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  1. Phil T

    Gen2 to Gen4

    In light of the way some councils are clamping down on emissions like London, the extra CO2 of the 17 inch wheels might be an added hidden cost in the next few years. Plus 15 inch tyres are much cheaper and do improve the ride, when I bought my Gen 4 the dealer had the option of 15 inch wheels instead of the 17 inch with price reduction. And speaking to the SatNav is fine IF you use the right commands, so after plenty of cussing, I told her where to stick her help and use the display. Just set the destination while stopped! Also the Leather is COLD and the heating takes a while to warm them up, the cloth seats were much warmer, but my partners down jacket feathers used to stick in the cloth and were a bugger to remove.
  2. Phil T

    Nexen tyres for Avensis Tourer?

    In this review Nexen N Blue 4 Season do well but they say "When looking at the results of this test from a UK view point, ADAC have put more weighting on the snow and ice performance than we would for UK specific driving." Good for the price though.
  3. Phil T

    Nexen tyres for Avensis Tourer?

    I went for Goodyear 4Seasons Gen2, depending on which review you read just as good as the Michelins, in the recent snow no problems and NO comparison to the OEM Toyo's super slippery in all conditions! Ordered from BlackCircles and fitted locally, the Nexen's have not been well rated in most reviewers tests. Most reviews say do not fit all seasons/winter tyres unless it's a complete set, as it can cause dangerous unbalance handling. Honest John Quote. "You should always fit winter tyres as a set of four. While you might think they will only work on the driven wheels, using only two cold weather tyres can destabilise your car in difficult conditions. This can cause the car to lose traction and reduce braking just when you need them the most."
  4. Phil T

    Prius gen 3 (2012-16) PHEV charge/load ampere?

    My car is drawing 8amps. Why not try a 2kW heater and see if it trips the breaker. the wiring looks like it is up to it.
  5. Phil T

    Cross climate tyres for Prius Gen4

    An update on my Goodyear Vector 4Season 195 65 15 £251 fitted. They cost slightly more than one tyre on my VW CC. One advantage of 15 inch wheels. In these last few snowy icy days they have slipped less than the old Toyo's in the wet! Very pleased with them, mpg seems to be the same, quieter and more supple ride. A little bit of whirring noise at low speed, though that disappears over 30, pot holes are not as intrusive either. Passing at muddy passing places on narrow lanes is not an issue now, the Toyo's just spun up. The hill where my house is, gets no salt on it and for most of the day is in shade, so snow and ice is a problem most winters. Im certainly glad I changed, it gives peace of mind when the temperature drops below zero.
  6. Phil T


    So what car gets a decent boot light? A 5 watt incandescent lamp is normal for most cars. Perhaps Toyota thinks we do not use them at night, hence the PHV's dodgy headlamps.
  7. Phil T


    So upgrade it. Easily upgraded or add an extra. Flat blade under the opposite end to the switch, W5W / T10 LED of the cob type is much brighter. If you remove the grey plastic cover on the back you can fit a longer bulb in. Or stick an LED strip under the black plastic above the light and feed the wire into the original light.
  8. Phil T


    Not quiet, they priced matched, THEN they added the vat and fitting, so quite expensive total price. I thought when they quoted me the price, great, get them ordered. When I asked if that was the total it was actually nearer £400 and that may have increased as fitting depended on how easily they went on ! I had mine from Blackcircles, fitted locally at Mr Tyre, there this morning at 8.30, home by 9.30. Great service. They are slightly louder, slight humming, but it does not change over different surfaces like the Toyo's did, over concrete it was drowning out the radio. Bit slippy going, fine coming back, but the temperature had warmed a bit.
  9. Phil T


    Yes there is no real advantage over plain glass unless you keep your valuables in view, and it looks better. I tried for a winter discount on tyres at my garage and the best they would do was matched Blackcircles price plus fitting and vat. So much for matching the competition. I have opted for Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-2 for £269. Michelin Cross climate + were hard to find any in stock or the next few weeks. In the tests they were very close. Im inclined to bin the Toyos, I cant believe anything can be much worse, after reading some peoples comments on their driving behaviour and my own experience.
  10. Phil T


    What happens to those who bought the car based on the brochure specs, but got a pup! When I had a similar problem with a Nissan Xtrail the brochure specified "Privacy glass to the rear and tail windscreen". It came with clear glass in the rear screen. After much argument, the dealer said there was no comeback from Nissan, but was prepared to tint it themselves. I notice on the web that Toyota state specification may differ in your region, so I would imagine Tough Shite, we have a getout! It's a bit like the Toyo tyres they fit. On one German tyre test site I found their stopping distance was 14 metres longer than the best in test. That's longer than a London bus, frightening. And on noise, Toyo have across the range many tyres that drivers complain about the tyre noise, on concrete and course asphalt, I have to turn the radio up loud , other drivers often likening it to a knackered bearing. I frequently spin up the tyre in the wet so have no confidence in them at all, which brings me to the Winter Tyre debate. Geoff. How are you doing with changing your tyres.
  11. Phil T


    At about 25 metres the beam moved about 10-20cm that proved a big difference. At 3 feet you would hardly see any difference. I think it could still go up some more but it's good enough for me now.
  12. Phil T


    Don't they know bends are for practicing your drifting
  13. Phil T


    Oh no it's not. People round here slow for a kink in the road not just for oncoming cars. I thought it was an age thing, apparently not
  14. Phil T


    Auto wipers that need constant adjustment . Ah yes, yet another Toyotism, the rear screen. It's fine at speed, just dont stop! Mind, on the Gen4 I found the wiper was great for a left hand drive, hardly cleared much at all for a right hand drive. Unusual for a Japanese car, that is normally a European modified for right hand drive quirk. As for RainX I found that builds up and yellows, then starts to peel. It looks as though the rear glass is treated like the side front windows to repel water, just need stronger gravity for it to work! Dictionary explanation of Toyotaism. It's reliable for a long time, just does not work as you want it too.
  15. Phil T


    Yet another Toyota quirk, the auto windscreen wipers. On my last Nissan and VW cars that had auto wipers, there was only one setting on or off. When on the wipers would start when there was enough rain to limit visibility through the screen, and would speed up or slow down as and when the rain got heavier or reduced. With Toyota that happens when on the minimum time delay, ie getting more frequent with heavy rain, but less frequent settings hardly have any effect as to the frequency when rain increases, and you still need to switch to fast if it is really heavy rain. If you start off with a dry screen and the wipers on auto, and it starts to rain, I can hardly see out before the wipers start. Is this yet another car fault or is it Toyota's version of how they think it should work.