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  1. Hi All, We just picked up a Yaris GR Hybrid. It doesn't have any extra power. It's basically a upgrade in looks. 18" low profiles make it a bit hard, but the rest is OK. Racing seats , leather/alcantara. It seems a lot quieter than our old Icon Brakes seem better also. The badge on front/rear and steering wheel nice for resale. It seems to be a facelift rather than anything, Haven't tried the ICE model.
  2. Hi, this fault sounds like the Brake Master Cylinder seals are getting worn out, expect it to happen again and get more frequent. Your mech's hourly rate is a bit pricey. I would hunt around for a smaller indepenant garage. It's fairly simple job for a home mech.
  3. M hi, if you have Sat Nav, if you go above the speed limit by 5mph you'll get a beep and the MPH symbol goes Red. Set up via Settings in Sat Nav.
  4. Hi, I got first 2 services thrown in with purchase deal, and have paid £299 for next 2, incl MOT's.
  5. Hi, One fitting at a time. Don't completely undo the fitting. Once the fluid starts coming through with NO bubbles, tighten the fitting. Then go to the appropriate wheel brake cylinder and bleed each one at a time. Start with the furthest wheel from the brake master cylinder, finishing with the one nearest. Keep checking the master cylinder fluid level, keep it topped up. Good Luck.
  6. Hi, I would go with Stantheman's idea of the MAF sensor. First off disconnect and clean the plug, Secondly remove and clean the sensor (it wont like (EasyStart) if no fix then replace it.
  7. Hi. Enter through driver's door. open bonnet and connect jump start leads (slave battery). then use the unlock doors button on driver's door arm rest..
  8. Hi, you can get the wiring loom off e-bay. you also need to have a GPS antenna connected.
  9. Hi, if it sounds rattley, it's more likely to be the chain tensioner shoe that's worn. At 251k, km's or 150k miles, I would expect something worn. Run your engine and carefully put a long screwdriver point on the timing chain cover, and the handle end to your ear. you'll hear anything going on in there.😃
  10. Bomber209

    Touch 2

    Hi, I bought for wife's Yaris from e bay, £240, complete with Sat Nav aerial and connectors. I fitted it myself, (you might need adapter plate). Then on My Toyota register it.( should get fitting instructions also).. Fitting was easy enough, but I don't know about CHR.. By the way I was quoted £800, so a good saving.
  11. Shuan Hi, They should just prise out. When you look at them, there should be a tiny slot one one edge, flick them out using a thin screwdriver or plastic trim tool.
  12. Hi, it sounds like you've got a short circuit somewhere. It might be down to damp weather. Try and do a longer run (than school run) with the recirc selected and warm air or A/C selected.
  13. Hi, it's fuse #1, 10 amp. I'd check each fuse box as I'm not sure which model etc you have. If the fuse is OK I'd check the wiring through tailgate hinge area.
  14. RoanneO Hi, Is the door lock frozen?? Try warming the key with a cigarette lighter, and put key into door lock. Heat transfer action takes place and an ANTI-clockwise twist should unlock things. Good Luck
  15. Flash 22 hi, does it ever get that cold down in the SE corner of Kent??? You should try out Aberdeen. 🎅⛷️🏂
  16. Mike, All the best for Christmas & New Year. Thanks for your help.☝️⛷️
  17. Hi, I'm with Flash22. It certainly seems to be a bad earth.
  18. Hi, just fitted new one to SWMBO's car (after some one nicked original). As you say line up the lower edge and it then just clips in. check the edge nearest to door, and check the indicator repeater is positioned correctly. Check you have right part via Toyota spares deInsert other media pt.
  19. Hi, the metal spring should hook onto the inside of the frame to spring it back into place when dislodged. The back of the actual mirror should have a ring of clips on the back side, which snap into the mirror holder. If the frame is damaged you might be better off at a 'scrappie' and replace the whole assembly.
  20. Hafnia Hi, As far as I understand, you remove the vent hose, and it should unscrew from the crankcase.Try using a strap wrench (Oil Filter removal tool) if you can't get your hand or Goose Neck Pliers to it.
  21. Mick F Hi,If you understand how an 'Epicyclic' gear works you have your answer. The Ring gear is driven via the Planetary gears by the Sun gear and vice versa. One side either Ring or Sun drives the wheels. Therefore when the wheels turn they will turn the attached gear (say the Ring), which will then spin the Planetary gears and keep the Sun gear turning. That's also how you can charge the battery going downhill. There's a 'You Tube' clip that explains it , albeit on an Auris, but the Yaris is the same idea.
  22. Hi, the Yaris is a front wheel drive car. Even if you select 'N' the drive wheels will still turn the 'Epicyclic' gear. You have to lift the front wheels off the ground to tow for any distance or above 10mph. Lift front wheels and release the Handbrake and away you go. You can lift the wheels onto a 'Dolly' if required.
  23. Konrad Hi, It would depend on wether you want it in 'Park' mode (permanent live) or On just when driving.. .
  24. Mick Hi, Probably because there's no Kinetic energy recovery (KERS) for Reverse.
  25. Hafnia Hi, Yes it's perfectly normal. Check the other side to convince yourself. They're there to decrease the contact area to help prevent the hub and drum sticking together. 😀
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