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  1. Hi again, OK when you select A/C on you're putting an extra load on the engine. This is similar to putting all the lights/heating load onto the Alternator, You would have to increase the Rev's to compensate. Try selecting A/C with the car at rest, when the vib' starts, increase the RPM. If the vib' clears then that's your problem, the engine is labouring at low RPM. Try waiting until you're moving before selecting A/C.
  2. Bomber209

    My Yaris repair

    Hi, if the expansion tank is clean and undamaged I wouldn't have thought so. Remove the filler cap, and the hose at the radiator end and the fluid should drain freely. If not investigate why not.
  3. Hi, try putting a screw driver or steel rod on the pump and the other end to your ear. If the pump bearing is shot at, you'll hear the noise of it. Failing that check the hoses etc are routed and clamped correctly. If Your pump pulls in and runs OK you shouldn't need to get a gas check, as if the gas pressure is low the system will not operate.
  4. Hi, Make sure the microphone is not covered. Failing that it's straight forward in the settings menu.
  5. Hi, if you don;t have a rear loading space (Hatchback/Estate) you don't need external mirrors,
  6. Mick Hi, your 4 pax could get out (and push??) The gear ratio is the same going Fwd or Rev, as it's an Epicyclic system. In theory on a flat surface you could do about 25mph fwd or rev.
  7. Hi, why don't you try it.?? You could have someone drive normally before you.and would be able to drive into the passing places. I would imagine that you'd get similar mile as going forward as the gearing is the same.
  8. Hi, I had a similar problem years ago on a Range Rover. It turned out to be the flex hose in the system, the side walls had weakened and bulged every time I pressed the clutch pedal.
  9. Mick F hi, What number of bars do you have before you set off next day?? Do they settle back to the norm??
  10. Mike J hi, I beg to differ. Owners Manual Page 34, 'Traction Battery when fully charged can be up to 520 volts'. As an in service item 360 volts is nearer the mark. If you access the service point on the battery and use a suitable AVO check for yourself.
  11. Mick F Hi, I didn't mean the 12 volt battery but the 360 volt lump.. Also a big lump of steel (towbar) in the main battery sphere could possibly set up a substantial Magnetic Field. This could disrupt other systems ie ACE ???
  12. Hi, I don't think you can physically fit a towbar to the hybrid, as the battery pack etc is in the way.
  13. Turnby Hi, If you lift out the rear seat base, you should be able to get to most of the door trim. It's held in place by trim clips, so you can prise them out then lift to clear top edge. Good Luck.
  14. Hi When trying to bleed ABS pump easiest way I found was to crack the pipes open individually at the pump. Do this with ignition on so the pump will run.
  15. Atopman Hi Try jacking up at the lower arm (wishbone), it saves the suspension from extending. Pad replacement is straight forward. Undo caliper bolts from carriage, tap out pad retaining pins. Push pistons back in and withdraw pads and anti squeal shims. Refit in reverse. Don't let master cylinder overflow when you push pistons back.