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  1. Bomber209

    Yaris 2005 T Sport Wiring Diagram

    pr2thej Hi, Attatched should be EWD, it's for a 2007 but should help. EWD.pdf
  2. Bomber209

    My front n/s electric window has stopped working

    Hi, I don't think it's a motor burnt out as it wasn't actually turning. Most likely it's the fuse blown (it's there to protect the system)
  3. Bomber209

    Yaris EML

    Hi, Look on Google for a local company that can re-set or repair your ECU. There are others that you have to send it to them.
  4. Bomber209

    Yaris EML

    Hi, it sounds a bit like the ECU has locked in the parameters from your old engine when the chain snapped. ECUs are set to a particular engine. Toyota might be able to re-programme it to your newer engine. Or see if they still have the old ECU from the doner car.
  5. Bomber209

    occasional beeping

    Hi, it's not speed camera warning, it's speed limit warning as picked up via GPS. You can't turn it 'OFF' you can only select the Beep to activate at different speeds above the actual limit, ie) if in a 30 mph limit you can set the warning at say 35. Go into Sat Nav settings.
  6. Bomber209

    Bottom Rad Hose Cold

    Hi, Put your new or old Thermostat in a pan of water and bring to the boil. If they open then they are working fine, You haven't by any chance installed your Thermostat upside down???
  7. Bomber209

    White residue near battery

    Hi, it's probably caused by the battery venting. There should be a hole at either end of the battery. Rig a bit of tubing to divert the gasses.
  8. Bomber209

    Front Mud Flaps screws don’t go completely tight

    Hi, same thing happened on wife's MY15, as we park on a sloping driveway.She learn't not to heave it on and rely on 'P' and to use footbrake before selecting 'D'. Worst time was in damp conditions. She doesn't have same problem in newer MY17. Countrylad try putting screws in with a bit of string or a dab of sealant or Araldite as a last resort.
  9. Teresa Hi, there's no reason for the fan to run when you switch ON A/c, until the load temp rises. What sort of temp are you expecting the fan to kick in at?? Don't go by the gauge, it's calibration could be anywhere (it's only a guide) Try lying a Thermometer on top of the Radiator to get a better idea of Temp.According to my Maintainance book, Fan 'ON' at 93* C and 'OFF' at 86* C Along with the 2 x Fuses, there is also a Relay to check out.
  10. Bomber209

    Rear 3rd brake light/ center brake light change

    Malcolm Hi, I assume you have a hatchback. Remove the cover (2 x trim plugs and 2 x screws). Prise out the light strip (2 x clips, one each end). Disconnect wiring plug.Refitting is reverse procedure. Try and get one from a scrappy, and ask if you can watch how it's done.
  11. Bomber209

    2011 Dcat White smoke problem

    Hi, White smoke usually indicates unburnt/excessive fuel. Black smoke Air/Fuel mix. Blue smoke, you#re burning oil. By your own diagnostics, it would seem like a duff injector (No 5). try swapping injector 5 with known good one.
  12. Bomber209

    Hybrid battery costs

    Hi, If you're capable and competent, there's nothing to stop you fitting them yourself.
  13. Bomber209

    Full Traction Battery - still charging?

    Hi, It's just the same as a normal 12v battery. The Alternator continues to pump out power even though the battery is fully charged. A voltage regulation circuit kicks in and creates (in theory) an open circuit.
  14. Bomber209

    obd2 B & C codes

    Hi, I'm pretty sure most OBD code readers only read out 'P' codes, you'll need a specialist code reader for all the others.
  15. Bomber209

    Battery charge when car not in use

    I had a similar problem with wife's Honda Jazz (Hybrid) with stop/start keep draining the battery. Solved it by fitting a 12v solar panel straight to */- battery terminals.