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  1. well let just say if i was holding a Hot KFC Chicken Leg with a rope going to the back of the Yaris and you driving, it still would not have the power to pull the skin off it, its bad :(
  2. Wanted:1 Cylinder for the Toyota 1KR-FE Engine to replace the one that they lost/misplaced, if anyone know where i can get one or who to contact it would be great.
  3. that look cooooool, i want a go, i want a go. please mister
  4. £2000 is a bit OTT, i can get leather fitted to a Yaris for 1500euro which is a lot lot cheaper over here, a set of buckets would look and feel nicer if it was me
  5. in a word NO , you already know, i told you. anyway wait till i sell her first.
  6. 500cc is no where near the Cubic capacity im after ;) anyway this we for some reason everone is rip taking the P*ss out of me about it , did you not read the tread in gold
  7. kinda on the same subject did you ever put 4 space saver on a car and race it off road, i`ll tell ya its some craic. as for you question yea change it asap, i think for normal road use they are so crap and dangerous
  8. I did not try to hard the last time; I did not even advertise her. But this time the first person with to offer hard cash will get her. I have my eye on something, so by Xmas I hope to be putting a deposit on something with a lot large cubic capacity. would that one on e-bay be a cheap buy, like strip it and use the parts and sell her as a standard CDX, go on Ryan you know you want to Rob mmmmmmmmm, but sorry NO, large cubic capacity
  9. oh worked it out for my self :P robbie your gonna have to come over next year for the next POD day, i wanna see her go! well and open that can of whoop ***** on you, but thats another story :censor: ← thanks for the offer, but hopefully she will be gone by then, i have her in the paper again this week. [ as for the whoop *** ,will people stop ganging up on me. MAMMY THE BIG BOYS KEEP PUSHING ME
  10. Hey Earpl, can't it be a little dangerous?? A friend of mine by replacing a Daewoo Matiz's batt at home, it ended up by resetting air bag programming and the airbag light kept always on :P ← you awnsered you own question Daewoo Matiz and Em don`t start i know your family like them :P
  11. found this Mercedes S-Crash! on autoblog and here is the vid, just click on DSL or ISDN Mercedes S-Class
  12. its an improvment, a small one, but an improvment, seen a lot worse
  13. it may not be the same in the TS (never had the good luck to own one), thats where it is in mine and i`m 99.99% in a Jap 1.3 aswell
  14. there are alot of companies that can fit Leather , just mind the quality they use some use cheap stuff
  15. Leather is an option on ALL Toyota`s, if its not fitted in the factory what is normally done is it comes in kit form and the Distributor in the country that the car is supplied will have a outside company to fit it. the leather for the Yaris/Corolla is so crap. i got the Toyota leather fitted to Aisling`s Corolla when she had it, it felt crap and cheap and only the bits that wear are leather the rest was leatherette
  16. the bit on the S Class merc in the fog was the best, zee car has stopped YEA 1000 POSTS
  17. i don`t dislke them, different, but they do go well with the car as whole
  18. before i changed mine i had the standard one full colour coded, look good
  19. I got this info off the lads over on the OZ Echo website awhile ago and it does work I have to reset mine every once and a while. 1. Right start the car for 30 seconds and then turn off 2. Take the key out of the ignition and remove the 15A fuse shown in the pic. 3. With the fuse out re-insert the key and try and start the engine for 5-10 second, don`t worry it will not start. 4. remove the key again from the ignition again and replace the fuse and then start the car, all should be ok. The light will stay off unless there is a fault which after 3-5 starting the car the light will come back on. If it does then you have a problem somewhere in the car and will need to get it fixed. If ya need anymore help just ask, try this and tell us how you got on I might have a few more things for you to try
  20. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ luck man
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