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  1. Hey all Is it just me or is the horn on these cars pathetic! Not that I'm driving around with my hand planted on it, but needed to use it today and I can't see how it would have alerted anyone! Has anyone replaced theirs/any recommendations? Thanks!
  2. My old man has finally chopped in his 2004 Avensis and moved up to a Hybrid Rav4, as such we've got a great set of Juno 17" alloys in superb condition with 4 Vredestein Wintrac tyres on them. 3 tyres are brand new, 1 has only been on for a handful of miles. These truly are great tyres - had a set on my Mercedes C320CDI which I ran all year round - fantastic grip and great mileage from them as well. Will be a bargain for someone £350 OVNO Collection only: Beckington, Somerset (BA11 6SX). Can arrange local delivery for fuel money. Thanks Dave.
  3. Just an update a few months on in case anyone else is considering doing the same - the installation was very straight forward and I found that the required connectors were already present in the car, just wrapped in foam and taped back to the loom. It appears that certainly on mine it was pre-wired for both variants. I purchased an updated DVD from http://satnavdvd.co.uk/ and am very happy with the unit and how it works. A nice upgrade if you want to keep everything looking stock/work with steering wheel controls without additional adaptors etc. Regards, Dave.
  4. Hello! I'm hoping someone has possibly looked at doing this in the past and can shed some light! I've got a B9001 (TNS600) unit which I've purchased to replace the stock CD unit in my MK2 Rav. I have connected the unit to the standard power/speaker connectors and all work without issue, however the B9001 has a different connector for the steering wheel controls, and for the GPS to detect road speed. I've got another large connector from the old unit, which on checking wiring diagrams has the leads I require for the B9001, however it has a different form factor plug. Does anyone have the part number for the connectors or for any loom adaptors that are needed for this? Here's hoping! Thanks, Dave.