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  1. too many jokes ;) why not, it a serious problem for me
  2. very moving, who sang the soundtrack?
  3. Well all, Its being a while since ive posted, usual busy sorting out a few little projects. Anyways there was something annoying me lately about the little toy that had being bugging me for ages and because ive not being around here much it kinda being getting at me. You know that feeling when your in a good mood driving along on a nice summers day, go on you know the one, window down, elbow resting half in half out, then putting your arm out with the palm of you hand flat letting the wind catch it, moving it up and down getting sunburned on the right side of you face. The perfect day and then you get a sniff, it passes, then again and again, it hits you that Fu*king air freshener is rank, I know there has to be someone on here who knows the best air freshener, like it is a small car so it hard to pick the right one for it, like the Magic Tree Pink Grapefruit Air Freshener one is nice smelling and I like it but its pink not very manly, ive seen the Magic Tree Black Ice Air Freshener looks cool anyone know what its like, the Magic Tree Sweet Pear Air Freshener TWIN PACK has a Very pleasing, subtle...sweet smell, Magic Tree Spearmint Air Freshener is Fresh, Nice, and very very Minty suit a Saxo driver maybe, Magic Tree Sunny Citrus Air Freshener is Fruity....Sharp...Tangy, maybe for an Aygo buy not for a Yaris, Magic Tree Leather Air Freshener, it a Yaris for fu*ck sake like the list goes on, so come one what ye think, for me it has to be Magic Tree the angles of the Leaves on the Magic tree goes with the lines of the cars body
  4. TASTELESS have you a habbit of just finding strange things and testing them, yea smell like sh*t yea looks like sh*t yea tastes like sh*t wonder if it is shi*t but yea if you have A/C then its 99% just the run off water
  5. or as we say :P you`ve got rubber-lined pockets so ya can steal soup, ya`ed peel and orange in yar pocket, ya would`nt eving give ya the middle of a polo mint, As tight as a nun's knickers .... :P cars is looking good hope to see ya at JAE again, if it rains this year can some of us park our cars in the east wind of you tent :D
  6. i like the film, the car makes it for me but what is a 'Mr Fusion'
  7. yea i would too, i`d say in the dark when lit up, it would look good, i found it over at Autoblog. god those yanks dont half know it all, i dont care for me its the Back to the Future car, so f***ing what if it has the wrong gearbox
  8. oooo i`ve would love to have this "Great Scott!" nice number plate aswell, BK2D80S
  9. LOL.............................A bit generous with the meat and two veg there JJ?? ;) Absolute class, im in tears laughing
  10. i think a poll is called for anyone any good at photoshop to show some possible results seveer unaek if you don’t agree ill get you ****** the night before strip you and squeeze you into the thong backwards and super glue it to your ****, CFC you bring the sellotape ;) , how about TOC waxed onto the hair on our ubiks, T on the left buttock and the C on the right and do a braveheart on it and bend over to show them the O, we have it in the bag already I tell ya
  11. I don’t know about this system but the stuff he makes is quite good, the new Saab 9-5 and the Caddy BLS both have his systems and the new 9-3 in August will change from a clarion unit to one of his. I have a iPod connected to the 9-5 here in work as a demo for customers and the sound quality is excellent. So if his headunits are anything to go by its top notch

    Jae 2006

    I was wondering anyone wants to make the swim over this year, I did it last year and it was more than worth the trip, its about 3.5 hours drive the far side with some nice country side to be seen on the way. All the info is on the main tread on how to pay and all the bits. what I was planning to do is sail on the Thursday night (slow boat) and meet up with the northern convoy and drive down and come back on the Sunday (fast boat), so let us know what ye think Main JAE page
  13. .As long as it could park properly lmao well then you can use this the Parking Assist Monitor if you cant park a car without hitting anything with this then you should be shot
  14. we just got one of the new GS450h`s in and ive never ****** myself laughing so much legally in my life and that’s only after seeing the price €85000 , as with any high spec Lexus its got all the bells but the one thing I was really interested in testing. But not the new engine which is god damm quick but no, the new Adaptive Cruise Control here is a link on how Lexus says its work, now don’t get me wrong it does work. Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) the best bit, find a little old lady on the motorway doing around 45mph and let her go on for a mile or two then set the cruise to a legal 72mph and cable tight your feet to the seat and follow her, now if this was any other car this would be totally illegal but its not in the GS, IT KNOWS WHERE SHE IS and slows the car down to a safe following speed and follows the little dear even matching her speed up to the max speed you have set the car at in this case 72mph. if you pull over to the overtaking lane and there is no other cars in front it will again speed up until the max limit or until it meets another car :!Removed!: . now for the Russian Rolette bit I recon the best way if it were legal to sell this car is if you where on a test drive with a customer would be to set the cruise, get the customer who is in the passenger seat steer and you put on a blind fold, I would sell them like hot cakes, mmmm hot cake. the only sad thing about this is if the combined the Lexus system with Citroen system that will not let the car cross the white line then in theory a car with aid of a good sat nav system could get you any where and ill telling you we are not far away from that day at all, but where is the fun in that.
  15. id say so, im a typical man its the way I know how to get there so even if they built a road from holyhead to Peter-what ever its call it, id still drive the same way knowing it will take longer, plus there is nothing like waking up in a car park at 9.00am with crowed round ya. plus it great having Irish plated going through all the little villages and towns. It wasn’t until the next day when it got bright that I figured out what keep making the flash behind me , thank got we dont have them over here much
  16. mmmmmmmmm yea a can of Coke, Mars bars, O yea have you enough change for a Red Golf GTI. this is too cool not the cars, but where they are Volkswagen brings love of vending machines to car storage There's something inexplicably fun about getting something out of a vending machine, particularly one with a cool dispensing mechanism. And if you're picking up your new car from Volkswagen's storage facility in Wolfsburg, Germany, "inexplicably fun" just isn't the word. The storage facility, which takes up just 20 percent of the space needed by comparable facilities, holds 20-story towers filled to the brim with new VWs. An automated arm raises up into the heavens of the building, retrieving the new owner's VW and bringing it to him/her in less time, and without the potential damage brought by human error. [source: autoblog.com]
  17. There a bit girly looking im looking for a more manly looking pink thong, you know what i mean Dave
  18. well all, àisling and i hope to make the swim this year again, ill know if we can make it by next week, i might bring the starlet for the craic, my main prob at the min is trying to find 6 pink thongs for the TOC TOW Team
  19. just a bit of useless info on thursday morning at 1.02am and 3 seconds on the 4th of may 2006 it will be: 01:02.03, 04/05/06 usless to know but all the same it would make a nice pic
  20. what he might also be talking about are P1 Jap built and P1 French built, the light are the same and are interchangeable but the connections for the bulbs at the back lights are different unless you want to rewire them.
  21. give us a shout if i can be of anymore help, now all you have to do is learn japaneese so you can understand how to fit it. TBH its simple to fit
  22. dont think this has been post yet, but here is i pick i found
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