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  1. Sounds like it could be the same as your Ford then, only had the car a couple of weeks but I'm pretty sure it doesn't have an alarm....not that I've discovered anyway! Thanks Mike
  2. Just discovered today that if I press the lock button on the keyfob twice the horn gives a little beep from under the bonnet....anyone know what this is?!
  3. Hi all, been told this is quite a common problem? My drivers door exterior handle works fine but the handle stays stuck out and won't sit back flush? Am guessing there is a spring broken somewhere, is this something that can be fixed? thanks for any help
  4. Thanks, yes it had the IVA plus an MOT last year so think it should be ok
  5. Lmao!!! Love that :-) Yep...just need to get it stuck in my tiny brain then will be fine
  6. Thankyou for your replies, think i'm going to leave it as it is, just need to remember the conversions :-)
  7. Vitzy

    Fog light bulb

    If anyone is looking for one I found it!
  8. Vitzy

    Fog light bulb

    Sorry for such a stupid question...but my owners manual is in Japanese! my car has clear rear light clusters and a rear fog light which at moment has a clear bulb in so it won't pass MOT, can anyone tell me what sort of red bulb I need to replace it - part number etc? Thanks so much for your help, I have ordered a UK manual from ebay but not here yet!
  9. Good idea! Thankyou very much :-)
  10. Yep that could well be the case, oh well was worth a try!
  11. Thanks Cyker, just tried that and it doesn't work unfortunately, sun is so bright here I can't actually see if it's changing the brightness but it's definitely not changing kmh to mph :-(
  12. Hi all, just got my Jap import Vitz/Yaris (1999) and am wondering if there is anyway of changing the digital display to MPH instead of KMH? It's not a big deal but would be easier than me doing maths as I'm driving! Thanks for any help
  13. Hi all, am buying a Toyota Vitz (yaris) this week and it has these alloys on - they were put on in Japan so guessing they are Japanese (clever me!) but wondering if anyone knows a name/brand? Thanks for any help
  14. Thanks Frosty and Dan, Dan, I've only had a quote so far so no policy number, will be taking out insurance on Thursday (just in case something goes wrong with the sale of car)
  15. Hi all, Just joined as a premium member as will be getting my Jap import Vitz/Yaris on Thursday....excited!! Does anyone know if I need my membership number to get the Adrian Flux insurance as I won't have the membership pack before Thurs? Thanks for any help, I look forward to exploring the forums :-)