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  1. a full stainless system, nice one and welcome
  2. the 1.0L Yaris has 2 bhp`s in the 1sz-fe engine i have the 70 bhp engine,the other has 69 bhp as for power increases i`ll just have to wait and see.
  3. lads this is a handy web page i found about toyota engines, so if ye are not sure about engine models ye can look it up toyota engine chart
  4. Ears?? Is that Ears Ireland L.T.D? Because thats where i got the Booster bodykit from They seem to know their stuff :) ← yea top lads not like :censor: Tdi, I`ll have the kit next week so i`ll know for defo if the chip is with it, until then all i can do is sit and wait. o yea where did ya get your alloys cfc, i`m thinking about changing mine and i like urs
  5. ;) :D ← go on have ya got them.
  6. by any chance have ya still got the english fitting instructions.
  7. lads i don`t know if it does or does not need a piggy back ecu, it`s been fed-ex so i should have it by the end of the week, if its here by friday it will be on by monday so we will know all by then. i`ll ask the lads in ears moto today about the ecu, i`d tried Tdi but as soon as they here "yaris" and "Turbo" i get the feeling "o :censor: off with your 1.0L, waster", it a pain to find out anything off them either that or he can`t understand the way i talk cause i`m irish :D . but for €750, i can`t go wrong, even if i need a new ecu, i`ll let ye all know. thank.
  8. don`t know that the next job to find out. WRC had one don`t know if he did
  9. yea i know €750 inc shipping, its €2500 off ears moto in cork and £1800 off Tdi, I`ve being saving but this is gift.
  10. well at last i`ve got one and thank god for e-bay. i just can`t wait at last a bit more power and plus i got it on the cheap. i`ll let ye know how thing go over the next few weeks and take a few pics along the way. it will take a week or so to get but i`ll keep ye filled in. CAN`T WAIT :D :D :D :D :D :D HKS TURBO ON E-BAY
  11. good stuff, i like it a lot, i don`t know but i`d leave it as it is, i think a spoiler would push it a little over the top, nice job , i`d love to have thoses alloys but with crap irish roads that are full of pot holes i be all the time :!Removed!:
  12. kinda like it, but yea 10/10 well done, where did ya get you rear wind deflectors we can only get front ones here and i want rear ones
  13. ANYONE??? ← yea defo TTE front bumper have one and love it, where in ireland are ya
  14. crap weather lads,.......................aaaahhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm, yea crap weather.
  15. thanks, yea i had the 2 lower lights and the 2 reversing bulbs in the lexus lights working when you put it in reverse but i had to diconnect the lower one it was just to much.
  16. yea it will i have a t-sport bumper on my base model, no prob my pics
  17. yea i have, looks good and its not to loud, it makes a gentle bbbrrrrrrr, just nice and the price is good
  18. yea, they updated there website awhile ago and i seen the black lexus lights on it. i already had the silver ones so i did not ask how much they were, i ducking love there kit.
  19. yea ive seen it before some sort of 4x4 i think a landi 90 buggy with a fibre glass body off a andros trophy yaris on it
  20. don`t know i`ve not tryed yet i`ll was going to try to order the rear boot spoiler on friday, but ye all got in before, i was hoping to have fitted and all and have pics up and let ye all , but crisis got in before me :censor: LOL
  21. yea it the axis kit axis they do some nice gear, there e-mail is axis@pop16.odn.ne.jp there are o.k to chat to. i`ve being thinking for ages about getting the boot spoiler, looks the dogs :censor: ,
  22. i`m not saying i`m right and your wrong, but i am right :D :P , joke. hey yaris_girl which one of these are ya on about????
  23. this is the Full TTE front bumper for a facelift yaris, and yes it will fit your blue, its available through all main dealers. need anymore help just ask.
  24. sorry lads i`ll have to pull out, but i do have a good reason. :( Chris Turner, (earpl) T-sport, beautywasheronlyC_R_I_M_E @ hotmail.com Robert Boyle, (norm) as above, beamer_boyle @ hotmail.com Danny Ball, (dannyb999) T-Sport, dannyb999 @ hotmail.com Chris Canavan (chriscanavan) T-Sport, chriscanavan58 @ hotmail.com Matthew Batten aka Moffmo (The man!!), moffmo @ hotmail.com JJ aka Jane Cragg, janeecragg @ hotmail.com The man with No name (Chappers) Mr_kdc @ hotmail.com Lee AKA knightrider lee6_2002 @ hotmail.com Neil Wilson (Yaris T Bone) neilwilson7050@hotmail.com James Seabright (Seab) seab_is@hotmail.com Graham Dowling (seveer unaek) big_g35@hotmail.com Rob Dyson (dicey2k) CDX, rdroam@hotmail.com Gethin John ( Gman rct) T-Sport gethin_john@yahoo.co.uk me and my mate are on it (milky) yaris, jaylangton@hotmail.com Gary Weddle (Gazz) YTS, gary@dedipower.com (p)Lorne Clark (clarky) T-Sport, lorne_clark@talk21.com (p)Chuck aka Charlie (p)Breezer ←
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