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  1. so had my MOT yesterday and passed the brake fluctuation on axel 1 was 80 and 90 %, axel 2 was 80 and 91%. It was done in Northern Ireland so is carried out by DVA test centres, not independent garages Here we drive the car in, sit in the drivers seat and follow instructions, go through light checks etc. He didnt check a lot of things, didnt check hazards lights or seatbelts, was not asked to open fuel cap and didnt open the hood for any off those checks. I then moved to passenger seat and he jumps in for the brake tests, when the car went forward on the rolling bars
  2. But thats from this morning so surely trying to start it yesterday again and again would have decreased the batterys charge so why start today and not yesterday
  3. Battery health 98% and battery charge 77%
  4. Weird one. Rescue came out, checked battery. Battery was at 98% and charge at 77%. Started first time when he tried it. a lot off smoke came out the exhaust as i prob flooded it trying to get it to start. why did it work this morning. putting key in yesterday and switching on give a whining machine gun noise, and if i turned key again without removing it first i got nothing, no noise at all. how could it just start today. surely it cant be the battery cos how can a battery not be charged enough to start a car on Sunday and then be able to
  5. i have rescue and key recovery with axa, but if they came out today and couldnt start it, being a sunday, i wouldnt be able to arrange for them to tow it to a garage. They wont come out for the same problem twice so i would have to tow it tomorrow at my own expense if they couldnt start it today. So will need to call again tomorrow instead. cant see the battery being at fault. i know my car was left unlocked for about 7 hours yesterday by accident, checked handle when passing car at 10pm on way to shop and it was open, but nothing was left on in car, went and got key and started car fi
  6. it is a 2011 Auris. Was fine yesterday, then this afternoon I go to start it and it wont start. Put foot on clutch and turn key. Sounds like starter motor kicks in, makes that whinning machine gun type sound and 2 times the car stuttered as if it might start, but usually noise stops after 6 seconds or so and car wont start, if i turn it to ignition again (without removing key first) it would even try to start ( no noise at all). I have to remove key for a bit, try to start again, and the whinning noise startsagain for 6 secs or so then shuts off. all electrics work in car.
  7. Chips away appears to be a franchise. have they fixed cracks for either off you. Guy who covers my area doesnt repair cracks, says a crack needs plastic welding and his filler isnt strong enough. appears that as a franchise they dont all offer the same services, probably the mobile guys dont fix cracks as it requires removing the buffer. prob the franchises offering crack repairs are larger and have a site they work, and mobile guys are limited to what they can repair
  8. So this morning after de-icing my wifes car, she reverses out off drive and backs into mine parked opposite house on other side off the road. cracked my rear bumper, starts from top edge off bumper below the light snd prob about 4 inches long. what are my options, dont want the cost of replacing whole bumper. Whats the best cost effective fix? i knew she was going to hit it, was waving arms like mad trying to get her to stop
  9. Yeah thats it, right turn steering self centres, but on left slows to a stop at 10/11 oclock, so you have to move it centre, once centre it tracks in a straight line. any small turns or touches of the wheel to the left, to 10/11 oclock, and it will stay there. It seems to get closer to centre when doing 60 mph on roads will left bends. how far off is yours? Dont know if i should bring it back to garage before 6 month warrenty runs out
  10. But there is no pull to the left, it just wont centre after turning left. turning a corner it will return to about 10/11 oclock, i then pull it to 12, at 12 car is perfectly straight. If i turn right is usually turns back to centre depending on road conditions. when on a road with a slight bend, when i turn wheel left to 10/11 oclock it would stay in that position. only time it will go back to 12 on a left turn, is only if its a small turn left, say 9-11 oclock and im doing 60+ mph, had car for 5 months, and had the uj on the steering column replaced, few months ago
  11. Had wheel alignment done, but still the same. anyone else with the first gen auris able to check if theres is similiar. After turning left, steering wheel will not centre, goes to about 10/11 oclock, so have to move it to centre
  12. just noticed that steering wheel is not centering after turning left. If i turn left into a street it will turn back to the right, but stop usually a good 30 degrees or more off centre then i have to straighten by hand. Turning the wheel right seems to slowly go back to centre and if i move it slight to the right it seems to centre ok and instantly. If i touch the steering wheel left slightly it seems to just stay there. Anyone have similiar issues? does yours always return dead centre? i also dont think it straightens if i move slowly, say in a car park. will check later. its a
  13. Need to change licence plate bulbs. I can disconnect the light fixture and remove it but cant seem to get the clear plastic cover off. Without getting it off i cant replace the bulb. anyone know how. Dont want to force it, break it, and end up having to buy a next fixture as well
  14. Dan, i had this exact problem. toyota greased the column which madr no difference. Took in back and they replaced universal joint at base of column, that was late june and no knocking since. Hope this helps
  15. So first off the mastertech agreed that there was a knocking, test drove it with me. They greased the steering shaft/column. Didnt fix the problem, drove home and when reversing into drive knocking was still there. took it back and this time they replaced the universal joint at the base of the column, that was late june and knocking has not come back.
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