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  1. Hafnia Hi, try put in your car details etc. I just checked, a set of rear brake shoes around Euro 50. Alternative, try e-bay for around Euro 20
  2. Hi, Try checking your Battery Earth lead for security. It sounds like the 'Pre-Engage' is not engaging.
  3. Hi, there are two options, depending on Year. a) Grip the fwd edge and sharp tug upwards should do it. b) On the L/H seat there are two mounts, release the Plastic trim covers (3 hooks on each) and expose the mount (Torx) bolts. 2 on outer foot, 1 on inner...
  4. Hafnia Hi. As you only need to change the brake shoes, I wouldn't bother with the Bosch kit.. You should be able to get a set of shoes from your local Motor Factors, or even e-bay. They'll be a lot cheaper. Not sure of your location but you could (if in EU) try Euro Parts.
  5. Hi, if you disconnect the Pos + lead, there will be no chance of power at the plug. Disconnecting the Neg= would still leave power just waiting for you to earth it, and possibly blow the ECU.
  6. Hi, I don't know where your Insurance Co fitted yours, but it's an Interface for the car's ECU. Best to disconnect Battery Pos+ (Red) lead. then disconnect plug in device, and refit original Plug. Then re-connect battery.
  7. Sarah Hi, arm yourself with a 12mm or 13mm spanner,loosen the + (RED) lead on the battery and carefully take it off. Wait 2-3 minutes and re-connect it. Then start your car and see if the fault clears. It might have 'Spiked' and need a re-boot after you previously took the battery off. Good Luck.
  8. Hi, if the filter etc is clean, it could be whoever is sitting in rear seat is blocking the inlet (with a handbag or similar) somehow.
  9. Hi, have you cleared the fault from your OBD ?? If you have then it seems to be a wiring fault. Check the sensor connection plug first off.
  10. Hi, Try coming at it from the side, using a wedge of sorts, between inner and outer flanges, It looks like your hitting the inner flange, which is part of the axle beam.
  11. Hi, it's the Toyota Factory Repair Manual. 2007 - 2012.
  12. Tony Hi, I got them from my Yaris manual. Wheel nuts are given as 76 ft/lbs (103 N/m)
  13. Tony Hi, Torque for each of the 4 x bolts is 90Nm or 67Ft/lbs.
  14. Hi again, OK when you select A/C on you're putting an extra load on the engine. This is similar to putting all the lights/heating load onto the Alternator, You would have to increase the Rev's to compensate. Try selecting A/C with the car at rest, when the vib' starts, increase the RPM. If the vib' clears then that's your problem, the engine is labouring at low RPM. Try waiting until you're moving before selecting A/C.
  15. Bomber209

    My Yaris repair

    Hi, if the expansion tank is clean and undamaged I wouldn't have thought so. Remove the filler cap, and the hose at the radiator end and the fluid should drain freely. If not investigate why not.