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  1. Hi, Try resetting switch function. Select down and hold in down position for 5 secs after window stops. Select up and again hold switch up for 5 secs after movement stops. Then try a full down followed by full up. A gentle press of switch should then allow you to stop anywhere in the range.Failing all that, replace the switch.
  2. JohnnyMug Hi, I wouldn't worry too much about your alternator being able to cope as it puts out at least 14 vdc and should have enough amperage if your not running all your ancillaries.
  3. You could always ask the wife and kids to get out while you check it.🤣
  4. Hi, that is indicative of a worn shock absorber.. Give a firm sharp press on front wing. If it 'bounces' then it's goosed, if it just comes back up and sits, then your problem lies elsewhere.
  5. Hi, I upgraded to Touch 2 Go no problems. It took about a half hour. I got my Sat Nav unit from e-bay complete with cables and GPS antennae. I ordered the attachment brackets (items F in instructions) but they were already fitted. I registered upgrade via My Toyota. I saved about £500 on Dealer price.
  6. Hi All, It's OK cleaning it after you leave the car and walk away, but isn't the problem reversing before you're finished with the car, and the lens being dirty.. I found that some sort of rain repellent works best.
  7. Hi, I upgraded my wife's 67 plate. Dealer wanted £800, but got one off e-bay £240, and fitted it myself. If you go same route make sure you the cable connections and the GPS Antennae. You might have to purchase the attachment brackets from Toyota (£12). It's an easy straight fwd job, takes about 1/2 hour.
  8. Try Rain Repellent.
  9. Nick Hi, Twist out the bulb holder, and at the bottom where the wires go in is a small lock. Press lock and pull out bulb, it's a wedge type (21/5 W). Refitting is reverse. Don't hold new bulb in your fingers or you'll be replacing it again soon.
  10. Bomber209

    Power loss

    Red Dexs Hi, Min 156 psi, Max 213 psi, with no more than 14 psi difference between cylinders.
  11. Bomber209

    Power loss

    Hi, I agree with Mick F. Take your car out for a good run. Once warmed up, race it in each gear, and watch in your rear view mirror, when you dip the clutch you should see sparks coming from the exhaust, as any carbon deposits get red hot and break away. Best done at night, for a spectacular showing.
  12. pr2thej Hi, Attatched should be EWD, it's for a 2007 but should help. EWD.pdf
  13. Hi, I don't think it's a motor burnt out as it wasn't actually turning. Most likely it's the fuse blown (it's there to protect the system)
  14. Hi, Look on Google for a local company that can re-set or repair your ECU. There are others that you have to send it to them.
  15. Hi, it sounds a bit like the ECU has locked in the parameters from your old engine when the chain snapped. ECUs are set to a particular engine. Toyota might be able to re-programme it to your newer engine. Or see if they still have the old ECU from the doner car.