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  1. Similar problem woth mine at the moment :( The gearbox conked out due to bearing problems last February. The mechanic recommended replacing the clutch at the same time as the gearbox. Ever since then I've had a judder - it only happens in first gear and is worse when the car is fully loaded. problem is that the clutch would be out of warranty by now so I've decided to live with it. ;)
  2. Thanks Gooli I'll give it a bash tomorrow :)
  3. Hi Guys Please can somebody elaborate on the procedure for changing the bulb ? My driver's side indicator is intermittent at the moment (probably a loose connection) Gooli The "gap" it on the top (i.e. in front of the slam panel) or behind the light units ? If I look behind the headlight unit all I can see are rubber covers and wiring. Thanks for your help
  4. Hi Mate Bad luck about the gearbox. Mine is pretty noisy so I might be joining you soon. Coincidentally mine is also an 02 plate with 54k on the clock. A second hand gearbox will set you back between £300 - £500. I'm not sure what the labour charges will be. best place to find one is either try Auto Trader or Good luck
  5. Paul, just a guess but the 7A-FE was fitted to the Carina E as well. i think the early model Avensis (from 97 to 2000) had the 7A-FE engine then they switched to the VVTi. It could be that the injector size is different between the Carina version and the Avensis version although i would have thought it unlikely.
  6. ma109

    New Avensis

    Happy New Year to everybody :) I've just acquired an '02 plate Avensis with about 50k n the clock. It was acquired from auction so no service history or anything. The plan is to sell my current car (P-plate Carina E, 129k miles) within the next couple of weeks, get the Avensis taxed, tested, and insured, and get it on the road. As a new Avensis owner is there anything I should be looking for or checking ? I'm aware of the VVTi oil issue, the steering racks, and the o2 sensors. When I put it in for a service it will get a new cambelt and probably plugs. is there anything else that needs doing at 50k ? Any and all advice / comments welcome
  7. i definitely think there is a link between the battery being disconnected and the o2 sensor failing. I have needed 2 o2 sensors, both times immediately after the battery went flat.
  8. Gaz, I've had to replace my lambda sensor twice, both times immediately after the battery went flat. I questioned this with my mechanic (i.e. was the sensor really faulty or did the ECU warning light just need to be reset). He stated that it was just a co-incidence, however I am not so sure. I have a feeling that when the power is disconnected the ECU shows a code 21 (lambda sensor fault) but the sensor is not really faulty.
  9. Just to let you know how I got on I had two fuses for the EFi (none for ECU). Yesterday I removed them both, waited 30 secs and replaced them It didn't seem to make a difference. The symptoms were still the same (i.e. the abs light flashes for about 4 mins, then stays on until you press the brake pedal at which point it goes off). However today its stopped. i.e. it comes on with all the ignition lights and then goes off once the car's started, so it looks like everything is sorted. Thanks for your help GT4 good it fixes itself lol
  10. Good suggestion. I've needed two lambda sensors , both were sourced via 247spares, first one cost £80 the second one £85. The scrap yard guys fitted both of them at no extra cost. While I was waiting for it to be fitted somebody bought in a K-reg Carina to scrap. The scrap yard guys paid him £120 for it :D Basically they paid £120 for the whole car and will get at least £85 for just one part from it. Ah well, I was well chuffed to get mine sorted. Good luck
  11. Thanks GT4...much appreciated. I probably won't get a chance to look at it before the weekend as I'm working silly hours and its usually dark by the time I get home. However I will let you know how I get on
  12. Thanks do I do a ECU reset. Please bear in mind that my mechanical skills are very limited and I'd rather not risk anything which might make the situation worse ?
  13. Hi Folks, I'm hoping somebody can give me some pointers on the following : I have a P-Reg Carina E 1.8, 120k on the clock, owned for over 4 years, generally in good nick throughout. However a problem has occurred When I start the car the ABS warning light flashes rapidly for 5 - 10 minutes. The brakes work fine, the ABS seems to be working fine. The problem arose very soon after I drove through a flooded stretch of road. The water was about bumper deep so I'm guessing either a sensor has been knocked loose or it has shorted. Does anybody know what this might be ? Whereabouts is the sensor located ? Is it easy to check if it is connected OK ? All advice gratefully received.
  14. [ Hi Andy, I had the same problem with mine. Toyota Dealer charge me £120 to fix it. As far as I know it just needed stripping down and cleaning. Good luck
  15. ma109

    Poor Brakes

    Hi Capflyer, I think you may have air somewhere in the braking system. You will need to have the brakes bled (i.e. all the hydraulic fluid drained out) and refilled. Good luck