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  1. The wishbone on the rear drivers side of my old 03 Rav broke away from the main chassis of the car yesterday (where it joins onto the chassis) chassis obviously rotten and weakened from many years driving. I was very lucky as i was on a side road and not the main road. Probably only doing about 25 mph, the car started to shake violently from side to side i put my foot on the brake and the car spun round to a stop sideways across the road i didn't hit anything luckily, If i had been travelling at 50mph or more on a main road it would have been a very different story. Car is scrap as it would co
  2. A non return valve is fitted to our old jeep, a long time ago because i think it was doing much the same as yours as far as i can remember. I wonder would there be any dirt in the diesel tank. This caused another old rav we had to not start and to stop altogether and not start. She could be sucking dirt up from the tank, there was a we metal mesh used to filter any dirt in the tank which was blocked with muck. Cleaned out the tank and problem was solved.
  3. And even if u thought it was one specific tyre, u could swap the rear wheels. And see does it make a difference to which side the noise comes from.
  4. It actually could be the wheel bearing. I would check the bearing first i can't see how changing the tyre would make any difference to that type of noise. Unless it was way under inflated maybe. Like maybe an old tyre could be. 20,000 miles on a tyre is a fair amount. Also, in my experience it can be hard to work out which corner of the car a wheel bearing whining type noise is coming from in the rear of the car, especially if you are in the driving seat, on your own in the car. Hard to tell is it driver side or passenger side. I usually have to ask rear seat passengers which corner it is.
  5. That is a hell of a nice present to receive from ur wife, (I should drop a few hint's to mine - ha.) nice colour, ur previous Celica was beautiful. The new one look's pretty mint to. They are a lovely looking car, Enjoy.
  6. Sound's like the window regulator to me, which would have little teeth on it and they would get worn off. this being the problem removal of the door car also the plastic behind the door card, and from what I remember when doing it on an old avensis or carina I owned removal of the motor and regulator and separating the two and replacing the regulator. Long time since I did it so just not 100%. But not to hard to do. if u can get the door card and plastic off and try and look at the regulator to see if the teeth are stripped on it. I imagine that is ur problem, the motor turning but the teeth o
  7. What type of lube would you recommend in the track's Bob. Having same trouble with the Rav.
  8. If you have alloy wheel's you probably have locknut's. If u have steel wheels u probably don't. With alloy's the locknut to take the locknut's on the wheel's off should be some place in the car, the boot or glovebox usually. In any case if u look at your wheel's you will see if there is an odd wheel nut on each wheel, it look's different from the rest, this being the lock nut. I took mine off and replaced with ordinary wheel nut's, they're a pain if u loose the lock nut to get them off.
  9. Ant-Rav

    D4D egr

    I think you would need to put it on the computer and see what codes come up. It would point you in the right direction as to what to look for,
  10. If the brake caliper is ceased it should be able to be freed up by ur mechanic. If a shock or spring was causing ur jeep to be lower at one corner, then their are lots of brand new parts to be bought cheaper than Toyota own brand which would be very expensive. And thats what i would be purchasing. Ur mechanic will keep u right.
  11. The chuff chuff noise, could it possibly be the brake caliper being stuck and the pad's making that noise on the disc's, in my experience the brake calipers being seized makes those type of noise's,. putting your hand on each of the rear wheels after a journey and see are they excessively warm due to the brake pad being pushed against the disc constantly, or maybe a worn rear shock absorber or broken spring is possible or worn out drop link bar. If any of these are the culprit none should not be an expensive problem to cure. Good luck
  12. Ant-Rav


    Keep using them, You do fairly low miles and prob don't drive like a maniac, I would hold onto them.
  13. Try the maf sensor. On top of the air filter. Put it on a computer and c the code it throw's up.
  14. If u buy another engine the same as the old one could it not also be an oil burner. I kinda think put u should put ur money into another motor rather than buying an old engine u know nothing about. Good luck with it.
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