravan 1.4 tonne in weight, i am pretty sure i am ok in that department. Any advice tips or helpful comments would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou..
  5. I would think so, if one of those lines was vertical and not horizontal it would mean the wheel nut had moved or come loose, similar idea on the wheel nuts on lorries and buses except they have little triangular shaped yellow markers fitted on each nut which all have to line up corner to corner, if they don't then one wheel nut is loose. oh good luck getting them all in line like that after a puncture, ha
  6. Like i said turbo boost valve = step motor, in my case that's what i was told. But don't rush into buying a new turbo, might not cure the problem. get the turbo checked if needs be and the po code, somebody here will let u know shortly what that is.
  7. The step motor , from my experience was the need for a new turbo boost valve that gave trouble, which helped in my case but never totally cured the problem. not sure about the po105 thing. U could have bother sorting it maybe
  8. Why use a sentence when 3 words will do. 😊
  9. Nice we jeep. Good luck with her
  10. Just wondering Thom. did u do any more work to your Celica.
  11. trunk parts - boot parts, boot area. would the rear doors not be different in the 2 cars. Size wise
  12. I also had an 01 d4d, i put big miles on it to, 215000 when i got rid of it, we drove one each. but it honestly wasn't as good a car as the turbo diesel, flywheel trouble, brake caliper trouble amongst other stuff, still a good enough oul motor.
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