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  1. Bit late but if this is a common problem. Take the door switch off and check for corrosion and poor operation. WD40 it and operate it buy hand see if there is consistent switching. The rubbers often get out of line and become squashed over the switch causing problems.
  2. I will just put this down to a Toyotaism. Turn the radio up so I don’t notice the engine 🤪
  3. TheProfessor, on the Gen4 I would expect that but this is my 2018 PHEV. Crawling on a slight incline, after setting off doing 10 miles, so lots of energy left in the battery, all electrics, heater, etc off. Running in City mode and the engine fires up. The other side of Leek heading towards Buxton 10% hill past The Roaches, battery all the way, no ICE.
  4. That depends on how far you go away from your charging socket! With 30 miles costing around a fifth of petrol prices, it makes a good town car. Pity Fuelly does not calculate kW/mile. I'm tempted to put a kWh energy sub meter on my outlet, then I could calculate the approximate cost of running on electric.
  5. I used to get that with my Gen4, lots of long hills around here, you would think that Toyota could have found a way to shut of the charging, rather than turn the engine over to get rid of surplus charge. I was assured that it wasn't actually firing up the engine, unlike mine which is firing up the engine for no apparent reason and using fuel!
  6. Would be nice if they followed correct banking practice and did not use a link to pay money into. If you go to the site you get a warning insecure site. Facebook is not a site I like to use anymore. At least it's not a con and a hole into your bank account! No need to pull it apart then Mike! So if we take advantage before a full year of membership , do we get the year added to our existing membership time.
  7. Completed with reservations. With a PHV the consumption is nigh impossible to predict with it changing from electric to petrol on medium runs. The charging socket needs a kWh meter on it! With an empty battery I use the 2nd trip recorder and see 80-90 mpg depending whether I'm in the Peak District or the flat. On combined runs the MPG is normally showing above the 199 mpg max reading average. And it's a Toyota, isn't the Extremely satisfied box superfluous
  8. I have noticed some strange behaviour. Only when I am approaching the town of Leek on A53 in battery mode, the road starts to climb and the engine will start. Full battery and not very steep hill at that stage, traffic at a crawl. I turned on City mode and the engine stopped. Next time I approached I was in City mode and the engine started as before, so next day I tried the same route heater off, no aircon, and City mode. Engine started! At this point the battery is nearly full. I can go up other steep hills and the car will stay on battery but not on this stretch of road, cold days warm days the same
  9. I'm getting 25% Members email from what appears to be from the Toyota Owners Club, with a link to pay. It came with another email the same for the Ford Club. Very suspicious. "Toyota Owners Club via" Either this is bad practice or its a spoof. Can anyone shed some light on the subject.
  10. Ah, that thing flapping away at the front grinding away over speed humps. Zip ties or larger plastic poppers. fleabay have a large selection, length and diameter. Or metal screw clips. Or rip it off. Back in the good old days there wasn’t any under engine protection. Alternators and electrics were all exposed to the elements, with better waterproof connectors probably the main reason for the cover is to smooth the air flow and improve the drag factor. A big puddle would get into the engine bay fairly easily whatever the cover. You only have to look at all the salt that covers the engin bay after winter.
  11. Is it the lock causing problems. On one of my older cars the lock would let the tray drop, I fitted a little flat magnet on the body side and a thin metal strip on the door tray, similar to those now found on cabinets. Held on with Araldite. Worked well, no further trouble.
  12. Muhammed, there are a few LED reviews on Youtube, many are Rebranded Generic Chinese brands, Philips have an H11 LED but it is expensive. Three times the price and only rated for off road use. Depends on how hard your traffic officers are. I have one in my motorbike main beam and it is good, though with a strange light pattern. Many have a fan to cool them (unreliable), the Philips has a large heatsink. The extra length is difficult to fit the bulb in many housings. The other problem with the high brightness of LED and HID is the sharp cutoff (if you lucky) of the dip beam, gives the impression of more light but the shadow areas are harder to see. Take you standard bulbs out and see if they are basic standard bulbs or poor makes, if they are you will see a good difference with an uprated halogen like the Osram and Philips.
  13. Looks like you have H11 dipped and HB3 main if two separate reflectors. Fog H11. Osram Night Breaker or Philips X-treme Vision are among the best, nearly always at the top of their game. although the test is for H7 this is a very similar bulb to both yours. Avoid Chinese LED conversions, unreliable, dazzle and often poor light, same goes for HID conversions, please consider those drivers coming towards you. Lots of people rate PIAA, these very expensive bulbs nearly all rate poorly on test, and are beaten by the likes of Osram and Philips. PS Blue bulbs look fancy but give poor light.
  14. How my Goodyears are performing. Update on the Toyo tyres , yes I did chuck then in the end, I don't know how Toyota approved them for OEM fitment. I did consider offering them to anyone but thought better of it, killer tyres! I fitted Goodyear Vector 4 seasons gen2 and they are much quieter and more important they grip! Last night Sunday they were tested to the limit, I was driving from Stoke to Buxton (one of the highest parts of the Peak District) in freezing and snow conditions on my way to see a show in Buxton Opera House. The road so far was clear, light snow either side of the carriageway and the road was well salted, I passed Flash Bar Stores (Flash Highest Village in Britain) and the road was clear. As I crossed the boundary between Stafford and Derby the road gritting stopped. The road had light drifting and slush, I checked the brakes to see how much adhesion there was, ABS kicked in but I slowed without incident, I continued much slower. Up ahead I saw hazard lights, I found a group of cars at the top of the long descent into Buxton. Several drivers were debating whether to continue, they were having trouble standing up! The road in the headlights was ice. Further down the hill, a car had gone off the road, a tractor was coming up the hill towards us very slowly. The farmer stopped and said he had just pulled that car back on the road, it was an ice sheet, the tractor was just coping. There were about 10 cars now behind me, several were turning round with difficulty. I pulled back and turned on the A54 Macclesfield Rd, the tyres never slipped. They closed the road after that and it only reopened near midday.
  15. Tuggers, I run most days at 22C top and feet vents fresh air, two of us in the car and rarely have any misting up, even when we have lots of rain. If I run the preheat when still on the charge, it often mists up but soon clears without any further adjustments, when I start off. These last few sunny days I have turned the heating and fan off and had the luxury of 6 extra miles on the charge, still no misting.