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  1. Thanks Konrad if I do get any troubles with the car would you or other's try to help me knowing my knowledge on Toyota is at a zero or advise me to take it into a stealer (sorry dealers) Take care all John
  2. Jimmy I think you've done well also it was good of Konrad for the help he offered you I have only had my second hand Avensis for a short while so know nothing about them yet and god help my poor car if I start messing with it. Reading through the forum this seems to be a good club to be in Take care all John
  3. Hi Scott The ticking noise seems to be coming from the drivers side, it is quite loud and does it when not in gear as well as when i'm driving. My son is coming down Friday so I will do as you say and get him to listen when the bonnet is up also try to work out which area it is coming from. Thank's again Scott John
  4. Hi and help please Avensis owners I have bought a 2013 d4d and it has got a ticking noise at about 1.500 revs I took it to the Toyota dealers in Kings Lynn and they said the fault had been an ancillary belt and they had fitted a new one. The car was not used until today and the ticking was still there, has anybody else had this issue or can help me to get it sorted out I will be very grateful Here's hoping I can get help from you gent's and ladies John
  5. As Adam says get a dash camera as I did. I got mine from Amazon it only cost £36 when I bought it and honestly its a great picture you get and play back through your pc is on mine perfect. I have mine connected to the cigar lighter so when I switch of the cam closes down and when you start up it will automatically start working or you can have it permanently wired so its on all the while and when your home just press the on of switch that way you will not drain the battery . Sorry I can't help over the body work and I hope you get it done quickly and I agree to damage somebodies car then drive off is a low trick. Good luck and stay safe John
  6. Hi Frank and Mike Sorry for the delay but now got the information they are a toyota dealer and it is covered for the 5 year warranty and has been serviced by them, Last week it developed a tapping sound so I booked it in to the King's Lynn main dealer and they after examining it said it was down to the ancillary belt so they fitted a new one and I was shocked when they informed me it was done under the warranty as I always thought belts were not covered by warranty. She is running like a dream now I am only sorry I did not get a Toyota years ago Thanks again for the help you gave me John
  7. Hi Scott Thanks for your instruction book which you sent me it has answered all my questions and my brightness has got better. I am sorry about not having sent details about the touch and go sat nav but you've certainly helped me. Thanks again and stay safe John
  8. hi Scott Thanks for your suggestion but I have only just got the car and no sat nav instructions with it so I lost as to how to adjust the brightness/contrast
  9. I have a 2 1/2 year avensis all was well until after leaving it for an hour wed came back and the sat nav screen was dead, after about another hours driving the map started to faintly show through but nowhere near as bright as it was. My daytime running lights had gone off as well I took it to my Toyota dealer who said they had to replace two side light bulbs as that had stopped the day running lights working so two bulbs fitted and hey ho driving lights running again but although the sat nav is a bit better than when it went in it is still not as bright as when we first got the car can anybody please help I hope I have not bought a Friday special John
  10. Dear Frank and Mike Thank's for your input I am now waiting to hear from the dealer the car was first bought from, then I will know how i'm fixed. This is the first Toyota I have ever owned but up to now I can't fault it. Thank's again both of you John
  11. Thank's for the welcome guys and I hope I can get to know many more forum members as time goes bye John
  12. I have just bought a 2013 Avensis diesel with a full service from new and still has until December before the manufacturers warranty runs out it has just had the one driver so I am unsure whether the warranty still applies to my new ownership Being new to this forum I am not sure what may be asked here if anybody can help I will be grateful Thanking you in anticipation John
  13. Hi all another newbie here just bought a 2013 avensis and collecting it this Thursday 26/05/2016 and hoping to meet people who have a similar car interest as myself