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  1. Pytheas

    Mirror link

    You can find some (outdated) information on the official Mirrorlink website: 1. List of Mirrorlink-compatible smartphones (mostly old models) 2. List of Mirrolink-compatible apps I have a Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016) which used to work fine with my Aygo's head unit. However, Mirrorlink is pretty dead and there are no updates over the last couple of years.
  2. Hi to all and happy new year, I have a 2016 MMT Aygo and its 35Ah battery gave up on me today (radio and power locks work fine, just clicks when trying to switch on the engine), after just 3,5 years and minimum usage - which sounds pretty strange to me - so I guess it's time to replace it. The small battery window is completely dark. My car is still under the extended 6-year warranty (that we have in Greece) and all three services so far have been at the same authorized dealer (some 40 km from home). I was wondering about the battery replacement, if it makes sense to ask for an original Toyota Optifit battery (if there is one for Aygo). If not, should I go to an authorized dealer for such an issue or can I contact a local battery workshop to do the job? Is there anything that I should point out (e.g. maximum output, resetting any switches) that the local generic workshop may not be aware of when having the battery replaced? **EDIT** I just got a quote from 2 different official dealers for 95 EUR (one added a 17 EUR installation fee, too) for non-Toyota-branded batteries - I didn't know it was so expensive!
  3. I usually get about 5.5L/100km (sorry but I am posting from my mobile, so no conversion handy) on a typical daily 880km commute to work and back, consisting of parts with highways (open road) and parts with traffic (sometimes heavy). I drive very conservatively. I drive a 2016 X-Shift model (semi-auto). During summer, when traffic is much less, I go down to 5.2 if all goes well. I always log my fill-ups and only when I go higher than 5.8-6.0L/100km I start getting worried.
  4. I guess this happens because they didn't use high quality plastics as they wanted to keep the production costs down. Keep in mind that Aygo is the cheapest Toyota car available and profit margins for such a car are pretty tight, so they have to cut corners...
  5. A couple of years ago I got a Samsung A3 (2016) for this purpose for about €160. It worked fine for quite some time (even got screen mirroring to work with a hack) but then it stopped. It may have been due to a phone update or one of the required apps, hard to tell. I realized that there were no cheap phones supporting Mirrorlink (which BTW seems to be dead now, so I wouldn't expect to see new phones supporting it).
  6. I have a 2016 Aygo but I prefer the C1/108 option you mentioned (I was not aware of this difference). I usually have trouble storing long/tall items in the trunk and the cover is usually bothering me or comes off. Plus the thin fabric is useless for anything other than hiding the content of the trunk. If I am not mistaken, the C1/108 have a thicker one which can actually hold some weight...
  7. Sounds like the average fuel consumption to me. A photo would definitely help.
  8. Pytheas

    X Touch

    Sounds extremely interesting! I also have a Windows Phone (Lumia 735) connected to my Aygo via Bluetooth but haven't managed to do what you describe; can you share some info on that? I hope we're not getting off-topic.
  9. Do you have any links or more info to share? I tried googling it but found nothing at all about the specs of 2018 Aygo....
  10. Coming from a Fiat Cinquecento (1994 model), I second that :-)
  11. I personally only saw the blinking gas light and hearing the first beeps a couple of times in the almost 1,5 year I own my 2016 Aygo and wouldn't want to risk my engine for estimating the cost per tank. What would be the point of that? We have a 35L tank which translates to 35L x gas price, so it is something pretty fixed; do I get it wrong? Instead, I keep track of fuel consumption by recording every single top-up of the tank since I got the car, so I know the fuel consumption per top-up - I am mostly concerned about the mileage per gallon (or lt/100km, as we use here in Greece). I can have a generic overview but I know that this is not precise, as it depends on various factors (e.g. how close to the lid each top up goes, how pure/fresh the gas is, my driving style, traffic level etc.). I see significant variations between summer (when the roads are usually open) and winter (when the first rain drops fall, heavy traffic starts), when taking uphill routes etc.
  12. Apologies for the off-topic message, but is there any collaboration between GM and Fiat? That would explain some similarities I see between the new 500 and Adam...
  13. Pytheas

    Aygo Boot

    I have a 2016 Toyota Aygo (for less than 1,5 year) and noticed that it is getting tricky to press the button and open the boot door - it is still working though! I will have it checked during the next service and see if an adjustment or a replacement is required.
  14. Now I understand; so in case I decide to go for the conversion, I will have to make sure that the conversion will not affect the new car warranty (just to confirm with the Toyota dealer) and also to see if the conversion itself will be covered by Toyota warranty or by the dealer. I wouldn't go to an external body for the conversion, as this would definitely void the warranty. Toyota Greece has a page dedicated to the LPG conversion (Greek only - please use Google translate!) and this is what I saw at first place (back in 2016) when I asked more details about the conversion. I guess this indicates that the warranty will not effect the 6-year new car one. I apologize for my ignorance, but it is the first time I have a new car so I was never concerned about warranties - let alone conversions to a new car. P.S. It seems that Toyota opts for the Vialle LPG kit, not the Valleo I stated in my original post.
  15. The dealer had told me that the car/Toyota warranty would be unaffected if the conversion was undertaken by them. Since this was during a discussion, I believe that things would be different when the time comes to agree and proceed with the work...In fact, I was about to have it installed as soon as I go the car but they told me that they still needed some time to receive updated info from Toyota about the installation (specs and way to make the conversion, as far as I understood). In any case, they were skeptical on the conversion as they considered that due to the Aygo's low fuel consumption, the benefits would not be significant to justify the modification. That was about one year ago.