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  1. a your alright, i know its very short notice, i`ll take a few pics
  2. ill look after it if ye like ← Well volunteered, knew you would if i didn't answer for long enough :P ← My God, ive being rail roaded in to this
  3. Right I know this is very short notice, but im organising Go-Karting in Mondello Park on Sunday 11th of December, we will be using the International Section of the Circuit in twin-engine go-karts, the cost is 70euro per head, I know this is very short notice, I have limited places left but now the Irish Section is up and running ill be hopefully organising other events in the future. Mondello Park
  4. i`d leave a big wet one on ya but seeing as your 500 miles away, i`ll leave it to the man himself, happy birthday
  5. i think one of the lads here has the same spoiler on his car here, looks good, i`ll take some pics tomorrow if it`s the same
  6. sorry,i`m not a teck head at all, all i seen was BLA, BLA, BLA. i`d be like a 7 year old when it comes to hardware, so how fast is it mister
  7. looks great, hats off to ya lad as usual
  8. god it was a right pain for me aswell, i ripped my hands apart doing it, but well worth it for the results
  9. well done , took me 5 times, said i was too careful, ME CAREFUL
  10. i know who will win that hands down Gold members only
  11. i know you can track them and get an e-mail when someone replys to them but i don`t think you can see who reads them, why anyway if you don`t me asking?
  12. Could it be associated with George Best's funeral? ← maybe, i`ve being watching it too
  13. i`ve nothing to do, its nearly 2 and i`ve not seen a customer all day, have i missed something, is there something going on i dont know about. i`ve read the last 4 pages in General for something to do. go on someone do a dance and post it for me to watch
  14. this all sound great , but yea only funny ones
  15. have you stripped out all the interior :o respect , next you will be taking laxatives befoe each run down the Pod , a good one and you would loose 1/2 stone
  16. yea alteast once a week another joins, i`d like to meet a few of them for a chat and what not. i do be a little green when i read all ye meeting up, i feel im missing somehting :(
  17. Irish meet section in Club Meets and Events, thats it, maybe?
  18. YEA another Paddy :D , i told ye we would take over, cant help ya sorry but welcome
  19. the 2 of them SMW are class good one
  21. Right I was sitting have a cup of coffee this morning before I headed into work and as usual my little one, Àoife was sitting up with me. I like spending time with her in the mornings because over the last few weeks coming up to x-mas ive being working late so I try and make time to spend time with her in the morning. So we sitting up together chatting about what not and so on. Now as we say "she is no back of a shovel" in other words she is god damm smart, So as we were sitting there this morning she came out with this. do you remember the Eejit`s, Now for me an Eejit is Irish slang for an Idiot, it’s kinda rude along the same lines as FE*K as in Father Jack. So I was not too impressed. So I replied WHAT. agian she says the Eejit`s, do you remember them, I asked who told you that, My teacher she replies. Now she is only at playschool and im thinking what in gods name is she being thought. the Eejit`s again she says there where loads of them they lived in the pyramids, well at that I FPMSL , what she was trying to say was Egyptians she was learning about the pyramids. I know it prob means fe*k all to anyone else by my god did it make my day. More Irish slang and here she is herself
  22. this may be of some help to you Toyota Engine list
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