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  1. Bomber209

    Battery charge when car not in use

    I had a similar problem with wife's Honda Jazz (Hybrid) with stop/start keep draining the battery. Solved it by fitting a 12v solar panel straight to */- battery terminals.
  2. Bomber209

    Parking Brake Slipping Yaris 2016

    Hi, jack up the rear wheels (safely) and pull the handle up 3 clicks. If you can turn the wheels pull up the handbrake until you cannot turn the wheels. If this is more than 7 clicks you'll have to check the brake shoes for wear, as you'll have exceeded the auto adjust mechanism's reach.
  3. Bomber209

    Is this a valid way to test injector?

    Archie Hi, I don't think the blow by would give you these problems as fuel should return to the low pressure side. It sounds like you've a sticking (closed) injector or a bad electrical connection to #2. A poor washer seal would allow air in as well. A rule of thumb is White smoke, to much air. Black smoke over fuelling (not enough air), you often get a puff of black smoke before the turbo kicks in when you floor it. 💨
  4. Bomber209

    2008 Yaris Rear wash not working

    Hi, just mark where the bolts fit in the slots, on the upper fitting point(s)
  5. Bomber209

    2008 Yaris Rear wash not working

    Windscreen washer tank is accessible via front right O/S light assembly. Rear wash is the FWD pump. Mark the light assy position before you remove it, it makes it easier to level light(s).
  6. Bomber209

    Mk2 Yaris - Re-Affixing the Rear-View Mirror

    Hi, remove the windscreen adaptor first and allow any adhesive you use to do it's job before refitting the mirror on to it.
  7. Bomber209

    Impossible to solve problems pumps of booster pump?

    Hi, either replace the 'O' ring seals on the pipe. You can try a smear of petroleum grease (Vaseline?) on the old seals, or even try repositioning the pipes. One of them is sucking air and you're losing fuel prime. Try the Filter Inlet pipe first.
  8. Bomber209

    Hybrid energy meter

    Hi, the battery condition gauge shouldn't show 'Full' once battery has been used, as the system won't allow it other than a few minutes. This is to help prevent a a situation known as 'Thermal Runaway', where the battery charge causes battery to heat up, as it heats up it increases it's charge and so gets hotter, and repeats on and on until it sets itself on fire. As said this is controlled by ICE system.😅😰
  9. Bomber209

    Wing Mirror Back Cover Broken

    Hi, Tilt mirror upwards, then hook under lower edge and pop mirror out. This will expose the cover clips on lower edge. Release clips and unhook from top. Fitting is reverse action.
  10. Bomber209

    Engine management light

    Hi, it seems like you have a 'hard' fault in the Glow Plug system,. that's why the warning light keeps returning. It might be just a bad connection (unlikely) or a knackered plug. If you have a multi meter do a voltage check at each plug if OK change the plug. I'd do them all while I had things apart.
  11. Bomber209

    Old girl problems

    Hi, take it back to the who ever fitted the exhaust, and get them to sort it.
  12. Hi, We put my wife's 2015 away for a new one about 6 months ago and got around £10k for it. There were no niggles or problems with it. I'd expect 12 months warranty on it though. If you bought it in UK you'd still have the 2 years remaining of the Toyota 5 year warranty. I don't know if that applies throughout Europe though.
  13. Bomber209

    mirror indicator removal

    Hi, I'm not sure it's a separate part ( try your local dealer, or a scrappy). Tilt the mirror upwards, And use a padded tool and hook it under lower edge of mirror and pop it out. That should give you access to the clips that hold the cover. The light bezel should also be visible.
  14. Bomber209

    Checking gearbox oil level

    Hi, It's an easy job. Remove the filler point plug and top up until oil starts to dribble out. then refit the plug. Try to get the vehicle as near to level as you can, best done on a garage ramp.
  15. Bomber209

    water pump pink gunk

    David Hi, The cap on the expansion tank has a pressure relief in built, and should normally vent through a small tube that dumps it below the engine. If this tube is dislodged it could spray anywhere. The shiny now rusty pulley should clean up in time by the Aux Drive Belt, as it's rusty as a result of being sprayed with water based fluid.