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  1. Hey Steve, sorry for the late late reply mate. Still got stuff going on my end but getting through it. 3 sisters sound good to me👍 Don’t think I’ve got anything on then, I’ll make a note 😉 hope all is good your end
  2. I don’t see why not with yours being a facelift version. The bonnet and lights are the same.
  3. I have the same car and my connects2 won’t work full stop. I’ve heard they only work on the face lift models.
  4. I hope you do mate, be awesome having to side by side. I'll check which is the closest to Manchester and get some dates free 👍🏻😉
  5. Loving the display case buddy. Bet you clean that glass more than the house windows ha ha. Know I would😉 seriously though your gonna need a bigger one mate. You know 2018 is going to be more trophy time👍🏻 Good luck Steve
  6. Let's hope our Toyota's keep going in 2018 like they have been
  7. Merry Christmas You Lot. Hope it's a good one and New Year too 👍🏻
  8. That sounds a lot of work. You not got a usb with music on it ha ha. Good luck buddy
  9. I've seen an Mr2 turbo engine in T Sport running around 340bhp. Engine and gearbox was around £2 then £3-4K Labour removing the old one and setting up the new one. Or you could go straight for a gt4 turbo and start with 240bhp! Again it's all money isn't it. Or maybe just buy a car that's already modded like an Evo etc that's running 600bhp. Least then all the works done for you and it's run in too.
  10. They are buddy. The guy I got them off had 5 so I couldn't say no lol. I haven't tidied mine up yet, just simple cable tidy trunking with Harper's tape. My trunking has the split in it to slot the wires in. Then just tape it up each end and the odd tape in the middle
  11. Oh also finally got the K&N Typhoon fitted. Sounds awesome but we all know what they sound like etc. Really chuffed! Ordered some black plastic cable tubes and Harper's tape for some wiring tidy up (again weather permitting) but she's getting there. MOT in February so let's hope she passes that all ok
  12. Before I start......Merry Christmas All👍🏻 Got the car back from Toyota (my last post). All is good. Just said my tyres are getting low. So i started looking into tyres like you do, anyhow cut it short Rolla is now wearing these. They need a refurb I won't lie and tyres have between 2-4 mm on each but more than my others had. Might last me 5 years the miles I do ha ha. Did really want so Bola or Rotas but like always money. Not sure how it handles on these as the weather is pants here. Looks and sits better imo
  13. Thanks for the comments. And congratulations on your T Sport. A very well reliable and capable car!
  14. You can probably do it buddy, all depends on how much your budget is. Fensports 600bhp cost them around £30K!
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