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  1. Ant-Rav


    Sound's good. Thankyou.
  2. Ant-Rav


    Ah, so the 1.4 diesel is a good one. Love this forum for info when u need it.
  3. Ant-Rav


    Thankyou Frosty, that is very helpful information. Appreciated.
  4. Ant-Rav


    Very informative, thank you Frosty, I can pass that info on. Am I right in thinking that some people don't like the 1.6 and 2.0 litre diesel BMW engines because of reliability issue's, and that they are maybe old stock engine's but mostly because they are troublesome.
  5. Ant-Rav


    Which years were the BMW engine's used. I assume the 1.6 diesel engines are BMW to ( there are 2 litre and 1.6 i think). Just that somebody i know is thinking of buying a youngish Auris diesel. Think they have 1.6 engine don't they.
  6. Hit the AM/FM button sit's under the audio control knob. Takes it back to the stations
  7. U don't take the old one out, you stick the new one over the old one.
  8. Ant-Rav

    It's here!

    Now that is a very beautiful car. Enjoy and best of luck with it.
  9. Ant-Rav

    Rav4 issues

    Fair enough, your argument makes sense.
  10. Ant-Rav

    Rav4 issues

    I honestly would not spend a pile of money on a Rav of this age, We have one that is sixteen years old, I wouldn't do the engine up or spend a load of money on it considering it's age. I would rather put the money into something else. That is my opinion. But you have already spent fairly big money on your engine so you probably do have to put a bit more into it. But at some stage you need to stop I think.
  11. I have a pump that i bought year's ago about 2006. It was nice and dry with no leaking of power steering fluid. I never fitted it cos it was one to have as a spare, previously had a couple pumps go bad on my 00 Avensis diesel. But it came from an 01 or 02 d4d, definitely the facelift model. (It was never tested tho.)But i'm not sure that pump wud be same as your's. I definitely had an 04 pump put into my 01 d4d, with a bit of jiggery pokery with the rubber hoses that attach to the pump. But coming from D4D model to TD model. Im not sure.
  12. I thought the head gasket problem on these engines was sorted in 2009, I am sorry to read about your problem, I guess one product to seal leak's is as good as the other. Try any one product maybe and see does it work, u have nothing to lose, if it did work u should prob trade it in against something else. Good luck with it.
  13. I simply could not fix it mate so got rid of it. My mechanic tried hard, he had it on his computer and said the problem seemed to be the valve. It was my decision to try the new valve. But my problem was an intermittent one, the rav would loose power just when u needed it most - overtaking other car's etc dangerous. pulling in and switching off the car and then restarting and all was good again till the next time. But I took the boost valve I had bought, back off the car when I sold it and put the old one back on, and it was worse, so as I said the new valve helped but did not cure. I have read where people put new turbo's on and still no good, u cud spend a fortune on bit's and still have the problem. Frustrating. Maybe if ur dad help's to clean everything scv, turbo, maf sensor, egr. U might get lucky. There is plenty of reading on here regarding this Power Loss problem and hopefully other's on here might share their opinion's with u.Good luck. ( Forgot to say, mechanic did mention it cud be a problem with an injector. )
  14. Car would need to be put to be put on a good computer to get closer to the source of problem - I think. The SCV's can be cleaned to see if problem improve's. EGR can be blocked off totally or cleaned. I wud try not to buy any more part's unless I was sure they were the problem, it cud end up being a very expensive elimination process buying thing's to see if they work. As I said I never cured mine completely, boost valve helped a bit, it was just a real pain. Get it connected to a computer.
  15. I had same problem on an old Rav. Think it was two of the injector seals I had replaced, two out of four were no good, cured oil burning and the pressure problem.