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  1. Been doing MTB endurance "racing" for the last few years, my last one for a while is Relentless24 next weekend. Switched back to a road riding focus due to the costs of constantly trashing MTB parts. My G6 is a bit of a mess in the back as the seats are near permanently down so the bikes can be transported and insured at the same time. Aiming to find a van when its beyond sensible repair. Sent from my HTC One M8s using Tapatalk
  2. As far as I'm aware the odometer reading on the day the car was tested has been included on the MOT certificate for years. There was a change in 2012, where the mileage from the previous three MOT tests as well as the mileage for the current test, is shown on the certificate. The OP said the car was stored for 15+ years, so a tax disc from the mid 90's may well fit. That's what I was thinking of, it was scribbled on the old paper certificates. Although since he appears to have a comprehensive history so that info should be there. Sent from my HTC One M8s using Tapatalk
  3. On cars that old the numbers lining up can be pretty dire, can't see the gear teeth in the picture. Have attached a picture of a VDO unit with fairly tight gearing; if my brothers minis were still around I'd be able to get a picture of one that's miles off! MOT mileage readings on the MOT are also a relatively recent addition; apparently if clocking is spotted on the MOT it gets frozen and marked as non-genuine. What year is the Tax disc on that? Not sure if it's a blemish in the screen or picture but the top bar looks reasonably dark which suggests mid-90s to me.
  4. My 2 Deer Hunters. 2002 T-Sport on the left just finished being rebuilt; handily found someone breaking a T-Sport the same colour in Glasgow! (The bumper was repainted but the Lacquer didn't work too well) 134k Miles 1999 G6 (Lost the grill in its Bambi incident); never bothered getting a bonnet the right colour. 171k Miles it's high mile club badge sitting where the tax disc used to. Now I'm back on the road the green lighting was annoying me with it sitting below a Blue, Red and White display on the mini-disc player; so Had a look around and took my centre console apart, discovered the base colour was Orange which was a start to the improvements... Bit of thought and... Blue T5 for the clock and mode display Red T4 for the buttons Amber T3 for the Hazzard light button What can't be seen in the picture is: Blue LED 286 bulb used in the "Ashtray" for lighting. Blue LED 286 bulb used in the 12v Socket... Despite being "Wide Angle" it doesn't produce enough throw, so have ordered some standard 286 bulbs for use in here, but decided to go with Red to fit with the other smaller areas. Now the Green lighting on the window switches, TRC Button and Headlamp leveler were a bit out of place. No pictures for this; The Headlamp leveler uses a soldered in bulb with a green cap on it; some Humbrol Clear Red varnish on both the bulb and the clear light carrier sorted that one out/ The TRC switch has a side on T4 bulb; great I have red LEDs... except they aren't that wide angle, so took a green cap off one of the ones removed from the centre console and loaded it up with that Humbrol; looks great, just a pity the mirror control doesn't light up at all. Had the Window switches in bits tonight and this is a different problem; they have green leds on the PCB; so tried out the following to see how well they work: N/S Switch, painted the clear window on the switch body on the inside - Result, pretty rubbish, light very dim and orange O/S Switches; painted the green leds - also rubbish, loss of viewable angle and quite orange although my dry better. If I can be bothered I'll look at any way of changing the LED on the PCB or getting another light source in the unit.
  5. Port blanker next to bonnet release on the G6 and G6R Sent from my HTC One M8s using Tapatalk
  6. Got a 2nd hand pump that works (previous one had melted...) but fuse still blows, so something else not right, a bambi incident has given a good chance to have a good look. Any light not cancelling in the prescribed time is an MOT failure, however the secondary air is not tested on every start so cancelling the code just before the MOT should get it through... Sent from my HTC One M8s using Tapatalk
  7. Got a similar issue with my secondary injection air pump. P0410 iirc, had it up on a mates ramp the other night and found a bad earth which seemed to sort it for a couple of drives, but lights are back on now although i swear i hear it operating on fire up. Apparently not a cheap replacement, and not found aftermarket or remanufactures when searching. Since it's got no impact on anything other than emissions think i'll just ignore it and occasionally get codes checked so know it's not hiding anything else. Sent from my HTC One M8s using Tapatalk
  8. Been lurking for a couple of weeks so thought I'd better say hi. Have had a 1999 Corolla G6 1.6 for the last few years as my daily driver almost permanently in van mode for transporting bikes. Pretty much standard. With the slow demise of my SAAB 99 to being a garage dweller, a 2003 corolla TSport at a price i couldn't overlook was found and now acts as my "not ever getting a muddy bike put in it ever" car. I've just about got the hang of the acceleration... Sent from my HTC One M8s using Tapatalk