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  1. mmmmmmmmmm still don`t know,
  2. i know looks over power, i can`t make my mind up
  3. so your saying my yaris looks like a !Removed!, or all yaris look like turds. :cacker:
  4. right i`ve being thinking long and hard on this and i said i`d ask yourselfs what ye think, as some of ye know i have a 1.0 yaris with mostly body mods, now i`ve saved up for a few euro and i need to spend it. so what do i spent it on A: wide arch body kit B: HKS Turbo both have pro`s and con`s so what do ye think
  5. this is kinda true, but a lot of the the bolt on parts are different from the jap yaris of early 2001 than those fitted to the French built ones e.g. a change from suppliers from denso to bosch and so on. There are a lot of differences to be honest. it`s realy all down to the way the car is designed in the first place, cause they french built yaris shares the same parts suppliers as with all the main motor companys so its all down to design and how "A screw into hole D" and how ya put "B into C and fold over F" and so on.
  6. i agree alot of power does not take away for the fun factor, i love my yaris to bits, its serious craic on back roads and does not look to bad either, right i have another car which is a company car, its 210bhp 17", lowered and a body kit but and to be honest for pure smile on ye face fun i`d drive the yaris
  7. NO NO NO NO NO, only the aygo has anthing to do with PSA, the new yaris is a TOYOTA and should be out later this year, as for the engines they are kinda the same apart for the 1.0L which is a new engine
  8. Chris Turner, (earpl) T-sport, beautywasheronlyC_R_I_M_E @ hotmail.com Robert Boyle, (norm) as above, beamer_boyle @ hotmail.com Danny Ball, (dannyb999) T-Sport, dannyb999 @ hotmail.com Chris Canavan (chriscanavan) T-Sport, chriscanavan58 @ hotmail.com Matthew Batten aka Moffmo (The man!!), moffmo @ hotmail.com JJ aka Jayne sommat, Something @ hotmail.com The man with No name (Chappers) Mr_kdc @ hotmail.com Lee AKA knightrider lee6_2002 @ hotmail.com Neil Wilson (Yaris T Bone) neilwilson7050@hotmail.com James Seabright (Seab) seab_is@hotmail.com Graham Dowling (seveer unaek) big_g35@hotmail.com Robert Coffey (CHAMSHAFT) r.coffey@fitzpatricksgarages.ie
  9. well there are the part numbers if i get a chance tomorrow i`ll look up a price for ya. if he does not get`em for ya ram the old one up his..........., sorry forgot there are kids on this site.
  10. should be able, things at work will have got a little easyer by then ill let ye know on monday but can`t see a prob.
  11. there is another way of gettin g the same kinda look put a facelift arial on a pre-facelift, i`ve done it,walk up screw off then screw in if only all thing were so easy.
  12. well hows the lads sorry being away for a bit, but yea i love to go. do any of ye know how far is it of a drive is it from hollyhead, hey yaris30 are ya going?
  13. well lads, any craic i can`t remember which side the red lens is on a right hand drive yaris t-sport so here are the part numbers for both a driver side and a pass. side lens T81670-52010-Driver side T81680-52010-Pass. side
  14. well i would have prefered not to have had it coded,because when the clips were bent over that hold the mesh in place the paint cracked and when i power hosed it to clean it the paint lifted.
  15. its tte so its direct replacment. i had a little problom with mine as ya can see from the pics the mesh is colour coded too. it comes black but the clips that hold the mesh on have to be bent to hold the mesh in place this caused the paint to crack and it lifted the first time i went to wash it so we had to respray it again with the clips bent holding the mesh in place. apart from that no probs.
  16. yea its a nice bumper, i have the same one on my yaris looks the dogs :censor: . they are of the same quality as the standard bumpers so they don`t fall to bits like thoses crap fibre glass ones that break at even looking at a speed bump. Link to my pics:
  17. can we say crap, crap not that bad, there are a lot worse words than crap, like would you get annoyed at your two year for saying crap, the word crap by the way come from a brand of toilet who`s creater was called "mr. crapper". anyway i`ll head off now to my crap work, in crap weather, to have a crap day, but thank god i don`t have a crap car, god i hate :censor: saxo`s, o :censor: am i able to say :censor: , :censor: it anyway, so :censor: , :censor: , :censor: , :censor: , :censor: , :censor: , :censor: and thats all i have to say.
  18. here in ireland we have terra, luna, sol and blue, i can take a few pics of them if you want me to?
  19. I would say Wales as well, so some of us irish lads could get the boat across, thats if the strike is over, if its in wales i would make the trip.
  20. i`ve got mine tinted, i have 35% all round, it dark, but not to dark and you can still see out the windows at night. i have a 50% tint on the corolla and its a pain at night trying to see out
  21. i have a t-sport rear bumper on my 1.0 5 door fitted no prob. same mounting points. i don`t know about the front but the lads in the body shop say it should
  22. Ur jokin rite? Our roads are really bad aswell but i've never been to Ireland so can't really comment! And mate did u see my car before? I think it honestly is about 50mm! ← honest this is no joke, the facelift corolla and verso,911,pug 407,c-max,s40 and thats just wait i`ve seen were tested for rattles on the local roads round here. the toyota lads said they know the roads well and have being here loads of times and that if the car does not rattle or break a spring in 3 days testing here than it never will. honest. for the few irish lads out there it`s the tunnel rd from edenderry to rathagan
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